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Fuel-Starved Sri Lanka Considers Cheap Russian Oil, More Chinese Loans

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on Saturday that his country might increase its purchases of discounted oil from Russia, and accept more financial assistance from China, as the island nation spirals deeper into an economic crisis.

Election Gambit: Australia, Sri Lanka and Politicising Asylum

When it comes to the tawdry, hideous business of politicising the right to asylum, and the refugees who arise from it, no country does it better than Australia.  A country proud of being a pioneer in women’s rights, the secret ballot, good pay conditions and tatty hardware (the Hills Hoist remains a famous suburban monstrosity) […]

Riots in Sri Lanka Escalate

Not only has the state of the all-round crisis in which Sri Lanka found itself in March not “resolved” but, as recent events in the country show, it has become increasingly acute. Apparently, it is no longer an alarmist exaggeration to define the situation as “total chaos” by which this condition is assessed in China, that […]

The crisis in Sri Lanka: Exploited for regime changes in South Asia?

Sri Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa, center, who resigned on May 9, seen with his younger brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who three days before in a Cabinet meeting, pressed for the resignation, so as to buy an elusive peace. Colombo has been a witness to terrorist bombings and assassinations, but not to the scenes of  mass […]

An ignored genocide of Tamils at Mullivaikkal in Sri Lanka on 18th May 2009

There cannot be any plausible reasons to deny the fact of a genocidal agenda initiated by the Sri Lankan Governments immediately after the independence in 1948 against the Tamils living in the North and East. Sinhala majoritarianism, communalism and later adding Buddhism  provided the keys to open up and launch several discriminatory measures which commenced […]

Sri Lanka’s Leaders Tell Raging, Hungry Citizens Crisis Will Last 2 More Years

Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis will likely endure for at least two more years, the nation’s finance minister, Ali Sabry, told the Sri Lankan parliament on Wednesday, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

China Blames America for Socialist Sri Lanka’s Belt and Road Debt Disaster

China’s state-run propaganda newspaper Global Times on Wednesday blamed American sanctions on Russia due to the war in Ukraine for Sri Lanka’s increasingly dire economic disaster – a disaster greatly exacerbated by the country taking out predatory loans from China.

Protests as Sri Lanka Runs out of Fuel, Food, Medicine

Anti-government protests have been “widespread” across Sri Lanka for the past month due to the island nation’s worsening financial crisis, which has seen Sri Lankans go without sufficient food, fuel, and medicine for weeks, India’s the Week magazine reported this week for its April 3 issue. Source

Sri Lanka Remains a Bone of Contention in the Indian Ocean Region

Located fifty kilometers from Hindustan (i.e. from what is now one of the largest states, the “Republic of India”), the island country of Sri Lanka has never suffered from a lack of attention from the world’s leading players. This is due to the island’s critical strategic position in the Indian Ocean. Such a position always […]

Sri Lanka: Unfulfilled Commitments And Unending Promises

  There is no dearth of promises and undertakings dished out by the successive Sri Lankan Governments and their opportunistic political leaders since 1948 whose sole intention and aim is to capture the political power at any cost to the interests of the nation and its people. Former President J.R. Jayawardene heralded this practice and […]

Spiraling Prices, Shortages, Foreign Exchange Crisis In Sri Lanka: Opposition Leads Thousands To Protest

Tens of thousands of supporters of Sri Lanka’s main opposition party rallied in the capital Colombo to protest the nation’s economic woes. This is the first major campaign against Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government since it swept to power last August. Defying heavy sporadic rains, tightened Covid-19 guidelines and court orders, supporters of the […]

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic nation – Not a Budhist Sinhala nation

North and East Tamils traditional & historical homeland In Sri Lanka for the last 72 years, the intent and goal of all Sri Lankan Governments and Buddhist Clergy [without exception] have been to secure the Island as a SINHALA BUDDHIST STATE. The current Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapakshe is latest and very active leader who […]

Tamils in Sri Lanka demand the restoration of their lost sovereignty

The Sinhala/Tamil relations and the ethnic conflict intensified immediately after the independence of the Island on February 04, 1948. The rise of Tamil nationalism is not entirely a new phenomenon but only resurgence. The institutionalization and entrenched structure  of genocide of Tamils since independence is the main cause of the conflict that caused the deaths […]

US Congress Resolution 413: Option for Sri Lanka to choose either Confrontation or Conciliation

The recently tabled US 413 Resolution in the US Congress led by Ms. Ross breathes fresh air, confidence and hopes for the Tamils, particularly the victimized Tamils whose grievances which commenced in 1948 reached the climax with the genocidal war crimes committed during the war [2006-2009] However, structural genocide has now taken a strong hold […]

Container ship fire produces ecological catastrophe in Sri Lanka

Fire damaged X-Press Pearl just before it sank (Credit: Sri Lankan Air Force) In the second major container ship accident in Sri Lankan waters in the past year, the X-Press Pearl, which was awaiting entry to Colombo port, caught fire on May 20 after a chemical leak. All attempts to douse the fire failed and […]

