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Ethnic Cleanser – A Biography of David Ben Gurion

A biography of the first Prime Minister of Israel  “For Ben-Gurion, the ‘Arabs’ were no more than one-dimensional objects on the landscape that had to be removed. They had no right to be in Palestine let alone the right to stay there. Had he seen them as equal human beings he could not have been […]

Matthew Teller on his new biography of Jerusalem

Phil Weiss speaks to Matthew Teller about his new book, Nine Quarters of Jerusalem: A New Biography of the Old City. Source

Two Years since the Assassination of Commander Soleimani: Biography and Goals

December 30 2021 By Ali Abadi Why was the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and his companion Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis an exceptional event? What are the motives behind the assassination? And how did the regional reality change two years after the assassination? The fact that the United States of America committed this crime against […]

New Biography Reveals Rothschilds Suffer From ‘Enormous Amount’ Of Mental Illness Caused By Incestuous Marriages

(The Jewish Chronicle). The Women of Rothschild by Natalie Livingston — a new biography published with the full cooperation with the Rothschild family — has revealed that the family’s maniacal desire to preserve the family fortune and power through unnaturally close marriages has resulted in an “enormous amount” of mental illness among its elite members: […]

Putin is a Jew

Putin’s alleged nationality card shows that his mother is Jewish. It is highlighted with a red box. It reads “/Евр./” at the end of her name, which is an abbreviation for the Russian word for Jew: Еврей. By Vasya Belozerova August 13, 2019 Anno Domini Translated from the Russian Russian President Vladimir Putin – half-Jewish […]

Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976). John Toland

“My book has no thesis, and any conclusions to be found in it were reached only during the writing, perhaps the most meaningful being that Hitler was far more complex and contradictory than I had imagined. ‘The greatest saints,’ observes one of Graham Greene’s characters, ‘Have been men with a more than normal capacity for […]

Fred and Julia: A family friend becomes the subject of a Holocaust art biography

When Julie Mayer was growing up in downtown Brooklyn, artist and Holocaust survivor Fred Terna was her parents’ friend, “the old man with the funny accent” often seated at their Passover Seder table with his family. “He was the old person who was in my sphere,” said Mayer, 31, who would see him most weeks […]

An Israeli search for a South African icon: A son’s biography of his father

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Bobby Fischer’s Biography By Frank Brady, The Holocaust & Convenient Disappearance of Fischer’s Notes On Soviet Chess Cheating

By John Wear Fischer’s tapes containing his thoughts on the Soviet chess cheating were stolen from the Bekins facility. Fischer also said at his March 2005 Icelandic press conference that many boxes of his books concerning the Soviet chess cheating were stolen from the Bekins facility…Kasparov’s designation as history’s greatest chess player could help Kasparov’s […]

Joe Biden – Biography of a Big Government Creep

Pedro Aquila, Staff WriterWaking Times Joe Biden has been a power player for almost half a century. From his election to the Delaware Senate in 1972, to his 8 year position as Vice President of the US from 2009-2017, he is a model example of how a politician operates. He gained from his voting […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

Younous Chekkouri: Held in Guantanamo for 13 Years without Trial: Senator Feinstein Defends the Empire Against “Freeing the Innocent”

US goes on punishing Younous Chekkouri for, well, nothing really…. What do you say about the blameless man who was held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for 13 years, without trial, without charges against him, without credible evidence that he had done anything remotely deserving of 13 years of torture and isolation, with no hope […]

The Nemesis of Hubris: Slaying the Serpent

The immutable laws of nature The immutable laws of nature, governing the very workings of the universe itself on every level, remain invisible and hidden to the naked eye, yet are infinitely more powerful than what the level of comprehension and understanding of most can grasp, often being overlooked and abused. These laws are […]

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