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Pair Charged With Playing Adolf Hitler Speeches On Train Intercom

The suspects allegedly played the Nazi dictator’s addresses on the loudspeaker system of a train running from Bregenz to Vienna, in Austria. Source

Adolf Hitler on Judeo-Cultural Marxism

Hitler on the incredibly toxic and contaminating societal effects of jews deceptively imposing cultural marxism.  Adolf Hitler on Cultural Marxism (3:37) School During the Third Reich (15:29) Share now! Source

Adolf Hitler had 4 daughters.

  Adolf Hitler had 4 daughters. Angela Merkel and Daddy Adolf Hitler Angela Merkel and grandma Klara Hitler

Adolf Hitler – Proclamation for the 10th Anniversary of the Power Taking

It will have for all time the strength that is necessary in order to protect the European family of nations in the future against the dangers of the east. Source

“Welthauptstadt Germania” – Adolf Hitler’s Vision for Renewal of the German Capital Berlin

Aside from the great hall, the most important and psychologically the most interesting of the buildings was to be Hitler’s palace. Source

Adolf Hitler’s sex life filled with porn addiction, incest and abuse – doc

A new documentary has laid the claim that Adolf Hitler had a less than ordinary sex life to say the least, according to a report by the British tabloid The Sun.The four-episode documentary, Hitler’s Secret Sex Life, which began airing on the Sky History channel on Sunday, details Hitler as having insatiable desires filled with […]

Roadmap to Adolf Hitler’s Rehabilitation

Hitler’s 132nd birthday anniversary is a good time to reflect and assess the state of the racialist movement. The precondition of any official rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich, and National Socialism is the de facto rehabilitation and vindication of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. The latter is in our hands. Do we observe […]

Adolf Hitler – Proclamation to the German Folk

Berlin, April 6, 1941 Since British imperialism set out to conquer the world, it was its endeavor to entangle Europe and its folks in ever new internal wars and to thereby weaken them. England has in the process all too often found in part blinded, in part bribed statesmen and folk leaders, who put their […]

Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976). John Toland

“My book has no thesis, and any conclusions to be found in it were reached only during the writing, perhaps the most meaningful being that Hitler was far more complex and contradictory than I had imagined. ‘The greatest saints,’ observes one of Graham Greene’s characters, ‘Have been men with a more than normal capacity for […]

Was Adolf Hitler a Polytheist?

As much as some Christians want to claim Hitler as their own, the man’s own words in Mein Kampf indicate he thought a lot about gods and especially goddesses. Bitchute link Share now! Source

George Ward Price’s Interview with Adolf Hitler

George Ward Price was a Daily Mail correspondent who interviewed both Hitler and Mussolini. He was apparently a little sympathetic to the Third Reich, and wrote of the concentration camps: To blacken the whole Nazi régime because a few subordinates may have abused their powers is as unfair as it would be to condemn the […]


Hitler was Rothschild Alois Hitler was the father of Adolf Hitler. Alois was born to then-unmarried Maria Schicklgruber, and the identity of his biological father is uncertain. Wikipedia ‘Austrian Chancellor, Englebert Dollfuss managed to discover the registration card of Maria Anna Schicklgruber which listed her employment at the Vienna residence of “Baron Rothschild”.’ ‘According to […]

Flashback 1933: Jewish Press Runs Hit Piece Insinuating Adolf Hitler Was Jewish

To this day, there are millions of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who firmly believe that Adolf Hitler was Jewish — and that he was a front man for the Rothschilds — in reality, the first stories alleging that Hitler was Jewish — like this one from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 1933 — came from the Jewish […]


Available in paperback: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume V Premonitions in Paperback Available in ePub format EBOOK: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume V Premonitions in ePub format EBOOK

‘Casual Adolf Hitler’ hoodie removed from marketplace following complaints

The online marketplace VOVA recently removed its stock for a product labeled “Casual Adolf Hitler Funny Graphic Hoodies New Fashion for Men.”The Simon Wiesenthal Center for International Relations recently penned a complaint to the VOVA headquarters in London, its offices in Hong Kong and its press office in Paris, to remove the antisemitic materials from […]

