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Egypt frees 46 pretrial detainees, including activist Haitham Mohamadin

Egyptian authorities yesterday ordered the release of 46 pretrial detainees, including lawyer and leftist political activist Haitham Mohamadin. Member of the Presidential Pardon Committee, Tariq Al-Awadi, announced the release on Twitter, noting that the 45 detainees have been held in pretrial detention over cases dating back to 2020 and 2021. Al-Awadi went on to thank […]

Six migrants, including three children, die from ‘thirst, hunger and burns’ trying to reach Europe

Six Syrian migrants, including three children, died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said 26 rescued migrants who arrived in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo said the bodies of six people had been left at sea.  A merchant ship had rescued the migrants, mainly Syrians and Afghans, from […]

E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Wendy’s Restaurants Spreads to More States, Including New York: CDC

The multi-state E. coli outbreak that has been linked to people having consumed romaine lettuce at Wendy’s restaurants has spread to more states—New York and Kentucky—according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cases of people sick with E. coli have increased from 84 to 97 since its update last week on Aug. 25. […]

Tunisia: Pro-Saied party calls for including military in gov’t

The July 25 Movement, also known as the National Youth Movement of Tunisia, on Wednesday called for the formation of a “national salvation government” that encompasses “military figures” in order to avoid a “social explosion” as a result of the current economic situation. In a press conference held by the party, which supports President Kais […]

German protesters demand “right” to have sex with animals, including dogs, horses, boars and anything else they can catch

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A new movement in Germany aims to decriminalize the act of a human having sex with an animal, also known as zoophilia.The goal is to turn LGBTQ into LGBTQZ, apparently, as marchers showed up with pets in tow to demand that Germany alter its animal protection law to allow the abominable act.Right […]

Estonia bans all Russian from entering their country, including Tourists

According to Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Russian tourists traveling to the EU present a security concern given the situation in Ukraine. Early this month, Estonia barred Russian visitors from entering the country. Since then, Estonia has pushed for restrictions on Russian tourists to be imposed across the whole EU as part of sanctions against […]

The decline and fall of everything (including me)

What goes up must… Well, you know… Source

FBI rescues more than 200 trafficking victims, including 84 children, in “Operation Cross Country”

Law enforcement across the country rescued more than 200 sex trafficking victims, including 84 children, in a nationwide sweep dubbed “Operation Cross Country,” the FBI announced Monday. The youngest victim was 11 years old Source

Pennsylvania blaze kills US firefighter’s 10 relatives including three children

Volunteer firefighter Harold Baker said the 10 victims included his son, daughter, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, three grandchildren and two other relatives. Source

Ukrainian Cities Shelled, Including One Near Nuclear Plant

Nikopol, a city close to the country’s biggest nuclear power plant, sustained a barrage of shelling amid Russian attacks in several regions. Source

Sudanese Terrorist goes into Stabbing Spree in France, Leaving 3 Dead including a Child

Three young men, including a minor, were stabbed to death in the center of the western French city of Angers on Saturday night. Three others are slightly injured. A suspected Sudanese refugee was arrested by the police. This is reported by the French media. The attack took place around three in the morning on the […]

Iran calls for regional dialogue including Saudi Arabia and Turkiye

The head of the Strategic Council for Foreign Policies in Iran, Kamal Kharazi, called yesterday for regional dialogue with Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, Egypt and Qatar to resolve political and security differences in the region, Anadolu has reported. Kharazi is a senior adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He told Al Jazeera that Qatar […]

Two migrants including a child found dead off the coast of Spain’s Canary Islands

Spanish authorities say the bodies were found on board an inflatable boat near Lanzarote. Source

Millions Of Barrels From US Emergency Oil Reserve Sent Abroad, Including To China

With a growing number of people realizing that the Biden administration has drained more oil from the US strategic petroleum reserve, which is meant to be used during real emergencies not fake, made up ones such as Democrats facing a catastrophic failure at the midterm elections… Source

CIA WILL DO ANYTHING TO COVER UP MKUltra Including Murder It’s Own Scientist Frank Olson For Wanting to Be a Whistleblower on MKUltra

Comment: at Two Hours Eight Minutes Fifty Two Seconds to Two Hours Nine Minutes: How Frank Olson was murdered “by the CIA because he was going to be an MKUltra Whistleblower”. An MKUltra is a SLAVE created to be an Assassin Tortured, Brainwashed, Drugged With Pharmaceuticals, Endocrine Chemicals & Herbs, etc. to be a SLAVE-ASSASSIN […]

US, UK Unveil A Combined $2BN More In Ukraine Security Aid, Including “Offensive” Weapons

During his Thursday news conference at the Madrid NATO summit, President Biden announced yet more Ukraine security aid – this time to the tune of $800 million in the next round of security assistance. But what stood out compared to prior announcements of aid is that this includes some “offensive” weapons, in addition to air defense systems, which […]

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill 5 Palestinians As Tensions Boil — Including A US Citizen

