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California On Alert As San Andreas Fault Gears Up For Major Earthquake

California could experience a major earthquake this year according to a study that tracks San Andreas Fault activity The famous fault line that runs through California could be months away from having the largest seismic […] The post California On Alert As San Andreas Fault Gears Up For Major Earthquake appeared first on The People's […]

President Biden says it is Trump’s Fault that the Southern Border is Not Secure

    Joe Biden attacked former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies for opposing the Senate border bill and claimed they are responsible for the collapsed open border. After arriving 90 minutes later than scheduled to deliver remarks at the White House on Tuesday, Biden railed against Congressional Republicans for opposing the Senate’s $118 […]

Jewish settlers stole my house. It’s not my fault they’re Jewish.

Palestinians are told the words we use dwarf the decades of violence enacted against us by the self-proclaimed Jewish State. A drone is one thing, but a trope—a trope is unacceptable. No more. Source

Libya Natural Disaster Death Toll Is NATO’s Fault

After financing extremist militias that violently executed the former Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi, in addition to launching a brutal war of aggression that turned the richest African nation into a failed State and open slave market, Western media apologists for NATO pretend as if the war never occurred. According to mainstream corporate media, the horrific […]

Carney on ‘Kudlow’: A UAW Strike Will Be Biden’s Fault Because His Policies Have Destroyed Autoworkers’ Wages

President Joe Biden’s inflationary economic policies and green electric vehicle agenda is to blame if the United Auto Workers (UAW) union decides to strike, Breitbart Economics Editor John Carney told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. Source

NYT reluctant to fault Israel for West Bank aggression

This article first appeared in FAIR and is republished with permission. Under Israel’s most right-wing government to date, illegal settlements continue to encroach on Palestinian land like “concrete kudzu.” This is no surprise. With Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, himself a settler, acting as the de facto authority over the West Bank since February, news […]

‘It’s All Your Fault:’ Tennessee Protesters Blame NRA, House Speaker for Gun Deaths

Protesters inside the Tennessee State Capitol blamed the National Rifle Association and Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton for the death of six victims who were killed by a transgender shooter.  Source

Ghislaine Maxwell Tells Victims: Its not my fault, its the fault of Authorities for Not Arresting us Sooner

Shamed sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell today failed to apologise to her victims in her first broadcast interview from her jail cell. In a new clip from Jeremy Kyle Live: Ghislaine Behind Bars – which airs tonight – the 61-year-old suggested the women caught up in the twisted world of her pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein should […]

GOP Sen. Kennedy: ‘Revisionist History’ for WH to Claim School Closures Were Fault of GOP — It Was Left-Wing Areas That Closed Longest

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) reacted to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s claim that school closures were the fault of Republicans and reopening schools was done by the work

DNC Adviser Richmond: Inflation Is GOP’s Fault for Blocking Biden’s Agenda, But Not Sinema’s or Manchin’s for Voting Same Way

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” DNC Senior Adviser Cedric Richmond argued that “Republican opposition just for the sake of opposition to legislation that would bring household costs down is what’s continuing to spark” inflation, but refused to place

Biden Says Gas Prices Are Not His Fault Unless They Go Back Down Again

WASHINGTON, D.C—Joe Biden held a press conference to address criticisms head-on claiming he is responsible for America’s higher gas prices. The President strongly refuted such claims, stating that he’s not responsible—unless of course, the prices go way down. “It’s simply not true. It just isn’t folks,” said Joe Biden defensively. “I have no control over gas […]

If We Awaken to Find A “Woke World” in Chaos – It’s Our Own Fault

Let us talk plainly about the end of the world as we have known it for generations. A dark age is on the horizon, and there’s precious little time for humanity to prevent an unprecedented catastrophe. In the words of a great statesman from this era, “The cost of ill-conceived social experiments is sometimes beyond […]

Blue State Blues: Suddenly, Nothing Is Anyone’s Fault Anymore

Liberal talk radio host Leslie Marshall had trouble answering last Sunday when asked on Fox News to name a single area in which President Joe Biden is doing well. But she did introduce a new argument when trying to explain Biden’s weak performance on the coronavirus — the number one problem he promised to solve. “COVID […]

George Clooney: ‘Biden’s Crappy Performance Is Trump’s Fault’

Hollywood actor George Clooney claims President Joe Biden’s awful job performance nearly two years into the role is the fault of Donald Trump. Yes, really. In a recent interview with the BBC, Clooney did what he does best: Obsessively whine about Donald Trump. Clooney had the audacity to liken Biden to a “battered child” who’s been so […]

Hollywood Celebs Blame Trump for Afghanistan Collapse: “It’s His Fault, Not Biden’s!”

