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Juan Orlando Hernández, Honduras and the Israeli Connection to the Latin American Drug Cartels

The recent revelations from the trial of the former President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández regarding the role of Israeli officials in supporting, aiding and enabling the vicious drug cartels of central and south America in their operations has unsurprisingly barely been covered in the Anglophone media. The synopsis of the charges against Hernández are […]

Attorney: Teen Who Fell to Death from Orlando Amusement Park Ride Almost 100 Pounds Over Weight Limit

A lawyer for the family of Tyre Sampson says he was almost 100 pounds over the Orlando Free Fall’s weight limit when he fatally fell.

Hundreds March Against Vaxx Mandates In Orlando, Supporting First Responders

Hundreds March Against Vaxx Mandates In Orlando, Supporting First RespondersDate: September 20, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source:  Jacob EngelsOn Saturday, in downtown Orlando, this Gateway Pundit journalist documented hundreds of citizens marching in support of the medical freedoms of first responders in Orange County, who have been ordered by the far-left Mayor of Orange County to get […]

How will Orlando, world’s theme-park capital, recover from 2020?

The year 2020 brought images of Orlando never seen before. Interstate 4, the eternally traffic-clogged gateway to the theme parks, was quiet. The Magic Kingdom, the world’s busiest park, was empty for months, a happy place that previously had shut down for just a day or two for hurricanes or other emergencies. The coronavirus pandemic […]

Orlando: Psycho-Nigger Randomly Slashes White Teen’s Throat

So niggers are randomly slashing the throats of white people. Click-Orlando: A man accused of slashing a teen’s face in a random attack showed up drunk to a family friend’s house after the fact and admitted that he hid in the bushes and attacked someone, […] Records show a 15-year-old boy was playing basketball by […]

Forced confession expert called in after wife of Orlando nightclub gunman said she knew of attack during 18-hour interview with FBI

     The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter, on trial for aiding and abetting a terrorist, says she knew the attack was going to happen but failed to warn authorities beforehand, according to newly released statements. “I knew when he left the house he was going to Orlando to attack the Pulse Night Club,” Noor […]

City of Orlando Pays Man $37,500 After Police Confused His Krispy Kreme Crumbs For Meth

The white, rock-like substance found in Daniel Rushing’s car was not meth — it was actually tiny flakes of hardened glaze from a Krispy Kreme doughnut. But because a 2015 roadside test conducted by Orlando police came back positive for an illegal substance, Rushing was arrested on a drug possession charge with a firearm and […]

TSA agent caught stealing cash from luggage at Orlando International Airport

     A Transportation Security Administration employee was arrested Thursday after he was caught on video stealing cash from a bag going through screening at Orlando International Airport, Orlando police say. Alexander Shae Johnson, 22, who had been with TSA just a few months, was arrested on a charge of third-degree felony grand theft, records show. […]

Judge Napolitano On Orlando Nightclub: “Nobody Died Until 5:13 In The Morning”

The judge is more than aware that the US government orchestrates false flag events! Let’s not forget that he already lost his show on Fox because of saying things he wasn’t supposed to say on TV. “According to the FBI, the supposed Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, entered the club around 02:00 AM and began his […]

I’m Former NYPD: Here’s Why I Suspect There Was More Than One Shooter In Orlando

Let me begin by saying that I despise conspiracy theories. They cheapen tragedies and insult the memories of the victims. As a former member of the NYPD, and a New Yorker on 9/11, nothing aggravates me more than hearing morons like Rosie O’Donnell contradict engineers and architects with her version of how and why the […]

Anomalies Begin To Pile Up In Orlando Shooting Incident (Updated)

It has been reported by many witnesses who say they saw anywhere from two to five shooters. While everyone has been arguing about guns, other people have been noticing the typical anomalies for a false flag attack. Now remember, false flag does not mean fake! But this doesn’t mean the mainstream media narrative isn’t providing […]

Multiple fatalities reported in suburban Orlando, Florida shooting

     Police in Orange County, Florida are investigating a crime scene in suburban Orlando involving “multiple fatalities.” There is no active shooter, and the situation is “contained and stable,” the authorities said. The shooting happened in an industrial park in northeastern Orlando. There is a heavy police presence at the intersection of Forsyth Road and […]

Orlando International Airport incident: Gunman in custody, ‘everyone is safe,’ cops say

Authorities responded late Tuesday to a report of an armed man inside one of the parking garages at Orlando International Airport that turned into a 2-hour standoff before the suspect was taken into custody.  Police officers communicated with the man at a rental car location inside Level 1, Airside A, according […]

Orlando Police Officers Fired Over Cover-up Reinstated

Two Orlando police officers who were fired last year after an internal investigation concluded that they tried to cover up an unauthorized vehicle chase in 2015 have been reinstated. Officers Michael Favorit Jr. and Frederick Rolle were fired on June 29th 2016, for their conduct on December 28th 2015, […]

SELL OUT: Whole Foods partners with Monsanto to endorse fake GMO-labeling bill that’s actually an ANTI-labeling bill with zero penalties for non-compliance

