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‘Who is Bobby Kennedy?’

The Kennedy campaign reports that the 30-minute film produced by the Campaign has been censored by Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram. AV24 launched the film on May 3, using YouTube as its host, on the website, But as Facebook users tried to share the film link, many discovered they couldn’t. In addition, Internet […]

Bobby Kennedy’s page turner makes it harder to bury your head in the sand

The Wuhan Cover-Up: Review of Bobby Kennedy’s Crucial Book It goes back in time to the several decade-long lead-up to COVID, then continues into the future where the Real Anthony Fauci left off. MERYL NASS JAN 1 READ IN APP By Meryl Nass   January 1, 2024   History, Society, Vaccines   5 minute read When Bobby Kennedy […]

The Wuhan Cover-Up: Review of Bobby Kennedy’s Crucial Book

When Bobby Kennedy talked about writing this book a couple of years ago, I asked him, why? Mindful of how the truth about everything Covid (and much else) was being memory-holed, he said he wanted to create an accurate historical record of what happened, for the future.  I thought that was a good answer. We […]

Bobby Kennedy – Defund the WHO

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more RFK Jr. interview with Leah Wilson of Stand for Health Freedom is explicit about his views on WHO. And DTP increases deaths in African babies. Since a commenter has made specious claims about what RFK is saying about the WHO, I give you a 3 minute clip you can listen […]

Bull Moose Bobby: The Patrician Populist!

Taylorsville, Utah September 24, 2023 by Rich Scheck The prospects for a third party run by RFK, Jr. appear to be increasing by the day. With the DNC conspiring to prevent him from winning the Democratic Party nomination in order to rig it in favor of incumbent Joe Biden, the need for him to remain […]

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Wakes Up to Democrat F#ckery

View in browser Bobby Finally Wakes Up to Democrat F#ckery? #Duh CINDY SHEEHAN SEP 8 READ IN APP   Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. Upgrade to paid “The DNC doesn’t want a primary. Essentially they’re fixing the […]

Hard-Throwing Bobby Miller Solid in MLB Debut, Leads Dodgers Past Strider, Braves 8–1

ATLANTA—Bobby Miller took a while to get spiffed up after his big league debut. His Los Angeles Dodgers teammates celebrated Miller’s winning performance with an impromptu beer shower that expanded to include some other clubhouse condiments. “Ketchup, mustard, relish, beer—there was pretty nasty stuff poured on me,” Miller said, beaming at his locker after a […]

Jews are Anti-Human and Anti-Nature – Bobby Fischer

In his later years Bobby become an extremely outspoken critic of jewish power and supremacy. Due to his refusing to not back down and recant his statements, he faced immense legal persecution in the 1990s and 2000s before he was given asylum in Iceland. Source

Bulgarian game show host quotes Bobby Fischer in antisemitic rant

The host of a popular game show on Bulgarian public TV quoted on air the antisemitic rantings of the late chess master Bobby Fischer, then apologized the following day, a day after the broadcasting company’s top official. On Tuesday, Orlin Goranov of Bulgarian National Television’s “The Last One Wins” posed a question to contestants on […]

Bobby Fischer Against the (((World)))

“Bobby Fischer Against the World” is a decent documentary when it comes to showing Bobby’s rise to becoming the best chess player in the world, but becomes pure propaganda when it comes to Bobby’s hatred of jewish criminality. Everyone in the film takes the position that the genius’s position on the jews was based on […]

Bobby Fischer’s Biography By Frank Brady, The Holocaust & Convenient Disappearance of Fischer’s Notes On Soviet Chess Cheating

By John Wear Fischer’s tapes containing his thoughts on the Soviet chess cheating were stolen from the Bekins facility. Fischer also said at his March 2005 Icelandic press conference that many boxes of his books concerning the Soviet chess cheating were stolen from the Bekins facility…Kasparov’s designation as history’s greatest chess player could help Kasparov’s […]

Chess Genius Bobby Fischer Was No Match For The Spiteful Self-Serving Fake News Media

By John Wear 1956, New Jersey: Fischer takes on 21 opponents -20 of them adults – in the lobby of the Jersey City YMCA. He won 19 of the games, lost one and drew one Bobby Fischer’s 2005 Reykjavik Interview Bobby Fischer arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland after spending almost nine months in a Japanese prison. Fischer […]

Bobby Fischer’s “Notes on the Jew”

Bobby Fischer is seen by many as the greatest chess player of all time. Whether that is true or not, is impossible to know. But that he is the most famous, important and influential player of all time is not even up for dispute. He captivated the world with his prodigious talent and genius, and […]

Bobby Fischer’s 2005 Press Conference in Iceland

This is Bobby Fischer’s press conference held in Reykjavik, March 25, 2005. It includes confrontation with jewish ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap, Bobby’s views on today’s chess games, and jewish criminality. Source Article from

Bobby Rush opposes Israel Anti-Boycott Act

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 1 September 2017 Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush (Christopher Dilts) Despite his name being on the list of cosponsors, Representative Bobby Rush is not supporting the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, his office has confirmed. The bill, backed by the powerful Israel lobby group AIPAC, has been condemned by the American Civil […]

Invoking Bobby Sands and Mandela, 95 Israelis endorse Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike

Berlin, 19 April 2017 Dear Comrades, friends, and partners in the struggle, We, a group of conscientious Israeli-Jews, would like to express our deep respect and solidarity with you – the 1,500 or more Palestinians who embarked on a collective open ended hunger strike to demand your basic rights. Given the brutal measures inflicted on […]

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