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No escape from the meat grinder: Zelensky signs tyrannical mobilization bill that lets no man escape

(NaturalNews) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has affixed his signature to a tyrannical military mobilization law, which means all Ukrainian men can no… Source

Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent

What’s to stop the U.S. government from throwing the kill switch and shutting down phone and internet communications in a time of so-called crisis? After all, it’s happening all over the world. Source

New Mexico Sheriff Tells Tyrannical Governor He Will Not Comply with Temporary New Mexico Gun Ban

New Mexico Sheriff Tells Tyrannical Governor He Will Not Comply with Temporary New Mexico Gun Ban Source

Liberty Safe, owned by a woke private equity firm, assists feds in tyrannical overreach, and mistakenly exposes an ideological Potemkin village

Liberty Safe markets itself as the trusted brand for liberty-minded Americans, advancing the idea that it’s a company run by rugged, freedom defending individuals who are looking out for the American everyman. Source

Nasty, Tyrannical, Foul-Mouthed Lori Lightfoot Finally Concedes in Mayoral Race After a Third Place Finish in First Round of Voting

Nasty, Tyrannical, Foul-Mouthed Lori Lightfoot Concedes in Mayoral Race After a Third Place Finish in First Round of Voting Source

Understanding The Tyrannical Mind And How It Operates

___ Source

The Increasingly Tyrannical EU Flexes It Totalitarian Muscles Against Hungary

EU Commission sues Hungary over LGBT law READ HERE: Brussels has targeted Budapest for alleged discrimination and freedom of speech violation   Source

Pope Francis, Nancy Pelosi & the Tyrannical Culture of Death (video)


Tyrannical Bills Being Proposed For New York State

On January 5th, New York state is prepared to pass some tyrannical bills that will strip citizens of any semblance of freedom and bodily autonomy. Share now! Source

ACTION ALERT! Take Action Against Tyrannical Federal Legislation

» Four Canadian Doctors Sue Alberta Health Services Over Vaccine MandateToday at 1:10 am by PurpleSkyz » Julian Assange Suffers Stroke In British PrisonToday at 1:08 am by PurpleSkyz » Ritual Humiliation in Germany: Kids are Forced to go to Front of Class and State Their Vaccination Status – the Vaccinated are ApplaudedToday at 12:53 am by PurpleSkyz » 4 States Call […]

UK Supermarkets Rise Up and Reject ‘Tyrannical’ Face Mask Mandates

Supermarket chains across the United Kingdom are finally rising up against the tyrannical government and rejecting mask mandates. New face mask rules were imposed in England on Tuesday, meaning ordinary members of the public who use public transport and enter shops have to wear a compulsory face covering. According to Oxford Professor Jim Naismith, re-imposing […]

Candace Owens calls on US to invade Australia to free people from ‘tyrannical’ Covid lockdown and police state

23rd of october, 2021 Candace Owens calls on US to invade Australia to free people from ‘tyrannical’ Covid lockdown.“When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime? When do we spend trillions of dollars to spread democracy in Australia?” _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, […]

Tyrannical Australian Leader Gladys Berejiklian Was Blackmailed by Big Pharma To Impose Vax Mandate

Disgraced Australian leader Gladys Berejiklian was blackmailed by Big Pharma to force the vaccines on residents, according to reports. Shortly before being forced to resign from her post due to corruption, Berejiklian desperately tried to save herself from threats by Big Pharma executives who threatened to charge her in a corruption probe. Berejiklian told residents […]

Stop Tyrannical UN Gun Control Treaty!

The following video discusses a UN treaty the Biden administration is aiming to enter into. This treaty would require Americans to be placed on an international gun registry that will be public to all nations and to everyone in the world. Sign The Petition Now! Dear Fellow American, The United Nation’s “Small Arms Treaty” has […]

Tyrannical Australia Wants to Force Citizens to Report Their Location ON DEMAND via Government Tracking App

The government of South Australia is running a trial for a system that could eventually force citizens to take a photo of themselves via a government app to report their location on demand within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it, or face a police investigation. Kelly Barnes via Getty Images The revelation was highlighted in […]

FREEDOM! Thousands of Australians Protest Tyrannical Lockdown, Hundreds Arrested

Hundreds were arrested after violent clashes between anti-lockdown protesters and police in Australia’s two largest cities Saturday… by Breitbart London and Jack Montgomery (excerpts) MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 21: Protesters are seen marching holding banners on August 21, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Anti-lockdown protesters gathered despite current COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting outdoor gatherings. Lockdown restrictions are […]

Tyrannical COVID Vaccine Mandates Strongly Opposed in Europe and USA

Since coronavirus pandemic lockdowns were implemented by many governments in 2020, people around the world have held largely peaceful protests against unprecedented social distancing restrictions that are devastating global economies and ruining people’s lives.1 2 3 4 Now, faced with being ordered to obey new laws that require them to be injected with COVID-19 vaccines […]

Australia imposes the most tyrannical Covid measures. Army personal go door to door. Is this the precursor for the world?

