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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 139: As Palestinians in north Gaza starve, Israel attacks MSF building in Rafah

The situation in Gaza grows worse by the day as Palestinians are starved and Israeli forces turn hospitals into morgues. In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, tensions rise as Ramadan approaches.  Source

To Starve our Feudal Overlords of Attention

If there is one subliminal message we are sent again and again in the course of our days, it is that almost everything we think or do is measurable, and that by carefully collating all the data relating to these measurements, wise “experts” will give back to us the means to streamline our various life […]

They let humanitarian aid in. Then they bombed it so that Gaza would starve.

One of the bakeries that Israel bombed in Nuseirat refugee camp had just received a shipment of flour from UNRWA meant to cover the food needs of the entire camp. Israel waited to bomb it once all the flour was unloaded. Source

UK Labour says Israel has “right” to starve Gaza children

Originally published by The Electronic Intifada. Labour leader Keir Starmer endorsed Israel’s decision to deprive 2.3 million Palestinian civilians in Gaza of food, water and electricity while bombarding them. (LBC) As Britain this week announced that its military could actively participate in Israel’s genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, the main opposition party also loudly advertised […]

NYC willing to STARVE seniors just to feed ILLEGALS

(NaturalNews) In a bid to address its self-inflicted migrant crisis, New York City (NYC) is willing to starve senior citizens just to feed illegal… Source

WEF Orders Global Water Rationing To Starve BILLIONS Into Submission 

The World Economic Forum and the U.N. have ordered world governments to prepare to ration people’s water supply as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity. According to the globalist elite, water is not […] The post WEF Orders Global Water Rationing To Starve BILLIONS Into Submission  appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

SAVE the planet, STARVE the people: Irish gov’t proposes SLAUGHTERING 200,000 dairy cows to meet climate targets

(Natural News) In order to stop so-called global warming and climate change, the Irish government has proposed culling 200,000 dairy cows to meet the country’s climate targets. The Irish government’s report came from an internal briefing paper from the Department of Agriculture looking for strategies to bridge the emissions gap in the sector. This particular plan […]

World faces Catastrophic Famine that could see Tens of Millions Starve

    Tens of millions of people face the worst famine in centuries unless Vladimir Putin signs a new deal to allow ships carrying grain safe passage to leave Ukraine, a UN official warned last night. World Food Programme director David Beasley issued a dire warning to the Kremlin amid growing fears that Moscow will […]

Sri Lanka is ground zero for the UN’s war on fertilizer – they want to starve the entire planet

(Natural News) The global food crisis that we are watching unfold is no accident. It was planned out many years ago by globalist entities such as the United Nations, which is waging war on the fertilizer inputs needed to grow food. It appears as though Sri Lanka is ground zero for this endeavor as the… […]

Our Insanely Sadistic Leaders Don’t Care If We All Starve to Death And DIE!

JP Morgan Analyst Warns of $380 Oil if Putin Cuts Supplies Source

Noam Chomsky Calls for Holodomor 2.0 to Starve Unvaxxed Into Submission

jewish shill Noam Chomsky was being interviewed on the Primo Radical YouTube show this past weekend when he shared this idea for how to treat the unvaxxed. Such people have to be– they should have the decency to remove themselves from the community, if they refuse to do that, then measures have to be taken […]

Chomsky: Starve The Unvaxxed Into Submission

Leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky in a recent interview endorsed segregating the unvaccinated from society and denying them food in a neo-Bolshevik Holodomor 2.0 strategy to starve them into submission. “Such people have to be– they should have the decency to remove themselves from the community, if they refuse to do that, then measures have to […]

Muslim Relatives Beat, Starve Christians in Eastern Uganda

Relatives were waiting for Mustafa Obbo when he returned home to Tororo, Uganda on Oct. 19, 2021. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A Christian woman and her young son on Monday (Oct. 18) escaped the bedroom where her Muslim husband had starved them for two weeks, a day before another Christian convert […]

The judeo-Allies Starve Germans to Death in 1919

Hidden Historical Fact: The Allied Attempt to Starve Germany in 1919 Article from The Barnes Review, April 1996, pp. 11-14. Even after an armistice ended World War I, the rapacious jewish victors continued a devastating blockade of Germany. If one word could describe Germany during the immediate aftermath of World War I, it would be […]

Humanitarian Bill Gates Project to Block Out Sun So We Starve To Death and Die Axed By Sweden

2 Apr, 2021 01:17 / Updated 12 hours agoGet short URL FILE PHOTO. ©  Reuters / Red Bull Content Pool / Keith Ladzinski Follow RT onSweden’s space agency has called off a geoengineering experiment to determine whether blotting out the sun with aerosols could reverse global warming. Funded by Bill Gates, the project stoked fierce opposition from eco […]

ZIOCRACY Now. Is Amerika Willing to Starve to Death & DIE For This ZIOCRACY? They Demand This With COVID Shutdown.


