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“Welthauptstadt Germania” – Adolf Hitler’s Vision for Renewal of the German Capital Berlin

Aside from the great hall, the most important and psychologically the most interesting of the buildings was to be Hitler’s palace. Source

Why Didn’t Rome Conquer Germania?

Rome was able to dominate most of continental Europe, but Germania proved too difficult to control, and it just was not worth it. Share now! Source

Tacitus’ Germania

Audiobook of the famous work by Roman historian Tacitus, in which he describes the noble “barbarians” who lived to the north of of the empire. link Share now! Source

Welthauptstadt Germania – How Hitler Wanted to Rebuild Berlin

Welthauptstadt Germania was the projected renewal of the German capital Berlin, part of Adolf Hitler’s vision for the future of Germany after World War 2. link Share now! Source

Hellenistic Germania: The Art and Architecture of Leo Von Klenze

Leo Von Klenze (1784-1864) by Franz Hanfstaengl (Album ‘Der Zeitgenossen’, Zeno Fotografie) Leo von Klenze (full name Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze) (ᛉ February 29, 1784 in Buchladen – ᛦ January 26, 1864 in Munich) was a German Neoclassicist architect, painter and writer. Court architect of Bavarian King Ludwig I with whom he had a […]

Germania’s Successful Revolt Against Rome

Arminius – born as the son of a Cheruscan, abducted as a pawn of the Romans, and raised as a soldier, he returns to subdued Germania under Emperor Augustus. He makes himself the leader of the revolt against Rome, resulting in the destruction of the legions of Varus in the year 9 AD in the […]

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