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To Starve our Feudal Overlords of Attention

If there is one subliminal message we are sent again and again in the course of our days, it is that almost everything we think or do is measurable, and that by carefully collating all the data relating to these measurements, wise “experts” will give back to us the means to streamline our various life […]

Blood, Swords, and Samurai: Punishment in Feudal Japan (Video)

Medieval Japan may be known for its honor, duty, and bravery, but there was also a darker side to the Samurai clans who ruled the era. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Video History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Bloodthirsty Buddhists: The Sohei Warrior Monks of Feudal Japan

When we think of Buddhism today, we think of pacifism, being at one with the world, love for one’s neighbor and nature, and other aspects of peaceful living. Modern Buddhist monks are devoted to spreading the message of peace and love, but it was not always so. The Sohei monks of medieval Japan were a […]

Macron Tells Plebs to Prepare For a Future As Feudal Serfs

You will own nothing and you will be happy.

No Escape From Our Techno-Feudal World

By Pepe Escobar with permission and first posted at Asia Times The political economy of the Digital Age remains virtually terra incognita. In Techno-Feudalism , published three months ago in France (no English translation yet), Cedric Durand, an economist at the Sorbonne, provides a crucial, global public service as he sifts through the new Matrix that controls all our […]

The Enigmatic Zenigata Sunae – A Majestic Heritage of Feudal Japan

Japan is full of countless intriguing places and monuments from its rich and vibrant past. From centuries of rich, evolving history, to the devastating effects of the Second World War, Japan has certainly remained one of the most enigmatic cultures in the world, and, as such, it always offers new and unique details to be […]

It’s Futile…. We’re Feudal! “The Super Rich Own the Two Party / One Party System”. Social Inequality in America

As of a year ago Wal-Mart’s CEO pay was 1076 times that of their average worker worldwide (2.3 million employees). Those workers average $21,952 a year, with little or NO major benefits… sometimes NONE at all! The Nike CEO received 379 times the pay of his  MEDIAN employees ($ 29,955 a year), not even the […]

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