Sri Lanka facing environmental disaster after ship

The vessel, which burned for 13 days until Tuesday, has already caused the island’s worst maritime environmental disaster, littering beaches with tonnes of tiny plastic pellets. With the stern now on the sea bed and the bow slowly sinking, environmentalists fear an oil leak would cause even greater degradation to marine life. Sri Lanka’s private […]

Fight to douse Sri Lanka ship fire continues

Ships spray water at a container ship off Sri Lanka’s coast as an international firefighting effort to put out a huge blaze carries on. The vessel was carrying nearly 1,500 containers, including 25 tonnes of nitric acid, when a fire broke out more than a week ago as it waited to enter Colombo port Source

Sri Lanka exorcism: Nine-year-old girl beaten to death by people ‘trying to drive away evil spirit’

The mother of a nine-year-old girl and a local exorcist have been arrested in Sri Lanka for caning to death the child in an exorcism ritual they believed would drive away the “evil spirit” possessing her. The incident occurred in the small town of Delgoda, just outside the capital city of Colombo, where the child […]

Sri Lanka rejects plea to stop cremating Muslim Covid-19 victims

The government of Sri Lanka has rejected pleas to stop cremating Muslim Covid-19 victims and follow their faith’s burial traditions, laying them to rest facing Mecca. Burials were banned by Sri Lanka in April after Buddhist monks spread claims that buried bodies can infect groundwater and increase the spread of the virus. The World Health […]

UNHRC 46th Session In February/March 2021 – Judgement day for Sri Lanka and its War Victims

The forthcoming 46th UNHRC Sessions in February/March 2021 holds the key to uphold accountability, justice and human rights in Sri Lanka while halting Sri Lanka’s history of evasions and denials  of its obligations to comply with and implement the recommendations in the 30/1 of 2015 and 40/1 of 2019 Resolutions. It has so far successfully […]

United Nations Failure And Sri Lanka’s Defiance

The fate of the UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 of 2015 and 40/1 of 2019 Sri Lanka’s democracy completely changed and is now ruled by a dictatorial Sinhala Buddhist President elected by the majority Sinhala Buddhist voters. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution has placed him with absolute powers over judiciary, police, election and other independent Commissions […]

Sri Lanka Prison Riot Over COVID-19 Conditions Leaves 8 Dead, Over 50 Wounded

COLOMBO (Reuters) ― At least eight prisoners were killed and more than 50 injured in clashes with guards at a Sri Lankan prison, officials said on Monday, as authorities tried to quell a protest over rising corornavirus infections in the country’s crowded jails. Sri Lanka has witnessed an upsurge in coronavirus cases in the past […]

A Pillar Of Sri Lanka’s Economy, Garment Workers Ostracized After A COVID Outbreak At A Factory

Colombo, SRI LANKA — On October 4 this year, a 39-year-old woman from the Brandix garment factory in Minuwangoda tested positive for COVID-19.  By October 13, Brandix, which makes garments for global brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Marks & Spencer, was at the heart of an expanding cluster of over 1,500 cases.  Garment […]

Buddhist festival held without spectators in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s annual Esala Perahera festival was held in the inland city of Kandy. Every year, dancers, fire twirlers, musicians and elephants adorn glittering costumes as part of the Buddhist celebration. No spectators were allowed this year due to coronavirus restrictions. Also known as the Festival of the Tooth, it is usually celebrated in July […]

Photos: Iran, Sri Lanka sign 5 cooperation agreements

ISNA | Borna Qasemi: Iran and Sri Lanka signed five agreements on mutual cooperation in various areas in a Sunday ceremony in Tehran. The ceremony where the documents were signed was attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his visiting Sri Lankan counterpart Maithripala Sirisena. The agreements include four mutual cooperation deals as well as […]

Iranian govt., parl. back ties expansion with Sri Lanka: Larijani

“The Iranian parliament and government support the expansion of trade and industry ties with Sri Lanka,” said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament on Thursday in Colombo. The Iranian top lawmaker made the remarks while attending the meeting between the members of Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Iranian economic activists in the Sri Lankan […]

Commerce chambers to help Iran-Sri Lanka ties boost: Larijani

 “Considering the lengthy background of trade relations between Iran and Sri Lanka, the chambers of commerce of the two countries can play a bold role with their familiarity with the areas of cooperation,” said Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament on Thursday in Colombo. The Iranian top parliamentarian made the remarks while meeting with […]

How Unarmed Civilians Stopped Violent Sinhala Buddhist Mobs in Sri Lanka

On March 4th, Sinhala Buddhist mobs began sweeping through Sri Lanka’s Kandy district, hurling petrol bombs at Muslim-owned houses, shops and mosques. The attacks came as a shock, as Sri Lanka has not seen violence on this scale in nearly a decade. The government deployed thousands of security forces, armed with automatic weapons, tear gas and […]

Facebook, Whatsapp blocked as Buddhists attack mosques in Sri Lanka

The state of emergency was imposed after Buddhists attacked mosques and Muslim-owned businesses in the central highlands district of Kandy. On Wednesday the government asked internet service providers to shut down access to social media sites following reports of Facebook posts calling for attacks on Muslims. Telecommunications companies have also restricted general internet access in […]

Sri Lanka: The New Constitution – A Neo-colonial Project!

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