(NaturalNews) What is it about large corporations and transparency that the two seldom mix? And here’s another question: If you don’t have any morals or a soul, then is there ever a point where you think you’ve gone too far or have actually done something wrong? These two questions immediately came to my […]

Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt dies five years after early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis

(NaturalNews) Coaching legend Pat Summitt has died at age 64, after being diagnosed with early-onset dementia just five years ago. The loss of the beloved University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach at such an early age has highlighted the importance of Alzheimer’s research, as well as of events such as the upcoming online […]

Voluspa: The Sibyl’s Prophecy

The Voluspa gives a vivid description of Ragnarok. This has been translated as the “age of fire and smoke”, probably because rok in Swedish means smoke, and students of mythology have regarded this as characteristic of the Norsemen’s supposedly doleful temperment, given to doom and gloom. But there is a better interpretation of the word: […]

Top 11 Health ‘Conspiracy Theories’ We Found Out Were TRUE

by S. D. Wells (via The Daily Sheeple) It’s funny how so many people try to discredit natural health enthusiasts when they hear about food or medicine they’ve been consuming or taking for years – mainly because they just don’t want to find out that they’ve been “doing it wrong” for so long. Then, when undeniable […]

Florida: First Person Killed in a Tesla Car in Self-Drive Mode Was a Former Navy SEAL

Florida: First Person Killed in a Tesla Car in Self-Drive Mode Was a Former Navy SEAL June 30th, 2016 Nexu’s Owner: Owner and founder: Joshua D. Brown I started Nexu Innovations with two things in mind: to make a difference and to have fun. […]

Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack – An Act of the Israeli Mossad?

Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack – An Act of the Israeli Mossad? Who is behind the horrific attack against travelers in the Istanbul International Airport? It does not make any sense that faithful Muslims would slaughter other Islamic people, innocents in an airport, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. However, the Zionists would do so, and […]

“The Purge” is the Laziest, Most Easily Debunked Pro-State, Pro-Police Propaganda

I see there’s another upcoming installment in The Purge series of films — a franchise whose basic premise is that there’s one night each year in which all crime is legal and police and rescue services are unavailable, setting the scene for lots of dramatic action footage of terrified people barricading themselves in their houses […]

Orlando Pulse Shooting: Swat Team Shot Victims After 0513 HRS

  Links: TRUNEWS: Judge Napolitano: “Nobody died until 05:13 in the morning” Daily Mail: Police chief admits officers may have shot some of the VICTIMS FBI Report – Pulse Shooting – 6/20/2016: FBI Report – Pulse Shooting – 6/20/2016: (Archive)   Source Article from

Putin: Brexit Proves UK Can Destroy The New World Order

Russia is hoping for a ‘new understanding’ with a post-Brexit Britain, according to Kremlin sources, with President Putin said to be ‘deeply encouraged’ by the British people voting to back themselves and reject the New World Order’s destructive goals. According to sources, Putin believes that Brexit is proof the globalist’s destructive agenda is deeply unpopular […]

Spineless Monkey Obama Backtracks on Threats Against the British People

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 24, 2016 The disgusting monkey Obama demonstrated his total lack of a spine today when he backtracked on his vicious and vile threats against the British people. Back in April, the talking monkey who serves as the brutal and brutally incompetent ruler of the United States told the British that he […]

Conquest and Tyranny versus Peace and Justice

(L to R) French Foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, French President Francois Hollande and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pose prior to an international and interministerial conference in a bid to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, in Paris, France, June 3, 2016. REUTERS/Stephane de Sakutin/Pool – (courtesy   Conquest and tyranny, at some […]

Military Intel Chief Says Israel Will Make Sure ISIS Is Not Defeated in Syria

Pictured: Major General Herzi Halevy, Israel’s military intelligence chief by The Daily Sheeple Worried that the “superpowers” might leave Syria and put Israel in a “hard position,” Israel’s military intel chief has come out to say that they “prefer ISIS” over Assad and don’t want ISIS to be defeated there. It’s an incredibly overt admission […]

Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars

Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars In what is a most malicious example of fraud and deception, as well as virtual theft, Orlando Pulse Nightclub-related fraudsters have bilked unsuspecting donors of countless thousands of dollars, now held in the millions. It is all done in a premeditated fashion […]

Iran English language newspaper headlines on Thursday, 23-06-2016

Liberation of Fallujah, a model for annihilation of Daesh Iraq’s important and sensitive city of Fallujah, which was the most strategic base for the Daesh terrorist group in the country, was… Source Article from

The David Duke Show: The Foiled Assassination Attempt and Jewish Media Hate Torrent on Trump

David Duke June 22, 2016 Today Dr. Duke talked about the intensification of the Jewish attacks on Donald Trump. He pointed out the massive infusion of Jewish money into the Hillary campaign and the seemingly impossible intensification of anti-Trump propaganda in the Zio-media. Dr. Slattery presented an optimistic view that the Trump train is still […]

Germany wants intel services to have radicalized teens under watch

Bundestag, the German parliament, is scheduled to vote on amendment during its session on Friday. German spies call for right to keep eye on minors ‘probably linked to terrorists’ “The heightened threat level has underscored the need to reduce hurdles for the German intelligence services, notably in the area of data retention where the law […]

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