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Vitaliano’s Molecular Electronic Devices

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM Bacteriorhodopsin is the key to understanding the GQD neural interface technology that operates the Living […]

Franco Vitaliano’s Exqor Nanotechnologies was being used to DIRECTLY target the CCR5 receptor!

I am roughing out a new series entitled “Project Sanguine” aka “Follow the Science: Fauci’s Nazi Transhumanist Scientists at Fort Detrick”. These articles have been on my mind a lot while writing “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda”, because this research takes us back to when these programs originated. Our research has revealed that Franco […]

The Vitaliano’s want to delete your memories to absorb you into the Collective Consciousness ripe for Harvesting.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. SPM The closer you are to the Collective Consciousness the more memory you lose. The Vitaliano’s are […]

Franco Vitaliano, GQD’s & Soros’ Social Economy!

Franco Vitaliano aka Francis Vale aka Francis Vitagliano had a mentor at MIT for 15 years named Franco Modigliano. Franco Modigliano was an advocate of the “Social Economy” for what reason though? You see… activists promote ideas of social consciousness, like “fear” which put individuals in lower energy states. The social economy was being promoted […]

Words and Wisdoms of Franco Vitaliano

Let me introduce you to the voice of Franco Vitaliano via his alias Francis Vale from his VXM website and his”Got A Bug Up Your Ass?” podcasts from July 2005. Franco discusses God and evolution, quantum computers, “shit house science”, … clearly an atheist and sees multiverse as better and mentions a virus brought by […]

Many Faces of Franco Vitaliano

FRANCO VITALIANO is the man behind the men behind The Antichrist. But who is FRANCO? Google does not offer much insight. We’ve attempted to return information about this man to the internet that has been deleted over the years. Both FRANCO and his wife GORDANA are incredibly secretive. Look at this: here is a site […]

Franco Vitaliano developed Cronus: The communication systems between satellites and computers for US Military

As soon as I published the ultimate Franco Vitaliano deep dive entitled; “Internet to GQD Particle: How NSA’s Franco Vitaliano became the heart of The Transhumanist Agenda” , new information about his history surfaced. There is a paragraph in “CRONUS ENHANCEMENTS: RL-TR-95-117 Final Technical Report“, dated July 1995 that states Franco Vitaliano developed the operating […]

Gordana Vitaliano: Harvard’s MacLean Hospital Profile

Gordana Vitaliano’s Harvard Profile is missing, Now, let me help Gordana out and post her wonderful MacLean Hospital profile back online:  McLean Hospital Title Director, Brain Imaging Nanotechnology Group Harvard Medical School Title Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Biography Gordana D. Vitaliano, MD, PhD, is the director of the Brain Imaging Nanotechnology Group, a psychiatrist in […]

Vitaliano Clathrin GQD Neural Interface Technology Consolidated Globally Under Obama Brain Initiative

The Obama Brain Initiative is Manhattan Project 2.0, the nuclear bombing of your neurons.   “The BRAIN Initiative is jointly led by NIH, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and Food and Drug Administration. Private organizations are also committed to ensuring success through investment in the initiative. […]

NWO’s Transhumanist Quantum Brain Snatchers: Franco & Gordana Vitaliano

Franco and Gordana Vitaliano are the New World Order’s most important scientific advisors.  They are right at the heart of development and deployment of the universal, global, neural interface technologies; what CIA calls disruptive technologies.  A technology pipeline they control through their company ExQor. The home office of Transhumanism. Transhumanists Franco and Gordana Vitaliano’s Clathrin […]

PITAC/IARPA: Vitaliano’s Private/Civilian NSA/CIA/DARPA

First rule of Vitaliano, nobody speaks about Vitaliano. The President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) was authorized by Congress under the High-Performance Computing Act of 1991 (P. L. 102-194) and the Next Generation Internet Act of 1998 (P. L. 105-305) as a Federal Advisory Committee. Executive Order 13385 amending Executive Order 13226 to extend the […]

Bill Gates & Ray Kurzweil discuss deployment of Vitaliano Clathrin GQD neural interface… in 2005

“After four billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection, we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design.”; Yuval Farari When it comes to Transhumanism, Ray Kurzweil is Quantum God. Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing […]

Dr.Gordana D. Vitaliano, MD, PhD: Growing Brains at MacLean Hospital

Appears Gordana has deleted her profile from the MacLean Hospital website. As Director of the Brain Imagine Nanotechnology Group, which she has overseen for over 20 years, it is a surprising move. As one of the Clathrin GQD developers, my eyes have been on Gordana and her husband Franco. Franco has been predominantly the patent […]

DARPA Email Confirms, Franco Vitaliano Also Helped Invent the Internet!

In this DARPA email, dated September 15, 1987, Major Doug Hardie is praising Franco Vitaliano’s work with Software Robot Fixes while designing the internet. On-line Robotic Repair of Software“Maj. Doug Hardie” [email protected], 15 Sep 87 12:27 EDTThe following is taken from Business Week, Sep 7, 87 page 113.THIS SOFTWARE ROBOT FIXES SYSTEMS – WHILE THEY’RE […]

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