Hollywood celebrities have sprung to President Biden’s defence following his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan by unanimously declaring that the collapse is Donald Trump’s fault. Trump-hating celebrities including Bette Midler, Rosanna Arquette, George Takei and others took to twitter to immediately blame the disaster on Trump. “This should be laid at Trump’s fat feet,” Midler tweeted […]

Chauvin trial hardens political fault lines

Yet otherwise there’s little evidence that each party’s messaging will change, with Democrats rallying around racial equity measures and expansive police reforms and Republicans prioritizing law and order. The attacks on each are likely to be familiar: Democrats will continue to frame the GOP as a party that is hostile to the interests of people […]

Study: San Andreas Fault May Be Primed for a Major Earthquake

A new study published March 24 in the journal Science Advances shows that an overlooked strand of the southern San Andreas Fault is more likely to rupture than any other secondary faults in the region. Called the Mission Creek strand, the segment spans the cities of Indio, Desert Hot Springs and San Bernardino. It has […]

The Fault Dear Brutus Part 2

Lovers of real American history should recall the words uttered by the late, great newsman and newscaster Edward R. Murrow about Senator Joe McCarthy. During the height of the political witch hunts orchestrated and influenced by the late Senator (AKA McCarthyism) Murrow took on McCarthy with his show ‘ See It Now’. At the end […]

Conservative commentator forces fact-checkers to retract, admit fault

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens celebrated a victory over fact-checkers after independent Facebook fact-checkers PolitiFact retracted their rating of her post as false following legal threats.”Weeks ago, Facebook censored a post of mine which truthfully stated that Joe Biden is NOT the president-elect,” Owens tweeted on Saturday.”So I got lawyers involved. Conclusion? PolitiFact uncensored the […]

A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault?

Staś A Trump loss will be the Truth movement’s fault? An exaggeration? Perhaps. Perhaps covid-19 won anyway . If Biden takes the presidency we the USA are done. USA will go full bat shit crazy. A few more months of lock down and the mighty US economy will transform into even more of a welfare […]

Canaanite palace built 3,700 years ago over a fault was destroyed by quake

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

The fault dear citizens…

” … Is not in our stars but in ourselves”. Paraphrased right out of Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) you have it in a nutshell, for all of you, like myself, who actually vote. It seems that during each and every major election cycle the masters of empire make sure to give you choices as if right […]

It’s Not My Fault, My Brain Implant Made Me Do It

By Laura Y. Cabrera, Michigan State University and Jennifer Carter-Johnson, Michigan State University Mr. B loves Johnny Cash, except when he doesn’t. Mr. X has watched his doctors morph into Italian chefs right before his eyes. The link between the two? Both Mr. B and Mr. X received deep brain stimulation (DBS), a […]

Tempe Police Say "No Fault By Uber" In Fatal Crash

Following yesterday’s market-moving report of a fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber car on the roads of Tempe, Arizona, legal experts immediately chimed in, saying this case presents many thorny legal issues – chief among which is the issue of who could be at fault. Since it was the first recorded fatality involving a […]

It’s all Putin’s fault… but he still wins

For all the western narrative about Russia’s “autocracy,” Putin is arguably as popular at home as Xi Jinping is in China      As a counterpoint to the 24/7 Russophobia oozing out of the US and the UK, Vladimir Putin is all but guaranteed to be re-elected for a fourth presidential term this Sunday. Beyond the […]

The BIG ONE Is Coming: San Andreas Fault In California Comes ALIVE!

The BIG ONE Is Coming: San Andreas Fault In California Comes ALIVE! Mac January 10, 2018 The San Andreas fault has seemingly come alive in recent days, putting the highly populated Bay Area in California on alert. The Big One is coming, and it could be right around the corner. The earthquake that rattled […]

134 Earthquakes Strike The San Andreas Fault As The Shaking Of The Earth’s Crust Intensifies

Within the last 7 days, 134 earthquakes “have hammered a three-mile stretch around Monterey County on the San Andreas fault”.  17 of those earthquakes were of magnitude 2.5 or greater, and many believe that these quakes could be a warning sign that a much bigger quake is imminent.  Let’s hope not, because when the […]

Trump’s Fault: Illegal Mexicans Die in Hot Truck

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 23, 2017 Breaking 2:28am – SAFD confirms multiple bodies found inside a trailer parked outside a Walmart in SW San Antonio. @KENS5 — Jack Acosta (@JackAcostaKENS5) July 23, 2017 Before the Age of Trump, illegal Mexicans and central Americans wanting to come live on welfare in America […]

It’s Russia’s fault! Ukraine supplied 88 APCs to Iraq, but only 34 could actually move

     Only 34 out of 88 armored vehicles supplied by Ukraine to Iraq as part of a 2009 deal were able to move, leaked results of the inspection revealed. The botched contract is still being probed in Kiev, but now it wants to find a Russian role there. Ukrainian website obtained a letter, addressed […]

‘His death is his fault’: Cop murders innocent man with his hands up and blames him for it

     Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby fatally shot 40-year-old Terence Crutcher in September when he experienced car trouble after leaving night classes at Tulsa Community College. On Monday, Shelby testified in her own defense to attempt to justify the killing of this unarmed man — and shamelessly blamed him — stating she has “no regrets” […]

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