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65,000-Year-Old ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Tool Reveals Ancient Communication

A team of international scientists has discovered an enlightening fact about early humans who lived in southern Africa between 60,000 and 65,000 years ago. Similarities in their toolmaking technology Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later 

‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Joseph Gatt Arrested for Alleged Sexual Communication with a Minor

Actor Joseph Gatt, who appeared in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and is next set to star in DC Entertainment’s “Black Adam,” was arrested in Los Angeles last week for allegedly engaging in “online sexually explicit communication” with a minor.

The Hydraulic Telegraph of Aeneas – Long-Distance Communication of Antiquity

Advances in technology have drastically changed the way we live today compared to those of our ancient past. One type of technology that many of us may take for granted is the ability to communicate with others over long distances, or to large groups of people. A look back at ancient civilizations can give us […]

‘Not About Trump’: Terry McAuliffe Shifts Communication Strategy Days Before Election

Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe shifted his communication strategy away from Donald Trump the weekend before Tuesday’s election. McAuliffe said in Virginia Beach on Saturday his campaign is “not about Trump,” despite constantly attempting to bring Donald Trump into the statewide election for months. McAuliffe also doubled down Sunday on CNN, saying the election was no […]

More on the Restoration of Inter-Korean Lines of Communication

In our previous piece on inter-Korean relations, we touched on Kim Yoo-jung’s remark that in case of “maintaining impartiality and respect for each other”, both the restoration of the North-South bureau and the inter-Korean summit could be discussed constructively. “The end of the war will also be proclaimed in due course.” During this time, North […]

For Newsom’s Recall Challengers, Communication Is Key

A formidable task lies ahead for the ballooning number of candidates aiming to run against Gov. Gavin Newsom in California’s upcoming recall election: How do they reach the state’s 22 million voters as quickly and effectively as possible? One obvious answer—social media—is only part of the overall strategy. “A recall election happens during a compressed period […]

Communication: the ethical side to organ donation

Written by Dr. Chandrima Chatterjee, Bhagyashree Dutta, Dr. Anamika Roy Organ donation is a much debated and sought-after topic, yet numerous bioethical controversies are associated with it. With the advent of organ black markets, revised regulations and increased precautions for donating organs. As far as bioethical concerns are there, one factor is communicating the different […]

VIDEO: Crease Or Wire? Conservative Sleuths Claim Biden Wore Communication Device At Debate

Conservatives say a video quickly going viral on social media, originally uploaded to Facebook by a California man, shows Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden wearing a wire or communication device during Tuesday night’s debate. The video, originally uploaded to Facebook by California man Jay Ashurst, shows the camera trained on Biden while President Donald Trump […]

UAE launches Arab world’s first Mars probe, establishes communication with orbiter (VIDEO)

The Emirati Hope (Amal) orbiter separated from the Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket and is heading for Mars, which it is scheduled to reach in February. The mission is going according to plan, officials said, as the ground team in Dubai has established communications with the probe and received its first signal transmitted to Earth.   The spacecraft […]

Celebrating Pride Month: Perspectives on Identity, Diversity, Communication, and Change

Throughout June, we’ve published a series of Q&As at WordPress Discover featuring members of the Automattic team. These conversations explore personal journeys; reflections on identity; and diversity and inclusion in tech, design, and the workplace. Here are highlights from these interviews. “In a World That Wants You to Apologize or Minimize Who You Are, Don’t.” […]

Rare Nikola Tesla Interview From 1931 About What Extraterrestrial Communication Would Do To Mankind

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest scientific minds our world has ever known. Although mysteriously absent from school textbooks, he accomplished much in his lifetime, discovering radio and remote control — the backbone of NASA’s current technology — drone technology, cosmic radio waves, and more. He was also a big proponent of free, unlimited energy for everyone. […]

A Rare Nikola Tesla Interview From 1931 About What Extraterrestrial Communication Would Do To Mankind

Next Story Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest scientific minds our world has ever known. Although mysteriously absent from school textbooks, he accomplished much in his lifetime, discovering radio and remote control — the backbone of NASA’s current technology — drone technology, cosmic radio waves, and more. He was also a big proponent of free, unlimited energy […]

A Look Into Non-Violent Communication & How It Will Transform The World

Next Story When I was first invited to a non-violent communication workshop, I thought the same thing that you might be thinking now, I’m not a violent person and I don’t ever intend to harm anyone with my words so why would I need to learn about this? Well, after learning about it, I can […]

Stress Relief for a Better Life, Time, Confidence & Communication

Next Story Managing stress requires three basic skills: efficient use of time, effective communication and building the confidence to look good and feel good. Stress is part of life, but most are equipped with warning signals that are activated when one is approaching the danger zone. Symptoms range from sweaty palms and racing pulse to […]

“Talk to the Trees” – A Simple Exercise to Develop Your Communication with Nature

January 17th, 2018 By Jessie Klassen Contributing writer for Wake Up World This exercise is great for children and adults alike. Nature has lessons for those who listen. Communicating, interacting, and listening to nature is easier than we think. In fact, it’s natural for us to do so. Nature is  aware and sensitive to our feelings, thoughts, […]

