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Franco Vitaliano’s Exqor Nanotechnologies was being used to DIRECTLY target the CCR5 receptor!

I am roughing out a new series entitled “Project Sanguine” aka “Follow the Science: Fauci’s Nazi Transhumanist Scientists at Fort Detrick”. These articles have been on my mind a lot while writing “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda”, because this research takes us back to when these programs originated. Our research has revealed that Franco […]

Franco Vitaliano, GQD’s & Soros’ Social Economy!

Franco Vitaliano aka Francis Vale aka Francis Vitagliano had a mentor at MIT for 15 years named Franco Modigliano. Franco Modigliano was an advocate of the “Social Economy” for what reason though? You see… activists promote ideas of social consciousness, like “fear” which put individuals in lower energy states. The social economy was being promoted […]

Words and Wisdoms of Franco Vitaliano

Let me introduce you to the voice of Franco Vitaliano via his alias Francis Vale from his VXM website and his”Got A Bug Up Your Ass?” podcasts from July 2005. Franco discusses God and evolution, quantum computers, “shit house science”, … clearly an atheist and sees multiverse as better and mentions a virus brought by […]

Many Faces of Franco Vitaliano

FRANCO VITALIANO is the man behind the men behind The Antichrist. But who is FRANCO? Google does not offer much insight. We’ve attempted to return information about this man to the internet that has been deleted over the years. Both FRANCO and his wife GORDANA are incredibly secretive. Look at this: here is a site […]

Franco Vitaliano developed Cronus: The communication systems between satellites and computers for US Military

As soon as I published the ultimate Franco Vitaliano deep dive entitled; “Internet to GQD Particle: How NSA’s Franco Vitaliano became the heart of The Transhumanist Agenda” , new information about his history surfaced. There is a paragraph in “CRONUS ENHANCEMENTS: RL-TR-95-117 Final Technical Report“, dated July 1995 that states Franco Vitaliano developed the operating […]

NWO’s Transhumanist Quantum Brain Snatchers: Franco & Gordana Vitaliano

Franco and Gordana Vitaliano are the New World Order’s most important scientific advisors.  They are right at the heart of development and deployment of the universal, global, neural interface technologies; what CIA calls disruptive technologies.  A technology pipeline they control through their company ExQor. The home office of Transhumanism. Transhumanists Franco and Gordana Vitaliano’s Clathrin […]

How Franco’s Belief In A ‘Jewish Masonic Bolshevik’ Conspiracy To Destroy Christian Spain Was Vindicated

Francisco Franco meets Adolf Hitler (The Jewish Chronicle) A historian is now denying that there were enough Jews in Spain to organize a “Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik Conspiracy” which Francisco Franco believed was actively hell-bent on destroying and overthrowing Christian Spain: “In May 1949, Israel’s ambassador to the UN addressed the General Assembly to oppose the re-establishment of […]

DARPA Email Confirms, Franco Vitaliano Also Helped Invent the Internet!

In this DARPA email, dated September 15, 1987, Major Doug Hardie is praising Franco Vitaliano’s work with Software Robot Fixes while designing the internet. On-line Robotic Repair of Software“Maj. Doug Hardie” Hardie@DOCKMASTER.ARPATue, 15 Sep 87 12:27 EDTThe following is taken from Business Week, Sep 7, 87 page 113.THIS SOFTWARE ROBOT FIXES SYSTEMS – WHILE THEY’RE […]

Dies Suddenly’s – Franco Harris plus more

NFL Legend Franco Harris Dies Suddenly – Was CDC Spokesperson for COVID “Vaccines” by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News NFL Pittsburgh Steeler legend and Hall of Fame star running back Franco Harris died suddenly today, just days before he was to be honored by the Pittsburgh Steelers and have his jersey number retired. Franco […]

James Franco and Izabel Pakzad spotted in Mykonos (PHOTOS)

The islands of our country, but especially Mykonos, are attracting all the Hollywood stars this year as well, including James Franco and Izabel Pakzad. After Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling who spent part of their vacation in Antiparos, another famous couple found themselves in Greece. James Franco and Izabel Pakzad are the latest celebrities to… […]

