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Water Protectors Shut Down Major US-Canadian Tar Sands Terminal

Clearbrook, MN – This morning, Water Protectors erected multiple blockades at a major U.S.-Canadian tar sands terminal in Clearbrook, Minnesota in direct opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3. From grandmothers to young people, Water Protectors of all walks of life continue to stand up for the sacred. On one end of the mile-long blockade, grandmothers led […]

‘Stand with us’: Indigenous Line 3 opponents seek allies to fight tar sands pipeline

Opponents of Canadian company Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline march to the White House in Washington, D.C. on April 1, 2021 to call on President Joe Biden to cancel the toxic project’s permit. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images) As state and local law enforcement in Minnesota intensify their violent repression of water […]

Miners Seek Gold Under the Desert Sands After Egypt Changes Rules

An old abandoned mine is pictured in the eastern desert near the southern province of Luxor, Egypt May 20, 2016. Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh Mining companies awarded blocks in Egypt’s Eastern Desert are set to start exploring for gold under a legislative overhaul that seeks eventually to unlock vast untapped mineral resources. Despite plentiful reserves […]

Trump approved shipping tar sands by rail to Alaska. The project’s owners are banking on a melting Arctic

On September 28, President Donald Trump signed a presidential permit to ship Alberta’s tar sands oil via a proposed 1,600-mile private rail line across the U.S.-Canada border into Alaska. The permit, given to the company Alaska-Alberta Railway Development Corporation, is the same type of border-crossing permit that Trump approved in 2017 for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Both projects aim […]

Syria’s Shifting Sands: Peter Lavelle Interviews Alastair Crooke

What is Trump’s foreign policy for the Middle East? Is the Pentagon looking for a conflict with Russia in Syria? And what are the possible outcomes of this war? Host of RT’s CrossTalk Peter Lavelle talks with British writer and global affairs analyst Alastair Crooke to discuss ‘Syria’s shifting sands’. Watch: . READ MORE SYRIA […]

Sands of time: Storm Emma uncovers 2000yo Roman ruins on Spanish beach

In the six days of of storm Emma, yachts were overturned, houses destroyed, cars were washed away and roads and restaurants were flooded. On the bright side, a Roman aqueduct and road was uncovered at Cortadura beach after the winds caused the sand to part and unveil the ancient ruins. The first century find includes […]

Keystone Pipeline Spills Over 200,000 Gallons Of Tar Sands

Above photo: It is very difficult to find photos of the leak. Here is one from the TransCanada Twitter page. Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. The leak comes just four days before TransCanada faces an […]

Wells Fargo Blockaded, Demanding Divestment From Tar Sands

Photo from Earth Defense Coalition Facebook page. On November 14, 2017, five water protectors took action in solidarity with front line Indigenous resistance efforts at Camp Makwa to stop the construction of the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline in Minnesota. The activists locked down to each other and used their bodies to disrupt business […]

New Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Isn’t Worth The Risks, Minnesota Officials Say

Above Photo: Construction started this summer in Canada on Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, meant to carry tar sands crude from Alberta through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin. Minnesota officials are challenging the project. Credit: Marc Chalifoux/Epic Photography for the Government of Alberta States are pushing back on fossil fuel pipelines as they pick up responsibilities for clean […]

Keystone XL: Low Oil Prices, Tar Sands Pullout Could Kill Pipeline Plan

Above Photo: Nebraska landowners have been pushing back against TransCanada’s construction plan and any use of eminent domain to secure land for the route. Credit: Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images Nebraska regulators also have yet to approve the pipeline. Opponents plan to testify at a hearing Aug. 7, but they won’t be allowed to discuss safety concerns. This […]

Goldman Sachs-backed Firm Invests Big in Shipping Tar Sands by Train Along Keystone XL Route


How To Contact 17 Banks Funding Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion (Including Keystone XL)

Abvoe Photo: Individual divestment has moved more than $80 million from banks financing DAPL, and organizers would like to see similar effort directed at the tar sands financiers. Photo by Lori Panico. We hunted down the names of CEOs and their contact information for you. Here’s what to say. Of the more than 60 banks helping to finance the […]

Invoking Bobby Sands and Mandela, 95 Israelis endorse Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike

Berlin, 19 April 2017 Dear Comrades, friends, and partners in the struggle, We, a group of conscientious Israeli-Jews, would like to express our deep respect and solidarity with you – the 1,500 or more Palestinians who embarked on a collective open ended hunger strike to demand your basic rights. Given the brutal measures inflicted on […]

US deploys over 200 soldiers in S Yemen, stations assault ship

The United States military has deployed more than 200 US Marines in the port city of Mukalla in the central province of Hadramout, Yemeni media say. The forces were deployed in the important seaport and oil terminal on Saturday, Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah news website reported. The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer with more than 1,200 sailors and […]

Breaking News: Monsanto Dark Act Defeated In Senate

Print Friendly Note: This is an amazing people powered victory over one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Monsanto wanted this badly to stop the labeling movement at the state level, but the people defeated them. KZ Congress Keeps Anti-GMO Labeling Rider Out of Spending Bill Center for Food Safety today praised Congress for not including a […]

6,000 Prisoners Make Their Way Home

Over the next three days, 6,000 will be released from federal prisons. The decision to release the prisoners came last April from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, a judicial agency which voted to reduce sentences for drug-related crimes. For many, it’s been years since they’ve freely walked outside prison gates—the average inmate in this release will have served […]

Call Flood Request for Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner in Noblesville, IN

Background/Call Flood Request As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner were arrested Monday in Noblesville, Indiana on outstanding warrants that had been issued as a result of a chalk protest they conducted there last month. Prior to that they had been taking part in the Mobile Accountability for Cops Tour in […]

People Fill The Void Stop The Growth In Tar Sands

Print Friendly Above Photo: AFP Photo/Sajjad Hussain. Just a few days ago, Hurricane Patricia became the strongest hurricane ever measured as it made landfall on the western coast of Mexico. It hit as we approach the end of another year that is expected to break last year’s record as the hottest year of recorded temperatures. Climate change is here and […]

Save Oak Flat! Protest Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick Speech On Oct. 30th

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Partisan Democracy For America Blocks Article On the Poisoning of our Apache Brothers and Sisters Land Udate video: Update since this last article was written … Very sad indeed … that the pre-Berlin Wall D.I.N.O. Dinosaurs won’t address the inhumanity in their own state  This is what Ann Kirkpatrick […]

Riddle in the sands: Thousands of strange ‘Nazca Lines’ discovered in the Middle East

TED THORNHILLUK Daily Mail Sept 16, 2011 Peru’s Nazca Lines, the mysterious geoglyphs etched into the desert centuries ago by indigenous groups, are world famous – and now thousands of similar patterns have been found in the Middle East. Satellite and aerial photography has revealed mysterious stone ‘wheels’ that are more numerous and older than […]

Russians Rethinking Shifting Sands in the Mid East

Russians Recalculate MidEast Moves   by   Jim W. Dean,  VT  Editor   Staying up to date on interntational events these days is a superhuman task. And a good understanding of the behind the scenes struggles and machinations remains almost a dream because it requires so much more background geopolitical depth than most have time to invest. Veterans Today has focused on bridging […]

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