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RFK Jr. Exposes BlackRock’s Chronic Disease-Related Money Laundering Scheme

Independent presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. recently shared some more striking insights while on the campaign trail in Iowa. Taking aim at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, Kennedy revealed how the mega-corporation profits from people’s sickness on multiple levels. Join 55K+ subscribers and 870K+ 𝕏 users who follow the work of Vigilant Fox. Subscribe […]

RFK Jr.’s VP Pick Calls for Chronic Disease Investigation

Today, Robert Kennedy Jr. announced entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his VP running mate. She said, “Conditions like autism used to be one in 10,000. Now, here in the state of California, it is one in 22.” Three things are causing the chronic disease epidemic, Shanahan declared: 1.) “One is the toxic substances in our environment, […]

Is “Long COVID” just chronic LYME DISEASE under another name?

(NaturalNews) The latest issue of MIT Technology Review, a bi-monthly magazine owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, contains a piece by Michal… Source

Chronic Absenteeism Worse in States That Closed Schools Longer

A new preprint is out from a professor at Stanford, that analyzes the Chronic Absenteeism rates from before and after the pandemic. The paper analyzed mask mandates, enrollment changes, and the percentage increase in Chronic Absenteeism at a state level. Below is a chart that shows the increase between the 2018/19 School year, and the 2021/22 School […]

A Therapist’s Guide to Preventing Chronic Knee Pain

In this series, “Easy Exercises to Combat Chronic Pain,” occupational therapist Kevin Shelley focuses on common issues associated with chronic pain and simple exercises to strengthen weak muscles and enhance joint mobility, with the goal of helping you become pain-free. Chronic knee pain afflicts millions of people and is the second leading cause of pain in […]

Edward the Black Prince Did Not Die of Chronic Dysentery, Study Reveals

Most historians long ago concluded that Edward of Woodstock, also known as Edward the Black Prince, the heir apparent to the English throne who died at the age of 45 in 1376, fell victim to chronic dysentery. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Famous People Read Later  Source

Natural Options for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This mysterious, debilitating condition affects millions of Americans, but natural remedies may help alleviate symptoms Do you suffer from malaise, low energy, brain fog, and a depressed mood? It’s not all in your head. You may have chronic fatigue syndrome, and there is a lot that you can do to feel better and reclaim your […]

Job hazard: WHO finally admits that firefighting causes cancer due to chronic exposure to toxins

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has declared that firefighting is a cancer-causing occupation.The IARC Monographs program convened 25 international experts from eight countries for a meeting in Lyon. The summary of the meeting was published … [Read More…] Source

Integrative pediatrician Joel Warsh: Solution for chronic diseases will come from a combination of modern and natural medicines

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh has warned that more and more children are getting chronic diseases and that “every kid’s going to have a chronic disease” if people don’t change something. The integrative and holistic pediatrician issued the warning during a recent episode of the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”Warsh, also a … [Read More…] Source

Chronic disease among kids ‘skyrocketing’ — Pediatrician

READ HERE:   Source

Global Food Crisis: EU Bigwigs Beg Africa Not to Blame Them for Chronic Shortages

EU leaders have begged those in Africa not to blame the West for the ongoing Global Food Crisis, saying that the current sanctions on Russia shouldn’t be affecting supply.

WARNING: Popular food additive greatly INCREASES the risk of chronic disease

“The truth is: few human studies had been performed on this synthetic chemical since its approval in the 1960s“ (NaturalHealth365)  Over the past 70 years, the consumption of highly processed foods has skyrocketed in the United States – and rates of chronic inflammatory disease, such as type 2 diabetes, have soared along with it.  (According […]

Dr. Zach Bush Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘By Deleting the Alphabet of Human Biology, We Ended Up With a Chronic Disease Epidemic on a Grand Scale’

Dr. Zach Bush Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘By Deleting the Alphabet of Human Biology, We Ended Up With a Chronic Disease Epidemic on a Grand Scale’ On “The Defender Show,” Dr. Zach Bush, triple-board-certified physician, and host Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., discussed immunity, herbicides, gut health and the need to end chemical food systems “extremely quickly.” by […]

Raw milk gives a child relief and healing from chronic eczema

A repost from 2015 … still very relevant Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch “Eight months ago, Shaylin Downs struggled to make it to school. Her chronic eczema saw her spend days in a wheelchair, travelling to Taranaki Base Hospital three times a week for treatment, unable to enjoy many of the opportunities her school friends did…” […]

How Chemical Farming Created an Epidemic of Chronic Disease WATCH: How Chemical Farming Created an Epidemic of Chronic DiseaseChildren’s Health Defense » Feed For thousands of years, civilizations have been controlled through their food chain — our world today is no exception. And with a global population of 7.8 billion, controlling the global food supply is big business. What impact does the control […]

Healing Chronic Inflammation: FREE 7-Day Online Event

Did you know that inflammation is at the root of nearly every chronic health condition including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer? Luckily, there are effective strategies to address chronic inflammation and the conditions associated with it! Join us and learn how to get to the root of chronic inflammation and resolve it for good […]

Pfizer COVID-19 Shot Effective for People With Chronic Diseases: Israeli Study

A teenager receives a vaccination against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Tel Aviv, Israel, January 24, 2021. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is effective at preventing symptomatic and severe disease in people with some chronic illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, the biggest real-world study showed on Thursday. The analysis […]

Change Negative Patterns Of Chronic Stress – Fast!

