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Israel Raids Al Jazeera Offices, Pulls the Plug on Broadcast Operations

Despite these tense conditions, Al Jazeera has been one of the few channels reporting from Gaza, where, as alleged by the Hamas-run health ministry, at least 34,683 Palestinians have been killed and 78,018 injured since the conflict’s escalation on October 7. Israeli officials maintain that Al Jazeera has maintained close connections with Hamas, an allegation […]

Houthi Vows 4th Phase of Yemeni Operations: Gaza Steadfastness Frustrated Israeli Aggression Plots

3 May 2024  Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English Hamas representative, Ahmed Abdel Hadi highlights concerns over vague language in the ceasefire proposal, and external pressures targeting the Palestinian Resistance. The Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel Hadi, in an interview with Al Mayadeen, said that although the movement is “seriously studying” the proposals for […]

Bringing Transhumanism Down to Earth, Part 1: Military Intelligence Operations Cloaked in the False Promise of Transcendence

With the coordinated global release of the Covid-19 narrative in late 2019 and the subsequent illogical demands of governments — allied with transnational organisations and pharmaceutical giants — many people around the world began questioning the hasty, unprecedented, and sweeping technological and technocratic changes being made to societies in the name of a highly marketed […]

Hezbollah conducts four simultaneous operations against ‘Israel’

11 Mar 2024 The moment Hezbollah fighters engaged the Raheb military site on March 11, 2024 (Military Media) By Al Mayadeen English The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon carried out eight operations in support of Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance on Monday. The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah carried out several operations on Monday, in […]

The Body Shop is closing down all US operations after filing for bankruptcy

The Body Shop announced this month that it has closed all its stores in the United States as it filed for bankruptcy. The Body Shop Canada Limited, the Canadian subsidiary of the UK-based cosmetics company, said it was working on ways to restructure and that its 105 store locations were currently open for business, according… […]

Blaming Lack Of Western Aid, Ukraine ‘Scales Back’ Military Operations

Ukraine has been forced to make operations “smaller” in its Western-backed war against Russia blaming a “shortfall in foreign assistance” as it suffers a shortage of munitions. General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi said shell starvation “across the […] The post Blaming Lack Of Western Aid, Ukraine ‘Scales Back’ Military Operations appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Casualties due to Hezbollah operations mounting daily: ‘Kiryat Shmona’

December 17, 2023 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English The mayor of the Israeli settlement of “Kiryat Shmona” says the casualties in the northern settlements are on a daily uptick due to the operations being carried out by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. The mayor of the northern Israeli settlement of “Kiryat Shmona”, Avichai Stern, […]

Grenada, 1983: Catalyst To Upgrading Special Operations

Grenada, 1983: Catalyst To Upgrading Special Operations Authored by Forrest Marion via RealClear Wire, In mid-October 1983, a “sordid little Leninist dictatorship” on the Caribbean Island of Grenada crumbled, resulting in the British Commonwealth country’s takeover by a more-leftist military junta. The situation immediately raised concerns in Washington regarding the potential for a large-scale hostage […]

World Food Program launches emergency operations for Gaza, West Bank

The UN World Food Program (WFP) announced, Tuesday, it had launched emergency operations to provide food assistance to 800,000 residents in Gaza and the West Bank, Anadolu Agency reports. It also demanded that humanitarian corridors be established to facilitate the entry of aid and humanitarian assistance into Gaza and made an appeal for the safe […]

NOW LIVE! “The Kill Shot”: New Documentary Exposes Covert Operations Leading Up to JFK’s Assassination

Tonight, on Tuesday, October 3, at 8:00 pm EST, Shannon Joy is revealing what the CIA tried to keep hidden for 60 years. A new documentary titled The Kill Shot, based on Edward T. Haslam’s Dr. Mary’s Monkey, unveils an untold chain of the events that led to cancer experiments, an attempted coup d’etat against […]

PREDICTABLY Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Months After Ousting James O’Keefe, Ongoing Lawsuits

Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Months After Ousting James O’Keefe, Ongoing Lawsuits Source

Libya: Army evacuates Derna to complete search & rescue operations

Libya’s Ministry of the Interior said “the army has evacuated the city of Derna of all its residents and journalists to facilitate search and rescue operations.” In the statement, reported to Anadolu Agency, ministry spokesperson, Tariq Al-Kharraz said: “The army evacuated Derna of residents and journalists to make room for local and international rescue teams to work […]

Infamous U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Manual FM 30-31B, Used in False-Flag Terrorist Operations is Authentic, Top Intelligence Insiders and Criminal Investigations Finally Reveal

Criminal trials and investigations in Europe confirmed that top-secret “Supplement B” to U.S. Army Field Manual 30-31, contrary to the U.S. government’s oft-repeated denials, was indeed an authentic document. FM 30-31B first surfaced in Europe in the 1970s and was long suspected to be used by U.S. and host countries’ intelligence as operational guidance for […]

UK, Turkiye ‘step up joint operations’ targeting human trafficking gangs’ tactics – British Premier