Spain mulls ban on expressions of support for dictator Franco

Spain’s government has approved draft legislation to outlaw expressions of support for the former dictator Francisco Franco. The proposed “Law on Democratic Memory” would also ban organisations that praise the policies and leaders of Spain’s 20th-century dictatorship. The Socialist-led coalition has long-sought to outlaw anyone who supports Franco’s rule and demean “the dignity of the […]

Franco-Belgian cellist Camille Thomas fills empty Louvre galleries with classical music

At over 500 years old, the Mona Lisa will have seen many things in her life on display – but rarely this: almost four months with no visitors. With the Louvre closed due to COVID-19 restrictions since late October, what could be the world’s most famous painting stares out from her panel across bulletproof glass […]

Last Statue Of Former Dictator Francisco Franco Removed In ‘Historic Day’ For Spain

MELILLA, Spain (Reuters) – The last statue of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco was removed on Tuesday from the city gates of Melilla, a Spanish enclave and autonomous city on the northwest African coast. Without much fanfare, a group of workmen operated a mechanical digger and heavy drills to chip away at the brick platform on which the statue stood, lifted […]

Spain removes last statue of General Franco

Spain’s last statue honouring General Franco has been removed more than 40 years after it was erected in the North African enclave of Melilla. The removal of the monument to Spain’s former dictator, described as the “only statue dedicated to a dictator still in the public sphere in Europe”, follows a 2007 law calling for […]

Franco-British duo walk from Marseille to Paris collecting thousands of discarded face masks

A Franco-British duo is walking from Marseille to Paris collecting discarded face masks, plastic bottles and fast food waste. Edmund Platt and Frédéric Munsch set off from the southern city on October 1 and should arrive in the French capital on Saturday (November 28). They will walk as close as possible to the TGV train […]

Based Dutchman Turned His House into Shrine for Franco

This Dutchman is a Based Hero. He has all the right views and names the enemy like a Champ. As you can see in the video, most of the people who attend these pro-Franco rallies are old and there are very few women. There were a few based women there, but they were probably over […]

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder Above Photo: A protest against Franco’s shooting one month after her death, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 14, 2018. | Photo: Reuters Brazil’s government declared Monday that human rights activist Marielle Franco was “very likely” killed by “militias,” according to Minister of Public Security Raul Jungmann. “There are […]

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections Going Underground with Afshin We speak to the former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner Franco Frattini about the outcome of the Italian elections. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… […]

COMMENTARY: Freemasonry In Spain – Why Did General Franco Hate The Freemasons So Much?

A few weeks later, a Spanish bishop suspended a priest for being a mason, while the Catholic Church’s Infovaticana magazine accused the organization of a range of crimes, including murder. Spain’s Grand Lodge brushed off the incidents in a humorous article in its publication, El Oriente, pointing out that the founders of three of the […]

‘Has Spain reverted back to Franco-style military dictatorship?’

Two million Catalans, or 90.09 percent of those who voted, said ‘Yes’ in the banned referendum on independence from Madrid on Sunday, according to the Catalonia regional authorities. The Catalonian government said the result reflects only the ballots that “were not seized” during police raids on polling stations throughout the day. Police also used brutal […]

Echoes of Franco in Spain’s ‘political repression’ of Catalonia – 70 academics incl Chomsky

In an open letter, tweeted by referendum supporter Julian Assange, Chomsky et al decried the Spanish government’s handling of the issue. The academics, from the fields of political science, law, economics, human rights, sociology, and history, compared the current government’s actions to that of fascist dictator Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain for almost forty years […]

Immigrants Are Building Trump A Wall — But Not The One He Wants

Print Friendly Above Photo: Pedro Lopez came to Cleveland to protest from Phoenix, Arizona CLEVELAND, OHIO — Hundreds of immigrant activists and their supporters from as near as Cleveland and as far as Arizona marched on the Republican National Convention arena on Wednesday and erected a wall with their bodies and banners that stretched down several blocks. The fabric […]

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