American Freedom: Take the Vaccine or Starve

Biden’s covid-19 taskforce would withhold food stamps to those who refuse vaccinesWith Joe Biden now thinking he’s won the rigged election, we’re seeing the real plans of the Democrats rolling out. One of those plans is to force Blacks, minorities and low-income people to starve to death or become homeless if they refuse to accept […]

Malnourished Children Starve as Pandemic Worsens Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

By Ben Farmer – The Telegraph Starving children in Yemen are facing their worst levels of malnutrition since the country’s war began, as the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically worsened the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Aid groups say the global spread of the new coronavirus has deepened economic chaos in the country of around 29 million […]

Biden Represents Wall Street Banksters While We Will STARVE!

[embedded content] As Americans vote today, they will be choosing between two vastly different directions for the future. Will the imperial global, neo-liberal War Hawk faction take back the White House, so they can defend their bankrupt system? Or will President Trump be given the opportunity to drain the “Swamp”, so he can end the […]

Gov’ts That Don’t Represent Their People Allow Them To Starve: USSA

By infostormer -October 21, 20200 Was shutting down the economy because of the flu worth it? You tell me when you read this news blurb. FOX 5: The lines are long and the need is enormous. More than 1 million New Yorkers can’t afford food, and standing on long lines at food banks is now too common […]

URGENT: UN Warns 10 Million More Yemenis Expected to Starve to Death by End of Year

A six-year-old boy is held by his mother at a malnutrition intensive care unit at a hospital in Hodaida, Yemen | Reuters SANA’A, YEMEN – During a briefing last Friday, the UN warned that millions more Yemeni civilians are expected to starve to death before year’s end as a result of a blockade […]

US Supports Letting Palestinian Refugees Starve

US Supports Letting Palestinian Refugees Starve Israel imposed a near-starvation diet on two million Gazans – enforced by its illegal blockade, supported and encouraged by Washington and its rogue allies. In December, the Trump administration pledged $45 million in emergency food and other aid for around a million West Bank and Gaza refugees. In January, […]

US Starve 100’s Of Thousands Of Syrian Children To Death

The United States are starving hundreds of thousands of Syrian children to death, following the same strategy that caused 576,00 Iraqi children to die due to UN sanctions imposed the 1990’s. Between 1991 and 1997, half a million Iraqis died of malnutrition due to harsh United Nations Security Council sanctions placed on the country following Iraq’s invasion of […]

Researchers Accidentally Created Batteries That Could Last 400 Times Longer

It’s a common assumption that if an accident happens in the lab, you can expect some hairy outcomes and serious consequences, but a recently unplanned event has resulted in a seemingly positive discovery. by Alexa Erickson Chemists have now come across a system that is capable of making batteries last up to 400 times longer […]

Ali Abunimah and the Zionist Narrative

Ali Abunimah and the Zionist Narrative Ali Abunimah has been speaking to pro-Palestine groups in Australasia and last week was in Wellington, New Zealand, as a guest of the Wellington Palestine Group. Abunimah has a profile as a pro-Palestinian activist and as a founder and editor of the blog Electronic Intifada. He is also known […]

Another victory for BDS, France cancels purchase of israeli drones

France cancels purchase of Israeli drones Israeli occupation tests its drones on Palestinians, BDS says BDS activists in France were happy with this news as France’s decision is apparently a response to their petition, which gathered 8,000 signatures against the deal. Days of Palestine, Paris –Under BDS pressure, French government has decided to cancel a […]

Western chocolate corporations causing new ‘Dust Bowl’ in third-world countries with destructive cacao farming practices

(NaturalNews) The effects of the Western World’s less-than-ideal way of farming, coupled with its need for greed, are being felt in countries across the globe – and that’s definitely not a good thing. In particular, cacao farmers are left scratching their heads, frantically searching for a way to meet a surge in chocolate […]

Time for common sense from the EU, Russia is ‘better partner’ to Europe than the USA

Russia is ‘better partner’ to Europe than the United States The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and EU will bring Europe more problems than benefits, Bulgarian economist Nina Djulgerova told Radio Sputnik. The critics of the TTIP have long instated that US companies will make trade negotiations instrumental in their attempts to […]

An Expert Reveals the Secrets to Surviving a Terrorist Attack- Today 4pm EST on The Common Sense Show

How long before this scene is repeated again and again on American soil? Will you survive? You are shopping in a mall, or attending class, or you are watching your favorite football team and suddenly, all hell breaks loose as you realize you are in the midst of a terrorist […]

Blowing in the wind: how to stop cow burps warming Earth

Ruminant animals emit methane, a gas that is more than 20 times more efficient than carbon dioxide in trapping the sun’s heat At her farm nestled in the green hills of northwestern France, Marie-Francoise Brizard is helping to curb a planet-wide menace: farting and belching cows implicated in global warming. So far this year, Brizard […]

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