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The China “epidemic”: lying about viruses

by Jon Rappoport January 29, 2020 In my ongoing series of articles (archive here), I’ve already established at least a dozen reasons for rejecting the coronavirus story. In particular, demanding that we believe the coronavirus is responsible for an epidemic is absurd. In this article, I’m going to cover another angle. In contemporary history, the […]

The new epidemic of self-silencing plagues America

A new study by the Populace organization revealed the obvious: that Americans are “self-silencing” — people saying what they think others want to hear rather than what they truly feel. Source

Biden Admin Is Taking ‘Executive Action’ On Epidemic Of US Gun Violence

The new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced on Tuesday that the Biden administration is looking at “executive actions” on gun control. “It is an epidemic, the gun violence we are seeing across the […] The post Biden Admin Is Taking ‘Executive Action’ On Epidemic Of US Gun Violence appeared first on News Punch.

Real Investigative Journalist VOX: Rockefeller’s Planned Ebola Virus Epidemic and CDC Patented Ebola Virus!

Vaccine Epidemic: Young European Politicians Are ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’ Dropping Dead

Dozens of young, healthy European mayors have dropped dead within the last two years, leaving doctor’s baffled and concerned. Since December 2020, many sudden and unexpected deaths of mayors under 60 years old have occurred in Germany and Austria. Questions are now being raised about whether these elected officials died as a result of taking […]

Epidemic of Heart Disease Caused By Covid Vaccines

Epidemic of Heart Disease Caused By Covid Vaccines LewRockwell / Dr. Mark Sircus Pandemic, epidemic, or a medical emergency. No matter what we call it, people suffering from vascular disease have dramatically increased, and too many are dying from it. Not only is there no vaccine possible for heart disease, but in all probability, the […]

The Gang Rape Epidemic in Germany

Renegade Editor’s Note: This article has been adapted from a message sent to me. Statistically, two girls or women are raped by groups of men every day in Germany. This is the finding of a Bild inquiry to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Every second suspect in the crime had no German “nationality” (i.e., […]

Trump on Crime Wave: ‘Bloodshed and Violence Reaching Epidemic Proportions’

Speaking to a crowd of thousands on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), former President Donald Trump called attention to the crime wave plaguing Democrat-run cities. “The bloodshed and violence in these cities is reaching epidemic proportions,” he said on Sunday, noting big percentage boosts in crime in cities like Los […]

Merkel’s Germany Faces ‘EPIDEMIC’ of Rampant Child Rape & Pedophilia

Millions of German children are subjected to rape and child abuse as pedophile’s in Germany feel more empowered than ever under Angela Merkel’s rule. According activist Julia von Weiler, from the German branch of global NGO Innocence in Danger, the sex abuse of children in Germany is now at epidemic levels. The problem authorities face in […]

How To Create An “Epidemic” (NZ Doctor Sam Bailey)

Dr Bailey has co-authored a book, Virus Mania. Info to purchase is below. Hear her speak, link to the video at the end… Dr. Sam Bailey242K subscribers Is an epidemic always a true epidemic? Watch the 3rd part of the video (Interview with Dr Claus Köhnlein) here:… Please support my channel ▶… Leave me […]

‘Cancer Epidemic’ Sweeps Britain Due to Gov’t Stay at Home Orders

An enormous cancer epidemic has swept across the UK following the government’s stay-at-home orders last year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Cancer Reserach UK, 304,555 fewer patients were referred to hospitals for urgent checks by GPs in the last year compared to the previous year. This represents a staggering 13 percent drop. […]

How Chemical Farming Created an Epidemic of Chronic Disease WATCH: How Chemical Farming Created an Epidemic of Chronic DiseaseChildren’s Health Defense » Feed For thousands of years, civilizations have been controlled through their food chain — our world today is no exception. And with a global population of 7.8 billion, controlling the global food supply is big business. What impact does the control […]

Watch Bill Gates Stating That an ‘Intentionally Caused Epidemic is the Most Likely Thing to Cause 10 Million Excess Deaths’

I don’t know about you, but I find Bill Gates to be one of the weirdest, most ghoulish people out there. Bill Gates is not a doctor, or a scientist, or a politician. Yes, I am sure you already know this, but in this day and age, where he’s treated like all of the above, […]

Ishi-no-Hoden: Japan’s Colossal Floating “Anti-epidemic” Megalith

Ishi-no-Hoden is one of Japan’s most mysterious and bewildering monuments, a gigantic stone structure in the shape of an old tube TV almost 6 meters (20 ft) high and 500 tons (560 US tons) in weight that seems to float over a pond in the city of Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture. You will now take part […]

Breaking Baghdad: How Iraq’s crystal meth epidemic is ravaging the nation

I t wasn’t until Ali tried to sell the cooking gas canister he had stolen from his parents’ stove that he realised it was drugs that were consuming him – not the other way around. The 27-year-old Iraqi had already sold his mobile phone, chairs, bed, even the very mattress he slept on to buy just […]