Australia is taking lockdown insanity to a new level with members of the Army being employed to enforce stay-at-home orders. 300 unarmed military personnel are stalking the streets of Sydney in order to intimidate the masses and enforce mindless compliance, as the Delta variant of COVID-19 is used as an excuse to continue Draconian lockdown policies. Reuters […]

Op-Ed: You’ll Never Beat A Tyrannical Government With Just Guns

Listen, a lot of people have been suggesting this whole “blood of the patriots” language and suggesting you can just go topple a government using just muskets. It’s absurd on its face. You can’t go up against a nation that has big ships. Lots of ships. The best ships, really — some of the best […]

There are 10 steps that every tyrannical government has followed

“We are now at step 10”. This is chilling really. We are watching it like a slow fall. Those of us awake that is. There are droves of folk however, quietly moving towards the cliff of no return and no amount of persuasion will convince them to turn back. They are the product of years […]

Trump-Appointed Judge Slams CDC’s ‘Tyrannical’ COVID Rules: “the Constitution Still Exists’

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was slapped down by a Trump-appointed judge on Thursday for attempting to ignore the constitution when it comes to imposing COVID rules on Americans. U.S. District Court Judge John Barker ruled on behalf of a group of landlords and property managers who had argued that the CDC was exceeding its authority, […]

Woman Speaks the Truth About Tyrannical Government

I am not sure who this woman is or what her stances are on other subjects, but she is speaking common sense here, which appears to be sorely lacking these days. Bitchute link

Rand Paul: No Scientific Evidence ‘Tyrannical’ Lockdowns Work, by Steve Watson

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC Rand Paul is one of the politicians out there who’s not a complete stranger to common sense. From Steve Watson at “You can take advice and you can give advice. But once you mandate it, it doesn’t become advice. It becomes a form of tyranny.” Senator Rand Paul spoke out Monday […]

Tyrannical Punks Are Feeling Lucky

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Man Thrown Out Of Austin Bar For Refusing Tyrannical Mask Mandate

Prostaguard Limited Advanced Release 29.95 19.95 Powerful Blend of Antioxidants & Plant Based Nutrients. All Hand Selected! Support Your Body Naturally With ProstaGuard* Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine Spray 29.95 14.95 It’s Finally Here: Introducing The First Ever Nascent Iodine Survival Shield X2 Spray. Ultimate Fish Oil 44.95 29.65 […]

Dr. Duke Exposes the Ultra-racist, Hateful, Tyrannical ZioMatrix of Power that Seeks to Destroy Our People!

Download Today Dr. Duke had another great show. Please keep us on the air and on-line. Send your contribution to: P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 Thank you. This is an entertaining and informative show that you will want to spread widely. Click here and look for the show dated 8-29-17. Our show is aired […]

You Are the True Guardians of the Galaxy: A Graduation Message for a Tyrannical Age

John W. Whitehead, GuestWaking Times “When the rivers and air are polluted, when families and nations are at war, when homeless wanderers fill the highways, these are the traditional signs of a dark age.”— Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart Those coming of age today will face some of the greatest obstacles […]

Tyrannical Leftists at UC-Berkeley once again cancel Ann Coulter’s speech – where’s that coward, Gov. Jerry Brown?

(Natural News) For all the Left’s breathless claims that President Donald J. Trump is a tyrant hell-bent on ruling with an iron fist, it is they who continually behave as authoritarians, violently opposing and shutting down any political point of view they don’t agree with. That’s the only way to explain why conservative columnist, author […]

Western officials criticize Damascus in public but secretly deal in private not to upset US – Assad

“They attack us politically and then they send officials to deal with us under the table, especially the security, including your [the Australian] government,” Bashar Assad told SBS News reporter Luke Waters. “They don’t want to upset the United States,” the Syrian leader said. “Actually most of the Western officials only repeat what the United States […]

Palmyra ‘not just an archaeological site but a symbol of Syria’ – UNESCO

“To take away Palmyra from Islamic State…to take it away from their control would certainly be a good thing considering what they have done to the city and to the people,” Giovanni Boccardi, UNESCO Emergency and Response Chief of Unit, told RT. “At the same time, we see that the battle might still be raging…So […]

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