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The Vitaliano’s want to delete your memories to absorb you into the Collective Consciousness ripe for Harvesting.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. SPM The closer you are to the Collective Consciousness the more memory you lose. The Vitaliano’s are […]

Burundi Drums Beat the Ancient Memories of Unity (Video)

The tradition of Burundi drums holds a profound cultural significance that stretches back through the ages. Read more Section:  News Videos Read Later  Source



A story within a triptych: on Vera Tamari’s family memories

Vera Tamari’s intimate story of her family’s life before 1948 allows us to dream of how life might have been in Palestine if the Nakba had never happened. Source

Farha brings back the horrifying memories of Nakba

December 8, 2022  Source: Al Mayadeen By Aya Youssef  By watching Farha, every Palestinian will get to see their own families losing their homes, families, and land as the Jordanian movie recounts the horrors of the 1948 Palestinian Nakba. Farha brings back the horrifying memories of Nakba Imagine that you prepared yourself to watch the movie […]

OPD girls and an Abadani woman’s interesting memories

This book contains the memories of Mina Kamaei, an Abadani woman who lived through the rough times of the imposed war. Leila Mohammadi conducted the interview and put together the compilation, which was then published by the women of the Art Bureau of the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization. The narration in this book takes place during […]

Tanks For The Memories: Germany, Poland Negotiate Armour Deliveries for Ukraine

Germany rejected suggestions it is reneging on a promise to provide Poland with tanks to make up for those that Warsaw delivered to Ukraine.

Stop saying that Ukraine rubble reminds you of ‘memories of the past’

Last weekend in a speech in Europe, Joe Biden hit one of the major themes of the Ukraine war. We thought these pictures of rubble were memories of the past. Of all people, you, the Russian people, as well as all people across Europe, still have the memory of being in a similar situation in […]

Memories Of An Ancient Goddess At Sintra’s Mountain Of The Moon

Nothing about magical and mysterious Sintra is straightforward, including its name. Sintra can refer to a small town in western Portugal, a short distance north and west of Lisbon, or the large and populous municipality that surrounds it, or finally the Serra de Sintra , also known as The Mountain of the Moon, on whose […]

Ukraine war brings back painful memories to Gaza

Early yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of war. I was half asleep. Trying to understand what was happening, I rubbed my eyes and washed my face. My parents and my siblings were sitting in silence in front of the TV on Al Jazeera live. They were all unblinkingly staring at the current […]

Memories of Asia Minor Catastrophe Digitized by University of Florida

Great Fire of Smyrna as seen from an Italian ship. Credit: Wikipedia/Public domain. The 100 year anniversary of the Asia Minor catastrophe will be marked in a digital series prepared at the University of Florida’s Samuel Proctor Oral History Program. The series titled “Remembering 1922”, includes twelve memories of migration from the late Ottoman Empire […]

Prince Andrew: ‘Child Rape Victim Had False Memories Implanted in Her Brain’

Prince Andrew has warned that “false memories were created” in the brain of one of his child rape victims and has urged the court to dismiss the case on that basis. Yes, really. According to the Duke of York, Virginia Roberts Giuffre was 17 – the age of consent in New York – at the time […]

Preserving Memories Through Time: The History of Post Mortem Portraits

People and cultures around the world have always understood death – the unavoidable part of everyone’s existence – in a multitude of ways. Some saw it as a gateway to a new life, while others viewed it as enigmatic and unexplainable. But more than anything, the living sought ways to preserve the memory of the […]

A Palestinian kitchen full of memories

We all have that one thing that brings us back to our origins. For some it is a certain song that reminds us of our roots; no matter how far away from our homeland, the lyrics make us feel we are back home. For others, it is a tangible item like an olive branch, an […]

My Memories of the 9/11 Boat Evacuation

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, my husband and I were awakened by a huge explosion that shook our building. We ran to the terrace on the 24th floor of our apartment building just six blocks from the World Trade Center to see thick black smoke coming from the North Tower. Then a second […]

Old Ryazan Treasure Hoard: Memories Of Mongol Sackings in Russia

Russian archaeologists have found yet another silver treasure hoard buried on the banks of a river in a remote forest near Old Ryazan. The so-called “Isad treasure” hoard was recently discovered in the forests near Old Ryazan (Staraya Ryazan) about 31 miles (50 km) from the modern city of Ryazan, Russia. Archaeologists from the Russian […]