France Announces New COVID-19 Restrictions Amid ‘Accelerating’ Epidemic

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced a three-week nationwide school closure and a month-long domestic travel ban, as the rapid spread of the virus ramped up pressure on hospitals. In a televised address to the nation, Macron said efforts are needed as “the epidemic is accelerating.” “We’re going to close nursery, […]

Doctors Warn Child Suicide Becoming ‘International Epidemic’ Thanks to Gov’t Restrictions

(FEE) Billions of people across the globe continue to live under COVID-19 lockdowns or heavily-restricted life. And for almost all of us, life amid the pandemic in 2020 was an isolating and difficult year. Yet doctors are warning that children in particular are experiencing grave mental health consequences as a result of the lockdowns—leading to […]

Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid

Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid Tap News / Weaver Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) US-led Western political and public health officials are conducting the largest scale mass deception campaign in modern memory. Supported by establishment media press agents, millions of unwitting people […]

The Epidemic of Autism (Caused By Poison Injections)

New post on Starship Earth: The Big PictureInjecting Humans with Poison is a Crime: What a Poison Expert Says About Vaccine Ingredientsby Starship Earth: The Big PictureA friend sent me this and you will see why. I think we can understand from the dialogue below why Charlie Ward is frequently attacked, can’t we? And why all his medical […]

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am not sure about all of what is presented here, and see Len Horowitz clips being featured here, but I present this for any information that can be gleaned from it. Dr. Tent presents his findings about how viruses have been injected into animals and people, causing cancer and all sorts […]

Psychopharma 21- the real killer epidemic and the usual suspects

The Liberty Beacon January 10, 2021 Introduction Steve Cook This is long but well written and well worth a read. It gives you a very good understanding of the psycho-pharmacy’s junk science and fraud. It is a fraud that has probably caused  more misery and cost  more lives than even the current Cov19 psyop and […]

Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic Tim O’Shea, DC, Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are allergic to peanuts? Where did this allergy come from all of a sudden? Before 1900, violent reactions to peanuts were unheard of. Today over a million children in this country are allergic to peanuts. What happened? Why is everybody buying […]

Vaccine Epidemic: What does the Bible say about those who took the vaccine

Does your pastor tell you to wear the mask and take the jab? Since the vaccine is out, more and more renowned Christian institutions are pushing it down the people’s throats. And their faces turn red if you try to explain them otherwise.  The Bible mentions the diseases that will happen during Tribulation and the […]

The Lockdown and the Epidemic of Homelessness

Venice Beach CA: [embedded content] New York City is gong bankrupt [embedded content] Be sure to visit our sister site Tell everybody about EFR Share this:

Obama: Epidemic of Racism a ‘Defining Feature’ of America

Former President Barack Obama has declared that racism is a “defining feature” in the United States of America. The former POTUS was promoting his memoirs with NPR host Michel Martin and discussed the alleged “fever of racism” that existed during his presidency and apparently continues to exist today. “That fever, as you said, that’s been […]

Swindlers Create Opioid Epidemic, Walk Away With Billions

by Admin · November 5, 2020 Swindlers Create Opioid Epidemic, Walk Away With BillionsThis well-known family violated laws, conspired to defraud the government and fueled the opioid epidemic with its sales of OxyContin. The US government finally brought their primary company down, but they ended up paying penalties worth a fraction of what they successfully […]

Silent Epidemic (2013); The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire 1hr 45mins – Peter Miller

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As U.S. Opioid Epidemic Skyrockets, Sea Life Now Testing Positive for Big Pharma’s Oxycodone

By Jack Burns Researching aquatic life has long been used as a barometer for evaluating pollution levels, and according to a recently published study, opioids are now showing up in the bays in and around Seattle’s Puget Sound—serving as yet another reminder that the United States’ opioid crisis has gotten completely out of control. Scientists at the […]

The Special Ed Epidemic: Uncovering the Answers (Part 4)

Next Story By Sheri A. Marino, MA, CCC-SLP for Focus for Health, World Mercury ProjectPartner In this four-part series, World Mercury Project’s partner, Focus for Health (FFH), examined thespecial education epidemic, its crippling effects on the US economy, as well as housing and employment issues for individuals with disabilities once they age out of school. Now, let’s look at what […]

Watching The Hawks – Pesticide for Breakfast & Loneliness Epidemic

Watching The Hawks – Pesticide for Breakfast & Loneliness Epidemic Watching The Internal FDA emails reveal the alarming presence of pesticides in our everyday breakfast foods. Insurance giant Cigna reports a generational epidemic of loneliness. Author Charlie Robinson discusses the mainstream medias complicity in the Big Banks financial fraud and abuse. Shaquem Griffin makes […]

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