UK and Turkiye are “stepping up joint operations” to target human trafficking tactics across Europe, the British Prime Minister said Wednesday, Anadolu Agency reports. Responding to a question at the House of Commons about the supply chain of small boats, often referred as dinghies, Rishi Sunak said everything must be done “to stop the boats […]

TI Program IS USSOCOM’s (US Special Operations Command’s) “Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (CTTL)/Hostile Forces-Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (HF-TTL)” Program: See SOAL-T WSO pdf (9/5/07), 6 related pdfs & 1 article

Webmaster Introduction: In my opinion, the following seven power point presentations made by and for US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and their military and corporate partners clearly describe and detail the “technology,” systems, and personnel behind the international “organized stalking-electronic torture”/”targeted individual program” black operation. These ppt presentations indicate that this new form of unconventional […]

Indian Landslide Kills 16, Rescue Operations Paused

IRSHALWADI, India—The death toll from a massive landslide in western India rose to 16 late on Thursday, as rescue operations were suspended with around 100 people still feared trapped, officials said. Land gave way in the middle of the night in the remote mountain hamlet of Irshalwadi, in the state of Maharashtra, about 60 km […]

NATO/CIA False Flag Operation in Racak in 1999 Set Precedent for Similar Operations in Syria and Ukraine that Were Designed to Create a Pretext For Military Intervention

Burials in Račak after the 1999 massacre. [Source:] Clinton administration claimed Serbian forces massacred civilians when deaths at Račak resulted from fighting between Serbian Army and terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which Washington supported A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Mark Twain We are […]

FAA Greenlights “Limited” Flight Operations For SpaceX-Backed Flying Car

Alef Aeronautics’ “Model A” flying car was revealed to the public in October 2022. The FAA’s limited Special Airworthiness Certification means the 100% electric flying car that can drive on the street and take off vertically when needed can be “used for limited purposes, including exhibition, research, and development,” an FAA spokesperson told Fox Business. […]

Robert Kennedy says CIA involved in biological weapons operations

28 Jun 2023 By Al Mayadeen English US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr criticizes all walks of life within the US, underlining his opposition to how it conducts its foreign policy. US Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vehemently and extensively criticized the United States on Monday during a speech before the Free […]

Aliens’ in Mainstream News and the Potential for False Flag Operations

ByWorld Council for Health June 12, 2023 The World Council for Health (WCH) takes note of predictable developments in the establishment’s crisis playbook, highlighting the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), otherwise known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Given the historical record of false and misleading information from corrupt governments and establishment media sources, it is important […]

CIA Front Company Extends Intrusive Surveillance Operations in Lithuania Under Pretext of New Cold War

[Source:] Creation of Orwellian surveillance apparatus belies claim that the U.S. is upholding democracy in the face of Russian authoritarianism. On April 26, Palantir, a data analytics company founded with CIA seed money, announced an expansion of its operations in Lithuania after entering into a strategic partnership with Lithuania’s Ministry of Defense. This announcement exemplifies how the new […]

DHS Official Update on Southwest Border Operations

Senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies give an update on Southwest Border operations and regional efforts at 11:00 a.m. ET on May 15. … Source

Ukraine Railways: heroic operations since the Russian invasion

Ukraine Railway’s heroic operations since the Russian invasion the company admits it was unprepared for Source

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was also accompanied by large-scale operations in cyberspace

As the war dragged on, Russian hackers were unable to compensate for failures on the battlefield, not least because of the support Ukraine has received, including in cyberspace. Source

Many American farmers have shut down operations due to inflation

(Natural News) Inflation is still a persistent issue in the U.S. – especially for American farmers, who are about to start this year’s planting season in the next few weeks. According to a Gallup poll published on Jan. 30, 15 percent of Americans view inflation as the biggest problem facing America today – second only… […]

HUGE EARTHQUAKE FALLOUT! Turkey Halts Operations At Ceyhan Oil Terminal After Massive Earthquake

READ HERE: The Ceyhan oil terminal in southern Turkey has halted operations after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria early on Monday, Tribeca Shipping Agency said, as carried by Reuters.   Source

‘Time’s Up’ to Halt Operations, Shift Resources to Legal Fund

Time’s Up is shifting remaining funds to the independently administered Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and stopping other operations. Source

US grants Chevron license to resume oil operations in Venezuela

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The U.S. government granted petroleum company Chevron a limited license to continue pumping in Venezuela oil fields, marking the possible first step in ending America’s embargo on oil from the socialist nation.In a press release, the U.S. Department of the Treasury confirmed the move, adding that it had allowed Chevron … [Read […]

Josh Hawley Calls on Apple to End ‘Unconscionable’ Operations in China, Reshore Manufacturing to U.S.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is calling on Apple CEO Tim Cook, considered the “architect” of the multinational corporation’s offshoring business model, to end all operations in China and reshore manufacturing to the United States. Source

Biden wants all children to have access to sex change operations

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) President Biden recently came out in favor of surgery for transgender children, telling a panel of social media influencers that he believes the efforts being made by some states to stop children from getting irreversible surgeries is “immoral†and “outrageous.â€The topic came up when Biden spoke to 25-year-old TikTok … [Read More…] […]

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