Israeli occupation forces killed five Palestinians, inside the West Bank, in less than two days last week. The killings on Wednesday and Thursday came as tensions continue to boil in the occupied territories. Israel has also imposed restrictions on foreigners seeking to enter the West Bank, in a move that has spurred outrage. Last Wednesday, […]

The EU seems almost ready with the bill that would force all phones to use USB-C (including iPhones)

For years we have heard talks about the European Union enforcing a common charging port for all phones, even tablets and headphones. Reuters now reports that those talks are probably about to become reality, citing unnamed sources. EU to reach deal for a common charging port on June 7 Oh my – we may finally […]

Pandemic Treaty Will Relinquish US Sovereignty to WHO if it Declares Pandemic, Including Vaccine Mandates, Bill Gates is Largest Donor

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations donations to WHO match or exceed that of the US government, the largest donor. Gates is in a position to dictate WHO policy. Source: Off-Guardian By Kit Knightly The first public hearings on the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” are closed, with the next round due to start in mid-June. We’ve […]

Poll: Majority of Americans, Including Hispanics, Want Biden to Keep Title 42 at Southern Border

The majority of American registered voters want President Joe Biden to keep in place a public health authority known as Title 42 that has been used at the United States-Mexico border for over two years to stem illegal immigration, a new poll shows. 

Israel kills four Palestinians, including one teenager, in span of 24 hours

The Israeli military killed four Palestinians in less than 24 hours on Sunday in the occupied West Bank, including one child, and a partially blind widow of six children.  The four Palestinians, who were killed in four separate incidents in areas across the West Bank, were all killed within a few hours of one another.  […]

19 dead, including 9 children, in New York City apartment fire

Some residents “could not escape because of the volume of smoke,” Nigro said. Firefighters “found victims on every floor and were taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest,” he said, calling it “unprecedented.” Stefan Ringel, a senior adviser to Mayor Eric Adams, said the children killed were 16 years old or younger. Many of […]

Majority of Canadians – including the vaccinated – oppose vaccine mandates

Majority of Canadians – including the vaccinated – oppose vaccine mandates Truth Unmuted / Jesse Smith News January 4, 20226 views0 (by Harrison Faulkner | True North News) – A majority of Canadians oppose government efforts to stigmatize and punish individuals who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to in-house government research. As first […]

VARES Vaccine Deaths under reported by a factor of 41 | Including international deaths reported to VAERS would put the death toll at 815,326 from the vaccines

41 Tap News / Tapestry Calculations performed by Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, and his team of statisticians suggest VAERS COVID-related reports are underreported by a factor of 41. This is a conservative estimate, supported by calculations using a variety of sources besides VAERS itself. That means that in the […]

5 Killed and 40 Injured, Including Kids, When SUV Plows Into Wisconsin Christmas Parade

The name of the suspect has not been officially announced by police, but New York Post reporter Karol Markowicz (and others) have identified the suspect as career criminal, Darrell E. Brooks: Darrell E. Brooks, black male, late 30s is the suspect in custody in Waukesha. — Karol Markowicz (@karol) November 22, 2021 Via: New York […]

93%-Vaccinated Ireland Has Gone Back Into ‘Partial Lockdown’, Including Midnight Curfew

By Tyler Durden Amid what’s being called a fourth wave of infections to hit highly vaccinated Ireland, the government on Tuesday unveiled new Covid-related restrictions at a moment many are now worried the country could be headed toward a full nationwide lockdown before Christmas. The new measures take effect Friday, despite government officials confirming that at […]

ICO Probes Companies Including Apple, Google

The UK’s data protection regulator contacted 40 companies in the areas of social media, gaming, video, music streaming, including Apple Inc. and Google, Financial Times reports. The Information Commissioner’s Office aims to investigate their interactions with children, including location tracking, personalizing content or advertising, and serving up behavioral nudges, like automatically playing videos endangering children online and […]

Army to Begin Forcing Out Soldiers Who Refuse COVID Vaccine, Including Guardsmen

Soldiers who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine and have not requested an exemption will no longer be allowed to re-enlist or be promoted, effectively ending their military careers. The new directive applies to active-duty troops as well as reservists and National Guardsmen, including those serving in states whose governors do not require the vaccine.  […]

Uganda police kill 5, including cleric, after bomb blasts

Ugandan authorities have killed at least five people, including a Muslim cleric, accused of having ties to the extremist group responsible for Tuesday’s suicide bombings in the capital, police said Thursday. Four men were killed in a shootout in a frontier town near the western border with Congo as they tried to cross back into […]

DDA betrays 4,000 families including 42 families of  Leprosy community residing at Kathputli Colony

New Delhi, November 18, 2021: A Press Conference was organized by The National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) at Press Club today on the betrayal of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in allotting houses to the families who were residing at Kathputli Colony. Kathputli Colony is majorly a colony of artists of national and international reputation. […]

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