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George Webb Interview – AI-Created Drugs, The Fake “China Lab” & Being Primed With A “Life Switch”

Joining me today is independent investigative journalist, George Webb, here to discuss the future of drugs designed entirely by artificial intelligence and how that overlaps with the mRNA platform design already overtaking the pharma industry. We also discuss what George calls the fake “China Lab” story and why he feels this is not what it […]

Kiev’s Forces Are Primed For Attack If They Can Overcome Their Own Minefields

South Front [embedded content] You can read this article in German. LINK Open and wide-scale hostilities appear unavoidable in Eastern Ukraine. Kiev is on the war path, with the “unwavering” support of the US and NATO. Over April 5th, and going into April 6th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) continued their usual activities of deploying more […]

Study: San Andreas Fault May Be Primed for a Major Earthquake

A new study published March 24 in the journal Science Advances shows that an overlooked strand of the southern San Andreas Fault is more likely to rupture than any other secondary faults in the region. Called the Mission Creek strand, the segment spans the cities of Indio, Desert Hot Springs and San Bernardino. It has […]

Ship Insurers Primed to Raise Rates After Red Sea Attacks

A tanker ship crosses the Gulf of Suez towards the Red Sea before entering the Suez Canal, in El Ain El Sokhna in Suez, Egypt, September 25, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh. Insurers are set to raise the cost of providing cover for merchant ships through the Red Sea after a series of incidents that […]

Primed by Saudi Money and Influence, the ISIS Diaspora Reaches the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Analysis) — ISIS’ inevitable decline in Iraq and Syria, the credit for which is almost always wrongly bestowed upon the Trump administration, has provided windows of opportunity for the global terror group to spawn insurgencies in other locations. On December 20, 2017, MintPress News reported how this foreseeable ISIS “diaspora” would lead to […]

UK – MI5 Jewhadists: How British Intelligence Primed Both Sides Of The ‘Terror War’

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Spaniard Dies Trying To Dodge Charging Bull At Fiesta

A Spanish bullfighter confronting a charging bull with nothing but his bare hands slipped during a show in northern Spain and was gored to death by the animal. Recortador Juan Carlos Otero, 34, known as “El Gallo” slipped during a performance in La Parrilla, northern Spain. The raging bull pierced Otero through the heart during […]

Palestinian Family Describes How E. Jerusalem Home Was Taken–Bernie Sanders are you there?

You come home one day and find Jewish settlers in your house. What do you do? Well, I guess if you’re Bernie Sanders you would simply change the subject and start talking about ISIS. May I offer a modest observation for anyone thinking of voting for Sanders? What I would suggest to you is that […]

How CalPERS Violated California Open Meeting Laws to Stifle Private Equity Skeptics and Keep the Board in the Dark

Please see the preceding posts in our CalPERS Debunks Private Equity series: • Executive Summary* Investors Like CalPERS Rely on ILPA to Advance Their Cause, When It is Owned by Private Equity General Partners* Harvard Professor Josh Lerner Gave Weak and Internally Contradictory Plug for Private Equity at CalPERS Workshop* CalPERS Used Sleight of Hand, Accounting Tricks, to […]

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