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How Franco’s Belief In A ‘Jewish Masonic Bolshevik’ Conspiracy To Destroy Christian Spain Was Vindicated

Francisco Franco meets Adolf Hitler (The Jewish Chronicle) A historian is now denying that there were enough Jews in Spain to organize a “Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik Conspiracy” which Francisco Franco believed was actively hell-bent on destroying and overthrowing Christian Spain: “In May 1949, Israel’s ambassador to the UN addressed the General Assembly to oppose the re-establishment of […]

The Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and Prighozin’s 2023 Gambit: Trotsky, Russell, and the War on Civilization

Amidst this week’s strange attempt to instigate a military coup from the head of Russia’s Wagner Group, President Putin took a loud stand calling out the operation as a foreign directed insurgency with parallels drawn from the chaotic revolution of 1917. Just as in 1917, the nation was at war with an enemy on the […]

As usual, political bolshevik and serial accuser Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actually the perp who is stone-cold guilty of committing ‘Stochastic Terrorism’. (Video)

VIEW HERE: AOC: I’m the Victim of ‘Stochastic Terrorism’   Source

Khazarian Jewish Involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union was not primarily a Russian Revolution. Instead, it was primarily led by a non-Russian, Jewish ethnic minority that hated Russians and the Czar for their alleged anti-Semitism.[1] This article documents some of the evidence indicating that Jews were the driving force behind Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution. Jewish […]

David Duke is a Bolshevik Shill

Duke suggests that jews are targeting Russia today because they are somehow a bulwark against jewry, even though Russia’s oligarchic neo-Soviet leadership is disproportionately jewish. Source

ACH (1886) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #83 – So I Guess That’s Why They Call It The British Bolshevik Corporation…

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 22 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “So I Guess That’s Why They Call It The British Bolshevik Corporation…” We discussed: the Stan Laurel clip that we played during the show intro segment; why the BBC are so keen for […]

“This moment has to be a call to arms.” — Chicago’s bolshevik mayor calls for violence against Supreme Court

_____ To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms. — Lori Lightfoot (@LoriLightfoot) May 10, 2022 Source

Russia’s new Tsar corrects the course of the Bolshevik Revolution

The old Kremlin bear manipulated the world, and he and his media mocked the US, its politicians, intelligence and media who promote Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming that it is a Hollywood movie. He stated that he would not invade Ukraine and hinted at withdrawing his troops from the borders with Ukraine. However, he manoeuvred […]

Keith Woods Is a Bolshevik Shill

Here are the top 5 reasons Keith Woods is a Bolshevik shill. 5. He says ethno-nationalism is just another form of liberalism. There is no room for ethno-nationalism in the Soviet state! 4. He runs cover for “Chicoms” and “The Great Reset”, just like his bolshevik friend Eric Striker, and again is not a big […]

Eric Striker Is a Bolshevik Shill

Eric Striker is a very popular figure in the “movement” these days, He is currently working with admitted “part-jew” Mike Peinovich on the National Justice Party, and publishing for the site National Justice on a regular basis. Of course much of the content he puts out is on the mark, but this is how these […]

Bolshevik Australia to Seize Savings, Homes, Driver’s Licenses of People with unpaid COVID Fines

    Australians have racked up so many fines for violating their governments’ draconian COVID-19 mandates that the state of Queensland is now threatening drastic action against those who haven’t paid up, including the loss of their bank accounts, homes, or driver’s licenses. According to the Brisbane Times, Queensland, whose capital is Brisbane, has issued […]

Jewish Collaborators With Bolshevik Mass Murderers To Receive ‘Good Will’ Holocaust Reparations From Latvia

Latvians rounded up on trains destined for Bolshevik killing fields (JTA) Despite the fact that Latvia’s Jews betrayed the Latvian people to the Soviet invaders in 1940 — leading to untold cruelty, butchery, and mass murder — the Latvian parliament nevertheless has voted to pay $46 million to the country’s Jewish community for property that […]

Patriot Loki Hulgaard Still Being Persecuted By Canadian Bolshevik State

I’ve received word that my friend, pro-white patriot Loki Hulgaard is still being harassed and persecuted by the Canadian Feds once again. He was charged with ‘wilfully promoting hatred’ a few years ago for some pro-white public activism and has endured constant harrassment and gangstalking by feds, Antifa and state agents for the past several […]

