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Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent

What’s to stop the U.S. government from throwing the kill switch and shutting down phone and internet communications in a time of so-called crisis? After all, it’s happening all over the world. Source

Video: Legislator Switches To GOP, Says Democrats “Villainize Anyone Who Has Free Thought”

A North Carolina Democratic legislator handed a decisive victory to the Republican party Wednesday by defecting and ensuring a veto-proof majority. Announcing the switch, Tricia Cotham declared that “The modern-day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me and others across the state,” adding “I will not be controlled by anyone.” “If you don’t do exactly what the Democrats […]

Bob Dole Switches To Democrat Party

RUSSELL, KS—Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has passed away at 98, marking his transition from a lifelong Republican to a reliable Democrat voter. “Bob Dole was an American hero and a patriot,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “We are grateful for his service to the country, and we welcome him to the Democrat Party as […]

Japan Abandons Vax Policy, Switches to Ivermectin, Ends COVID Craziness

Japan Abandons Vax Policy, Switches to Ivermectin, Ends COVID CrazinessPublished on November 17, 2021Written by By far, however, the absolute superstar among foreign nations dealing with COVID is Japan.  Japan has PULLED the vaccines and substituted Ivermectin – and in one month, wiped COVID out in that country! * Safe? Japan pulls Moderna vax, ends […]

U.S. Military Switches To Swords And Bows To Meet Carbon Neutral Goals

U.S. Military Switches To Swords And Bows To Meet Carbon Neutral Goals WASHINGTON, D.C.—The modern military takes on a lot of duties. There’s meeting diversity quotas. There’s Critical Race Theory training. And there’s helping the environment. Also, thrown in there are some requirements to protect the country. Well, the Pentagon has announced a new policy […]

AOC Switches To Republican Party After Jen Psaki Says They’re The Ones Who Want To Defund The Police

AOC Switches To Republican Party After Jen Psaki Says They’re The Ones Who Want To Defund The Police WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party after Jen Psaki said that the GOP was actually the party of “defund the police.” Psaki’s comments have caused millions of progressive Democrats […]

Amid Gasoline Shortage, Antifa Switches To Molotov Mocktails

U.S.—As the gas shortages continue following the Colonial Pipeline hack, Antifa members have been forced to find alternatives to throwing Molotov cocktails. Now the well-known, mostly peaceful freedom fighters have resorted to throwing non-flammable liquids.  “Since gas is so hard to come by, we’ve had to adjust and start throwing Molotov mocktails instead at all […]

Paris switches Christmas lights on amid tight lockdown restrictions

The world’s famous Paris Christmas lights returned to grace the French capital on Sunday evening. Coloured bulbs, luminous arches and sparkling projections decorated the streets of the Ville Lumière along the Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne, Place Vendôme, Montmartre district and Bercy Village. The lights, which were switched on by singer Louane, will stay on until January […]

Iran switches from dollar to euro

Iran’s feud with the US is set to get worse after Tehran announced yesterday that it will start reporting foreign currency amounts in euros rather than US dollars, as part of the country’s effort to reduce its reliance on the American currency due to political tension with Washington. Central bank governor Valiollah […]

The JCPOA and one-year experiences

One year has passed since Iran and the P5+1 group reached an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA); an agreement, which put an end to more than one decade of tension between the two sides over Iran’s nuclear program and turned into an important model for peaceful […]


In September the upper house of the Japanese parliament passed a law allowing the country’s military to use force overseas. The law reinterpreted Article 9 of Japan’s post-World War II pacifist constitution. The article strictly prohibited sending troops abroad. Backed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the move was opposed by more than half of the […]

Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul

  Strategy of completely ignoring Congressman was a miserable failure Steve Watson Aug 17, 2011 The establishment effort to keep Presidential candidate Ron Paul out of the public conscience has failed and desperation tactics have set in. Politico has taken it upon itself to dredge up an old and thoroughly debunked story in an […]

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