The obliteration of memories

In the middle of the night, exactly one month ago, I had an altercation with my husband: I wanted to leave our house, but he was determined to stay. The consequences of this debate couldn’t be larger. It was the third night of the airstrikes in the 11-day escalation between Gaza and Israel in May. […]

Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans Keeps Memories of the City Alive

Credit: Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans The Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans is keeping the culture and traditions of the Greeks from the city of Constantinople alive in Washington DC. Greeks of the diaspora around the world are known for their strong families and the ability to maintain unbroken connections with their homeland. This is perhaps even […]

Thanks for the Memories and Melodies, Jay

When Steven Spielberg recited the blessings over the Torah at his son Theo’s bar mitzvah, there was no need for the movie producer to audition a Baal Koreh (Torah reader) to perform the task flawlessly. Next to him stood Jay Braun, perhaps the most accomplished and talented Torah reader in the country and beyond. This […]

Renewed Violence In Northern Ireland Stirs Memories Of ‘The Troubles’

LONDON (AP) — Young people have hurled bricks, fireworks and gasoline bombs at police and set hijacked cars and a bus on fire during a week of violence on the streets of Northern Ireland. Police responded with rubber bullets and water cannons. The streets were calmer Friday night, as community leaders appealed for calm after […]

Popular Polish Folk Candles Cause Jews To Have Meltdown Over Memories Of Being ‘Burned’ in Holocaust™

Even among Jews in Poland, few are shocked at this point by the popular figurines of haredi Orthodox Jews counting money that are sold there as good luck charms: Yet even locals are pausing to take stock of the latest development on that controversial theme: scented candles that one retailer advertised as “giving a pleasant […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Foggy Memories

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Distant Memories: The Sublime Art of James Sant

James Sant by Lock & Whitfield (c.1877) There is not much to say about 19th Century British painter James Sant other than his artworks, as for pictorial quality is concerned, speak quite clearly for themselves. As for subjects he mostly focused his attention on women, but most particularly children, so much so that at some […]

My Two Memories of Sheldon Adelson

Like many people involved in Jewish causes, I had many occasions over the years to meet Sheldon Adelson, who passed away today at the age of 87. Our conversations were pretty short. I admired all of his accomplishments, but I can’t say I knew him well. But two memories in particular stood out. One occurred […]

Israeli settlement hits Palestinian dreams and memories of Jerusalem airport

Construction near Palestinian village of Qalandiya has residents reminiscing about when they could still access Jerusalem International Airport Raafat Awadallah, the head of the Qalandiya village council, points to lands that have been confiscated by Israel due to settlement construction and the separation wall (MEE/Shatha Hammad) By Shatha Hammad in Qalandiya, occupied Jerusalem Published date: 19 December 2020 10:24 […]

On the fond memories of Tarun Gogoi

                        I have never tried to write something solely based on my own feelings till now. Neither did I ever felt like writing one; nor am I a public figure with huge number of followers. But, last evening when I heard of the demise […]

Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died

Counter Information Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died Updated on November 20, 2020. There is a vast literature on the assassination ofPresident John F. Kennedy, who died on this date,November 22, 1963. I have contributed my small share to such writing in an effort to tell the truth, honor him, and emphasize its profound […]

These “SCREEN MEMORIES” May Have Been Created………

to cover experiment terminations with many subjects. C.B. Scott Jones, a former ONI officer, is considered something of the Cardinal Richelieu of all these mind programs. He seems everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He is known to research the UFO phenomenon. Martin Cannon thinks that some subjects have been programmed to associate what […]

Recalling Memories From a Third-person Perspective Changes How Our Brain Processes Them

Adopting a third-person, observer point of view when recalling your past activates different parts of your brain than recalling a memory seen through your own eyes, according to a new paper. “Our perspective when we remember changes which brain regions support memory and how these brain regions interact together,” explained Peggy St Jacques, assistant professor […]

The Creator Of ‘The Sims’ Hopes To Put Your Own Memories Into His Next Game

Next Story Depending on your age and affinity for computer games, you may be familiar with The Sims and other games that stemmed from that. These games allow you to create your own house, decorate it, choose your family, your spouse, amusement park and essentially play God. Playing this game as a kid was always […]

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