April 7th, 2021 By Dr. Michelle Kmiec Contributing writer for Wake Up World Out of all the emotional work I did to recover my health, this one (by far) was the most powerful. I couldn’t believe how much emotional weight I had been carrying for years. I am not talking about emotional traumas here, but rather self-induced […]

‘I want to live not just survive’: Kosovo and its chronic brain drain problem

In the summer of 2017, Gzim Olluri graduated with a journalism diploma from the University of Pristina. A few weeks later, Olluri was in Zagreb, applying to the Croatian authorities for a work permit so he could take a job on a construction site. “When I submitted the documents they said: ‘How can you work […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Natural Remedies That Work

March 15th, 2021 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World We all feel tired, even exhausted, some of the time. But for some people, the exhaustion never lets up, and it comes along with physical discomfort, sleep issues, and trouble with memory and concentration. Anywhere from about 800,000 to 2.5 million Americans may […]

Immunologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness

In new research published in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, immunologist J. Bart Classen warns the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines could create “new potential mechanisms” of adverse events that may take years to come to light.By Children’s Health Defense Team Back in 1999, leading U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

Three-Spice Combo Improves Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis

By GreenMedInfo Research Group Turmeric extract, when combined with gingerols in ginger and piperine in black pepper, shows promise for addressing osteoarthritis, with results similar to those  achieved by a common anti-inflammatory medication Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder that is the leading cause of disability in the elderly and a major contributor to chronic, […]

Healing Chronic Stress and Disease – FREE Online Event

Did you know that your mind and body hold the secrets to longevity, health, healing and happiness? Millions of people around the world are lacking the energy and vitality they once had, and are feeling more lonely, desperate and spiritually disconnected than ever. But you CAN learn to shake off desperation, loneliness and anxiety, and awaken […]

Vitamin D protects against chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in obese patients

(Natural News) The link between obesity and increased insulin levels is a well-established indicator of diabetes. Fortunately, there’s still hope: A study that appeared in Nutrire found that vitamin D protects the body from chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in obese individuals. The study, led by researchers from the Federal University of Piauí in […]

Drug-free Therapy Shows Potential to Heal Trauma, PTSD and Chronic Pain

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times Some are calling energy psychology “the most impressive intervention,” with the ability to defuse emotions built up after years of trauma. Also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or just tapping, this practice is quickly making its way into the mainstream. “EFT is on its way to being recognized […]

Lower Risk of Chronic Illness and Cognitive Decline by Going Keto

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times One of the fastest ways to lose weight and improve your health is by eating foods that induce the body’s state of nutritional ketosis. When this occurs, the body burns fat instead of sugar as its may source of energy, as well as producing beneficial ketone bodies. To […]

German Doctor Links Nano-aluminum, Glyphosate and Parasites to Chronic Disease – Develops Healing Protocol

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt of Sophia Health Institute. Image source. by John P. Thomas at Health Impact News The bodies of Americans are saturated with very high levels of nano-aluminum. This provides ideal conditions for severe parasite infestation. These burdens are making us a country of chronically ill and cognitively impaired people. This is part two […]

Struggling With Chronic Illness? HEAL is the One Documentary to Watch

December 21st, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World “The body is so intelligent and it’s designed to heal and repair itself at every moment.” ~ Kelly Noonan Gores, producer of HEAL documentary The innate wisdom of the body can heal any disease, any disorder — if we would only get out of the […]

Heavy metals can cause chronic urinary and reproductive health problems, according to a study on dental fillings by the CDC

(Natural News) Just in case you’re wondering: yes, dental amalgam fillings are bad for you, and according to new data, it may be enough to wreak havoc on your kidneys and your fertility. People with amalgam fillings are more likely to be at risk of chronic health conditions, according to information released by the non-profit organization Dental […]

Chronic Viral Activity: a Functional and Integrative Approach to Profound Healing

November 23rd, 2017 By Raluca Schachter Contributing writer for Wake Up World Alternative medicine and especially functional and integrative medicine recognizes the importance of a well functioning gastrointestinal system for good health. This includes, among many other actions, removal of problematic pathogens from the body. Parasites, bacteria and fungi are able to generate a wide range of […]

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