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Israel approves MULTI-DAY CEASEFIRE DEAL: Hundreds of imprisoned Palestinian women and children to be released in exchange for 50 Israeli hostages

Israel approves MULTI-DAY CEASEFIRE DEAL: Hundreds of imprisoned Palestinian women and children to be released in exchange for 50 Israeli hostages The Israeli emergency war cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to a multi-day ceasefire deal with Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, which will see 50 Israeli hostages and hundreds […]

Multi-Billion Dollar “Directed Energy Weapons Market For Military & “Civilian Use”

View in browser Multi-Billion Dollar “Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)” Market, For Military and “Civilian Use” (?). Were DEWs Used in Hawaii? MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY AUG 30 READ IN APP Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) constitute a buoyant $5.3 billion dollar business (2022) which is slated to increase to $12.9 billon dollars by 2027. This profit-driven military-industrial market is dominated by six “defense contractors” including […]

Massive Multi-Storey Structures Found Below Ancient Castle in Turkey

Archaeologists have uncovered vast structures beneath the ancient Zerzevan Castle in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir province Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

New Whistleblower Document Reveals Multi-Agency Criminal Actions By Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac [USA/DC Corporation] To Spy On And Entrap Law Abiding Americans

(Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) — Bombshell new documents have recently come to light revealing how the U.S. Government illegally spied on and entrapped citizens during the 2014 “Bundy Ranch Standoff,” and beyond. The document, which was authored by Larry Wooten, a former Special Agent with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), reveals the terrifying extent to […]

The Best Pocket Knives and Multi-Tools for Everyday Carry Usage

Carrying a pocket knife or a multi-tool can be surprisingly life-upgrading. Whether you’re out and about in town, chilling in nature, or just hanging around the house, having the power to cut, pry, or snip something at a moment’s notice can not only be a game-changer, but a way to keep yourself safe. Historically, having […]

Multi-Instrumental Homeschool Band Goes Viral for Reviving the Classics With Heart-Melting Vocals

A group of young musicians who hail from homeschooling backgrounds have crossed states and blended musical styles to form a unique band with a mission: to keep the classics alive. “I met Joe at a church concert, I met Carver at a homeschool get-together, I met Silas at a similar-type thing, and it’s kind of […]

Israel Threatens A Multi-Front War To Distract From Its Failures

Last Thursday the Israeli military concluded a two-week series of exercises — dubbed “Firm Hand” — which simulated fighting a multi-front war against Lebanese Hezbollah and other regional forces that have threatened to strike Israel over attacks against Holy Sites in the city of Jerusalem. Despite the posturing and threatening language, the readiness of the […]

ADL Ran An ‘Extensive, Multi-Dimensional Counterintelligence Operation’ to Destroy The John Birch Society

The Anti-Defamation League ran an “extensive, multi-dimensional counterintelligence operation” complete with “undercover agents with code names” to destroy the influential anti-communist John Birch Society, internal ADL documents reveal. George Washington University professor Matthew Dallek was given access to “some” of the ADL’s records on the spying operation from their historical archive for his new book, […]

Analysis: Biden’s Migrants to Enjoy Multi-Billion-Dollar Welfare Payday

More than a million migrants, whom President Joe Biden’s administration has released into the United States through a parole pipeline, could enjoy a multi-billion-dollar welfare payday a few years from now, new analysis suggests. Source

Israel Assaults Worshippers In Al-Aqsa Mosque, Threatens Multi-Front War

During the early hours of Wednesday morning, Israeli occupation police forces raided the al-Aqsa Mosque compound and severely beat a number of worshippers at the site. The raid was carried out in order to prevent Palestinian worshippers from remaining inside the Holy Site, at times when extremist Israeli settlers planned to storm the area. The […]

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma eyes exponential growth in multi-million market for autism drugs

(Natural News) The global Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) treatment market is projected to reach $11.42 billion by 2028, growing from $9.01 billion in 2021, according to a market research report by 360 Research Reports and announced in a press release on Monday. (Article by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. republished from It’s the latest in a series of reports published over the last 12 months predicting […]

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs The global Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment market is projected to reach $11.42 billion by 2028, according to a new report by 360 Research Reports. Critics called the report “heartbreaking” and called for more focus on prevention by keeping “toxicants out of kids’ bodies.” By  […]

Patriotic Alternative Is Going to Save Britain with Multi-Racial Christian Nationalism

Listening to non-White guy from Patriotic Alternative talk about how he is against ethnic nationalism is all you need to hear. Source

One Killed, Two Injured in Fiery Multi-Vehicle Freeway Crash in Irvine

One person was killed and two others injured during a multi-vehicle crash on the Santa Ana (5) Freeway that included a well-involved semi-truck fire in Irvine, Calif., on Sept. 24, 2022. (Screenshot via Twitter/OCFireAuthority) IRVINE, Calif.—A man was killed and two others injured Sept. 24 during a multi-vehicle crash on the Santa Ana (5) Freeway […]

USA Pushes Putin Into Multi-City First Strike Nuclear Attack Posture To Destroy America (Video)


