New Biography Reveals Rothschilds Suffer From ‘Enormous Amount’ Of Mental Illness Caused By Incestuous Marriages

(The Jewish Chronicle). The Women of Rothschild by Natalie Livingston — a new biography published with the full cooperation with the Rothschild family — has revealed that the family’s maniacal desire to preserve the family fortune and power through unnaturally close marriages has resulted in an “enormous amount” of mental illness among its elite members:

…The book focuses on the stories of 15 Rothschild women, beginning in the 1800s in the Frankfurt ghetto with Gutle, the founding matriarch of the dynasty and ends in the early 21st century. It follows the line of women in the English branch of the family, including Henriette, Gutle’s youngest daughter who moved from Germany to London. “Most people who are familiar with the Rothschilds know that Gutle and Mayer Amschel had five sons. Fewer people are aware that they had five daughters as well.”

The Rothschild men have dominated the history books but Livingstone discovered the immense contribution and influence of Rothschild women in British society and the Jewish community: in politics, philanthropy, art, literature, science and music. Their significance cannot be overstated, says Livingstone, nor can their surname. Would they have achieved what they did without it? “I think what’s admirable about these particular women is that they manage to create a platform for their privilege and manage to use their name in really creative and resourceful ways.”

Yet, why is it that many of them are not more widely known? Livingstone believes this is something endemic in the family, which stems from the death of the bank’s founder, Mayer Amschel Rothschild Mayer in 1812, whose will prohibited any women in the family — daughters or wives of any male descendants — to have any share in the bank’s wealth or any involvement in the decision making of the business. “I think that that set the tone for generations to come.”

….What quickly becomes apparent is how the practice of familial intermarriage was deemed acceptable until the late 19th century. “It’s really shocking when you look at it from a modern perspective,” agrees Livingstone.

“It goes back to that will. In it, Mayer Amschel Rothschild said that nothing was more important than the family, and that meant at any cost. It was about preserving the unity of the bank and the integrity of the name. There’s no question endogamy can’t have been great, for example, there’s an enormous amount of mental health issues that ran in the family. I can’t believe there’s not a correlation between the endogamous matches and the issues of mental health.” But marrying out of the family had consequences too.

The first woman to do so was Hannah Mayer, the daughter of Hannah Barent Cohen and Nathan Rothschild [Mayer Amschel and Gutle’s son] in the early 19th century. “You couldn’t overstate the significance of it. In one generation, the Rothschilds had established themselves as Jewish aristocracy and were committed to their community and their identity.” Hannah had to renounce her Judaism, convert to Christianity and was isolated from her family. She suffered the premature deaths of both her husband and son. “The other women felt she was cursed…”

The Rothschilds, for all intents and purposes, long ago replaced the British royal family as the de facto rulers of England — and most other European nations for that matter.

But the Rothschilds and the British royal families do have this one trait in common — incest and its resultant nefarious consequences — especially when it is carried out not just a few times, but rather with each new generation.

Although, since there has always been a far larger “gentile” aristocracy from which to find appropriate marriage partners, European royals would be far less inbred than the Jewish Rothschilds, whose marriage options were comparatively minuscule.

Not that it matters at this point, considering that most British aristocratic bloodlines have been tainted with Jewish blood for many generations at this point — selling their sons and daughters off to Jewish merchants and bankers — exchanging much needed cash infusions to support their degenerate lifestyles for titles.

But this problem with mental illness is not confined just to the Rothschilds — Jews, in general, by their own admission, have much higher levels of mental illness and genetic diseases caused by breeding in small gene pools.

The incestuous Rothschild dynasty is well represented by the occult symbol of the snake consuming its own tail — also the symbol of the Rothschild-sponsored Illuminati, their freemasonic recruiting organization.

And there’s no better way to produce much needed psychopaths to carry out their anti-Christ nation-wrecking agenda and world domination than through incest, pedophilia, and “sex majick“.

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