Matt Heimbach Is Back As An Open Bolshevik Calling for Murdering Wealthy Children

I thought we were done with this semitic shill a few years ago after he admitted to being an anti-White communist. Now he says he is going to resurrect his Tard Workers Party to wage class warfare in the style of Mao, murdering any wealthy children that get in the way of the workers’ revolution. […]

Mother From Soviet Union Exposes the Bolshevik Agenda of “Anti-Racism” at School Board Meeting

This woman has experience first hand where “social justice” and “equity” really lead, and it is not anywhere we want to be. link [embedded content] Good evening everyone. I am a mother of three children in district. And I am very concerned. The proposed “Anti-racist program” is just a prettier name for racial Marxist teaching. […]

Did Sean Hannity use an antisemitic trope in ‘Bolshevik Bernie’ tweet?

Fox News host and right-wing media personality Sean Hannity received a wave of criticism on Friday night after tweeting an article from his website which users have argued features an age-old antisemitic trope. BOLSHEVIK BERNIE: Sanders Says Dems Just ‘Beginning to Create an Economy That Works For All’ — Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) April 30, […]

The Bolshevik Disease: Today’s Scamdemic is Just a Repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu

There are far too many “coincidences” for this to be an accident. The judeo-Bolsheviks rolled out the same play book as they did 100 years ago to achieve their objectives. WorldTruth link Share now! Source

‘Q-Anon’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As ‘Operation Trust’

By Chris Menahan “Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover. Here’s an except on the “Trust” operation from pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, “New […]


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Jewish Bolshevik Revolution & Jews Against Trump (& Chinese Communism is a Jewish Run Operation too)

DAVID DUKE ONCE AGAIN JOINS THE WORLD WIDE PATRICK RYAN SHOW WITH “DINO” For more of this exclusive and one-of-a-kind Talk Radio Soundtrack please visit the website December 4, 2020 | Categories: Announcements | Tags: | Print This Article Remember the CNN, NPR, New York Times and Presstitute Lie Factories Claim No Election Fraud The Arizona legislature has seen […]

The Social Contract is Broken | What is now happening in the US mirrors the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

The Social Contract is Broken Henry Makow What is now happening in the US mirrors the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Will it be followed by a Red Terror? “This is the test. If Trump retains the Presidency, he is a genuine American patriot. But if he doesn’t, it means he took a fall because he is […]

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I Second Edition

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I have just released the revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition of my book ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I. It is available in paperback and as an ePub Ebook file here: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume III World War I PAPERBACK ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST […]

Back in Print: ADOLF HITLER BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST Volume II Zionism Second Edition

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Spain: Bolshevik Regime Passes Law Giving Powers to Remove ‘Hate Messages’ From Social Media

All over Europe the Bolshevik scum are using the coronavirus to push through totalitarian legislation limiting the speech of opponents of Globohomo. Europa Press: El Congreso de los Diputados, con el voto en contra de PP y Vox, ha aprobado este lunes una iniciativa de Unidas Podemos por la que se insta al Gobierno a […]

Third Position – Unmasking The Bolshevik Agenda

This article will explore some of the more modern Third Position parties and how they pretend to be on our side, when they are really just masking their true allegiances. Terza Posizione, an Italian Third Positionist party, was formed by ex members of the Evola-inspired Ordine Nuovo, Avanguarda Nazionale, and members of Mutti’s Lotta di […]

In Print: Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism

Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume II Zionism is an in depth examination of the documented collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists. It is available here in paperback: and here as an ebook:

How Jewish was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia?

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VIDEO: Bolshevik Revolution & Freemasonry

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The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime

by MARK WEBER (Major reference work : 6000 words) Begin at TOP RIGHT (date 1900) and proceed clockwise to 1929 when Stalin became supreme dictator of the Soviet Union LD:  It is important to note that Jews made up roughly 82% of the Bolshevik government in 1917 when the Russian Revolution began. This was a […]

Russia’s past, America’s future? Jews Admit The Bolshevik Revolution Was A Jewish Plot Against Christian Russia

Jews Admit The Bolshevik Revolution Was A Jewish Plot Against Christian Russia  ED-NOTE – Something to think about: Czar comes from Caesar and the last Russian dynasty was named the ROMANov. J.POST – Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, Stalin led them out of the Politburo,” whispered veterans of the Bolshevik Revolution, as winter […]

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