Scientists Examine Individuals Who Claim Communication With The Dead – Surprising Results Found

Next Story Mediums are individuals who claim to experience communication with the deceased. Throughout history, mediums have been subjected to much skepticism and ridicule. Things are a little different today as science continues to move forward and explore the mysteries surrounding the metaphysical.  Science is constantly evolving, and in some cases returning to what was […]

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills So You Can Succeed in a Communication Management Career

There is plenty you can to that will help ensure you have a long and successful career in communication management. One of the first steps is to pursue an education, such as the online master of communication management degree available through the University of Southern California. The online MCM degree will […]

Palestinian hunger strikers cut off from communication

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 2 May 2017 Israeli Border Police arrest a Palestinian protester during a demonstration in support of hunger striking prisoners in Jerusalem on 29 April. Faiz Abu Rmeleh ActiveStills As Palestinian prisoners enter day 16 of their mass hunger strike, Israeli authorities are said to be obstructing negotiations and severely impeding […]

“I Told You So!” – Simple But Powerful Ways of Improving Communication with Loved Ones

May 3rd, 2017 By Richard West Guest writer for Wake Up World “If you think you’re enlightened, try spending a week with your family.” ~ Ram Dass Recently I’ve been exploring the way I relate to my nearest and dearest, as well as other colleges and friends. How we relate to people has a massive impact on […]

British Doctors Faced With 5,700 Cases Of Female Genital Mutilation In One Year

Health authorities have recorded 5,702 new cases of female genital mutilation in just one year, official figures show, equivalent to more than 100 cases every week. Female genital mutilation (FGM) has been illegal in Britain since 1985, with the original law strengthened in 2003 to prevent girls being taken abroad for the practice, yet so […]

This Time We Fight Together

We have been continuously pitted against one another by a rootless international clique, resulting in devastating brothers wars, but we are getting wiser now. Youtube link: Source Article from

Kraken Rumors Rife as Giant ‘Sea Creature’ Spotted off Antarctica by Google Earth

The image of the elusive being was first spotted off the coast of Deception Island in the South Shetlands on Google Earth on April 9 and shared through a video on YouTube in an effort to solve the oceanic mystery. It’s estimated the creature measures up to a massive 120 meters in total, prompting some […]

Report: French Forces Building Military Bases In Syria

Western Special Forces and ground troops are in Syria under the guise of advising and supporting “moderate”rebel groups. What is behind the deployment is part of a bigger strategy by the west to divide up the country for the manipulation of resources and profit and re-draw the map of the region. But first, regime change […]

The Scandinavian Scenes of Johannes Flintoe

Portrait by Tidemand Johannes Flintoe (1787 – 1870) was a Danish painter who spent most of his time in Norway. He mostly painted landscapes featuring the awesome mountains of the North and different scenes from Scandinavian history, including one of the famous Vikiking Egil Skallagrimsson. Krundalen Fra Jotunheimen Stave Church Myrnhorn Egil Skallarimsson Hjølmodalen i Eidfjord Skagastoeltindene […]

Discover the baking soda and lemon juice combination that eradicates cancer cells better than prescription Doxil and Adriamycin

(NaturalNews) If you are looking for a daily tonic to improve your overall health and lower your risk of cancer, look no further than a simple combination of lemon juice and baking soda. Lemon is a potent superfood filled with cancer-fighting compounds. In addition, alkaline diet theory classifies both lemon and baking soda […]

By Retaking Raqqa Syrian Army May Upset ‘Federalization’ Plan

The problem of Syria’s potential “federalization” is stirring public opinion inside the country and beyond its borders. There are rumors circulating in the media that some forces inside Syria may support the ‘Plan B’ championed by the United States. But is there really a plan for the federalization of Syria in which a Kurdish state is going to be created? Syria’s Federalization and the […]

Rooibos Tea is Potent Defense Against Alzheimer’s, Cancer and More

If you are a fan of green, black or white tea you may want to rethink your beverage of choice. Rooibos (Aspalathus linear) trumps all three with its substantial health enhancing features. by Carolanne Wright Even if you are not an ardent tea drinker, a second look at this red hued nectar is worth your […]

Increased activity at Fuego volcano, Guatemala

     The volcanic activity of the Fuego volcano is increasing in Guatemala. The last loud eruption on April 12, 2016 was heard over an area of 15km, rocked the roof and windows of houses located 15 km from the volcanic peak and sent a column of ash and gases 4km in the air. It’s not […]

Israeli report reveals ISIS is close to making armed drones

     While the terrorist group has long used small, recreational drones to film propaganda videos, Daesh is now producing military-grade models – and working toward an armed variant. Earlier this week, Iraqi militias spotted a familiar sight in the skies above Anbar province. While Iraq is no stranger to the presence of UAVs, two seen […]

Remains of stone age hunters found in Western Iran

Archaeological excavations in a number of caves and rock shelters along the Sirwan River, in Iran’s western region of Hawraman, revealed stone tools, burned animal bones and remains of hearths left by Stone Age hunters. The new discoveries suggest that primitive game hunters lived in the region from about 40,000 years ago, until the end […]

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