Derrick Broze Interview – Ongoing Multi-State Investigation Of ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’ In Utah

Joining me today is Derrick Broze, here to discuss his ongoing investigation into the Utah County Sheriff’s Office allegations of ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’, as well as the history of these types of cases in Utah and the Mormon Church specifically.  ( (   Video Source Links (In Chronological Order): Links Coming Shortly…   Bitcoin […]

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic nation – Not a Budhist Sinhala nation

North and East Tamils traditional & historical homeland In Sri Lanka for the last 72 years, the intent and goal of all Sri Lankan Governments and Buddhist Clergy [without exception] have been to secure the Island as a SINHALA BUDDHIST STATE. The current Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapakshe is latest and very active leader who […]

Artemia: a multi-million dollar source of income in Lake Urmia

Artemia: a multi-million dollar source of income in Lake Urmia – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Artemia of Lake Urmia is of great commercial value and if exported, it will be a multi-million-dollar source of income for the country, Salman Zaker, a member of the Majlis (Iranian parliament) has said. So far, 9 species of Artemia have […]

Multi-billion Rio Tinto mining project sparks protests in Serbia

Hundreds of protestors have demonstrated in Loznica, western Serbia, against a mining project they say threatens the local environment. The multinational corporation Rio Tinto is set to invest billions of euros in the mine, which is a rich potential source of battery-grade lithium carbonate, but some locals and activists say the environmental cost will be […]

Mike Lee: Biden Spending Plan a ‘Multi-Trillion Dollar Inflation Bomb’ — ‘Reverse Robin Hood’

Sunday on New York WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) ripped the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion infrastructure deal. Lee described the “multi-trillion dollar inflation bomb” as “reverse Robin Rood” because it robs the poor to give to the rich. He warned the middle class and below “will be most hurt” by […]

Korybko’s response to Pantucci: Pakistan’s multi-alignment policy is promising

By Andrew Korybko Source According to Raffaello Pantucci, Pakistan is losing its regional security significance as it cannot maintain a balance between the great powers. However, Andrew Korybko negates Mr. Pantucci’s claims and states that Pakistan is actively balancing between China, Russia, and the US and has a strong multi-alignment policy. Raffaello Pantucci, a senior […]

Multi-Dimensional Ancient Boundary Stone Discovered In Rome

A Roman Empire boundary stone has been discovered in Rome, and while thousands of similar stones exist across the empire, this one is being viewed with extra attention. While most Roman boundary stones say, “cross this line and you get chopped,” this one whispers complex stories of a young emperor flexing his power in a […]

Russia, China issued joint declaration for ‘multi-polar world and the formation of a new international order’ in 1997

Boris Yeltsin and Jian Zemin during official trip to China. (Photo by Georges DeKeerle/Sygma via Getty Images) By The Jamestown FoundationApril 24, 1997 Anno Domini A long anticipated “summit” meeting between Russian president Boris Yeltsin and Chinese leader Jiang Zemin concluded yesterday, as expected, with the issuance of a joint declaration on a “multi-polar world […]

India: 17 Children Dead & 2000+ Suffering from Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome Due to COVID Vaccine

Young children are becoming victims of Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS), due to the increase in the number of antibodies being made in the body from the COVID-19 vaccine which is causing damage to the immune system which is attacking other organs. At least 17 children have died in Jaipur and more than 2000 around […]

Activists, Politicians Seek ‘Desegregation’ of California City by Adding Low-Income, Multi-Unit Housing

Piedmont, California, is a small suburb with a population of 10,667 surrounded by the gritty city of Oakland, population 425,097. Piedmont is almost exclusively zoned for single family dwellings and is home to prosperous businesses.  Activists and politicians are trying to end that distinction by forcing Piedmont to build “affordable housing” and increase density by […]

Ohio Gov Launches Multi-Million Dollar Vax Lotto to Coerce Desperate Poor People Into Getting Shots

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) is exploiting poor people’s despair to coerce them into taking Big Pharma’s experimental mRNA therapy “vaccines.” DeWine announced Wednesday that he’s going to raid Ohio’s federal COVID relief funds to carry out a multi-million dollar lotto giveaway for adults who get vaxxed. Whoa: @GovMikeDeWine just announced Ohio is using federal […]

Egypt to buy 30 Rafale fighter jets from France in multi-billion dollar deal

PARIS (AFP) — France has agreed to sell 30 more Rafale fighter jets to Egypt, a source close to the contract said on Monday, confirming an online report of a secret mega-defense deal. Investigative site Disclose, citing confidential documents it had obtained, said the deal had been signed on April 26 at the behest of […]

Egypt says France set to sell them 30 fighter jets in multi-billion deal

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U.S. lawmakers to ‘review’ Biden’s multi-billion weapons sale to UAE

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Actor Zach Avery Arrested Over Alleged Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Actor and Beverlywood resident Zach Avery (Zachary Horowitz) was arrested on April 6 over an alleged Ponzi scheme defrauding investors of at least $227 million in principal. He is accused of raising $690 million, apparently telling investors they could receive up to 40% on returns annually. The Los Angeles Times reported that Avery allegedly took […]

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