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I Second Edition

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I have just released the revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition of my book ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I. It is available in paperback and as an ePub Ebook file here: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I PAPERBACK ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST […]

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism Second Edition

Christopher Jon Bjerknes My book ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism is back in print in a revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism PAPERBACK ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism ePub EBOOK FILE

Joe Biden Uses Adolf Hitler in Campaign Ad

Former Vice President Joe Biden has used footage of Nazi dictator and mass murderer Adolf Hitler in a new campaign ad attacking President Donald Trump. The video, released by the Biden/Harris campaign on Oct. 25, combines Biden’s stump speech about the Charlottesville riots in August 2017 with the song “Where Is the Love” by the […]

In Print: Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism

Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism is an in depth examination of the documented collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists. It is available here in paperback: and here as an ebook:

Adolf Hitler – Seven Nation Army

I am not a big fan of the White Stripes, but I do like how the song is used with this music video. Regardless if the following quote is genuine, it is true. It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was […]

How They Do It– ‘Why Did Adolf Hitler Hate the Jews?’

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Adolf Hitler on Religion

These quotations are from Hitler’s Table Talk, which is a series of informal, private conversations among Hitler and his closest associates, as recorded by Martin Bormann. The conversations from which these excerpts are taken occurred from July 1941 to June 1942, mostly late at night or in early morning. While Hitler did make some public overtures to “positive” […]

David Irving – The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History

Renegade Editor’s Note: I know Irving changed his tune to allow for “limited gassings” after his imprisonment, but much of his research is still top-notch and worth considering. The British Historian David Irving identifies some of the many fraudulent historical documents that have been quoted and referred to over the many years by “conformist historians” […]

Study Suggests Adolf Hitler Was “Black”

A team of Belgian researchers have discovered that Adolf Hitler was mixed race, with DNA samples showing Jewish and African ancestry. The study, conducted by journalists and historians, suggests that the Führer was closely related to the very ethnic groups he attempted to exterminate during his reign. reports:  In the decades since Adolf Hitler’s […]

CIA document from 1955 discusses Adolf Hitler in Colombia

nsnbc : A recently declassified CIA document from 1955 discusses the presence of the allegedly deceased German leader Adolf Hitler among German expatriates with National […]

Adolf Hitler on Getting Rid of the Rubbish and Cultivating High Art

By Adolf Hitler It is striking to observe that in 1910 our artistic level was still extraordinarily high. Since that time, alas! our decadence has merely become accentuated. In the field of painting, for example, it’s enough to recall the lamentable daubs that people have tried to foist, in the name of art, on the German people. […]

FACT CHECK: "Nazi" stands for "national socialism" and Adolf Hitler was a radical Left-wing fascist, not a "far right" leader

(Natural News) In modern times, Democrats and their Marxist allies have portrayed Republicans and conservatives as Alt-Right racists and bigots, even though the Democratic Party was home to the KKK and other racist elements well into the 20th century. Period cartoons published about the time the KKK was formed — in the ashes of […]

Adolf Hitler on the Inner Yearning for Immortal Art

Adolf Hitler’s speech to open the Great German Art Exhibition in Munich, July 19, 1937 Thus at this time I would like to make the following observation: Before National Socialism acceded to power, there was a so-called “modern” art in Germany, i.e., just as the word itself indicates, a new art every year. National Socialist […]

Adolf Hitler’s Speech on Replacing ‘Modern Art’ with ‘Eternal Art’

July 18, 1937 In the collapse of Germany after the war the economic decline had been generally felt, the political decline had been denied by many, the cultural decline had not even been observed by the majority of the people. It was an age of phrases and catchwords: in the economic sphere the hard facts […]

Adolf Hitler’s Struggle for Peace

By The Impartial Truth On September 3rd 1939, the Allies declared war on Germany, leading to the subsequent half a decade long world war. During this time, Hitler pleads for the Allies to withdraw their war declarations. Hitler’s pleas for peace are ignored as the allies amass 600,000 troops in Northern France. Plans are openly […]

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