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I Spent a Weekend Drinking Beer with Belgian Monks

All photos by Arkasha Keysers This article originally appeared on VICE Belgium. Despite my devoutly Catholic grandmother’s warnings that I’d go straight to hell, my parents never had me baptized. It was an unusual decision to make in Belgium in the late 80s, particularly if you grow up in a town known around the world […]

This Mountain Has Been Home to Monks for 12 Centuries (Video)

Nestled on a Greek peninsula stands Mount Athos, a venerable sanctuary for Christian Orthodox adherents.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe Videos History Read Later  Source

Leiston Abbey 13th-Century Pirating Monks Of Rural Suffolk

The original Leiston Abbey was once the home of pirating monks, but today the ruins of the second Leiston Abbey, showcasing some of the finest and most complete monastic remains in the south of England Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Orthodox monks in Ukraine defy order to leave Kyiv monastery over Russia links

Orthodox monks from Kyiv’s 11th-century Pechersk Lavra monastery are fighting eviction by the Ukrainian government because of their church’s links with Russia. The ancient golden-domed religious complex is the country’s most significant Orthodox monastery. The monks in residency were, until recently, under Moscow’s jurisdiction. However, they say they broke with the Russian Orthodox Church after […]

Bloodthirsty Buddhists: The Sohei Warrior Monks of Feudal Japan

When we think of Buddhism today, we think of pacifism, being at one with the world, love for one’s neighbor and nature, and other aspects of peaceful living. Modern Buddhist monks are devoted to spreading the message of peace and love, but it was not always so. The Sohei monks of medieval Japan were a […]

New Study Debunks the “Ruthless Vikings, Helpless Monks” Narrative

Medieval English monasteries didn’t just passively cave in to the long-running Viking attacks on English shores that culminated in the victory of the Anglo-Saxon king Alfred the Great . Lyminge, a monastery in Kent, was in the thick of Viking hostility from the late eighth century, but survived it for almost a century through defensive […]

For 1,000 Years, Monks of Mt Athos Have Banned Women and Female Animals!

Believe it or not, but beside men’s toilets, gentlemen’s clubs and certain temples, there is actually an entire peninsula in northern Greece, now a semiautonomous republic of Eastern Orthodox monks, which for over 1,000 years has banned women from entering its borders. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Justification by clicks: Austrian monks point to the cloud

In the age of Instagram and Tik Tok the Admont Monastery in Styria, in the heart of Austria, has become one of the favourite scenes of influencers from all over the world. Source

Alchemist British Monks: Digging Up The Old Gunpowder Mills

16th-Century monks in Britain had a blast! They were the first to experiment with the recipe of saltpeter, Sulphur and charcoal to produce gunpowder in Britain.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Buddhist Monks Self-Mummified Their Bodies While Still Alive

Over 1,000 years ago, an esoteric sect known as Shingon – which combined elements from Buddhism, Old Shinto, Taoism, and other religions – developed a horrifying practice of self-mummification of the living body.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Solitary confinement? Monks in France charged over 5G mast attack

Two French monks from a fundamentalist Catholic convent have been charged over allegedly attacking 5G phone masts to protest at their deployment, a judicial source confirmed to AFP. The public prosecutor’s office in Villefranche-sur-Saône, in the Rhône region, said the two men, aged 39 and 40, admitted setting fire to phone mast on the night […]

Eduard von Grützner’s Paintings of Fat, Drunk Monks

From ArtNet: Eduard von Grützner (1846 – 1925) was a German painter best known for his genre scenes of the theater and of monks consuming beer in rowdy groups. I don’t like the subject matter, but appreciate the skill and how we can get a picture of these “holy” drunkards. Not all of these images […]

Rhodes Island, Home to Famed Warrior-Monks Who Fought for their Beliefs

The island of Rhodes which now forms part of Greece, has a long and dramatic history dating back 12,000 years to the Neolithic era. In the medieval period it was the headquarters of The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem as they were officially known, or more commonly, The Knights […]

Monks With Powerful Minds Show Harvard Scientists How Real The Mind-Body Connection Is

Next Story This is an article we are re-posting which originated at Collective Evolution  It’s fascinating to consider just how many ancient teachings tell us that humans have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through various techniques. Some of these techniques, known as siddhis in the yoga tradition (from the Sanskrit, meaning “perfection”), include meditation, static dancing, […]

Why Do Tibetan Monks Wash Away The Mandalas They Create?

Imagine making something so time consuming, so intricate, so special that you put all your talent, energy, and attention into it for hours or even days. Now imagine admiring the finished project, only to destroy it moments later. Wouldn’t that feel like a waste of time? An aggressive, distorted attempt to control? According to Tibetan […]

The Shaolin Flying Monks Temple Blasts Monks Into The Sky Above a Mountainside Amphitheater

Perched on the Songshan mountain in rural Henan, China, this new temple designed by Latvian architecture studio Mailītis Architects brings a whole new perspective to the legendary Shaolin monks: specifically an aerial perspective. The recently completed Shaolin Flying Monks Temple contains a one-of-a-kind levitation pavilion that houses a vertical wind tunnel designed in part by Aerodium that blasts participants toward the sky in […]

London: Monkeys Rallying in Support Killing Humans in America

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 10, 2016   Blacks in London are rallying in support of Black-on-White terrorism in America. Because of course. Daily Mail: Black Lives Matter activists forced the closure of Oxford Street as they protested against the killing of African Americans by U.S police. Hundreds of marchers gathered on the busiest shopping street […]

French soldier slashed by man angry over ‘Syria bombings’

The incident happened on Thursday night as the victim was exercising in the town of Saint-Julien-du Puy, in the Tarn area of southern France. The man, who belongs to the 8th parachute regiment based in Castres, was wearing his military attire at the time, L’Express reported. Paris knife attack blamed on ‘serial asylum seeker’ with […]

Elusive “Turtle Island” Rising from the Waters of the Muodaoxi River

Every year around the months of spring, thousands of Chinese tourists flock to the The Gorges Reservoir to see an elusive “turtle island” rising from the waters of the Muodaoxi River. The event, dubbed ‘spring turtle rising’, is an important annual celebration, as local residents believe that turtles signify longevity. Fascinating though the idea of […]

Watch The Most Truthful & Honest 3 Minutes In Television History

I think we can all attest to the immense popularity of television these days. While the average viewer has pulled their attention from live TV over to OnDemand platforms, the love for and obsession over television programming remains strong. I see this as a reflection of the state of not only our world in the West but […]

Don’t Throw Away The Walnut Shells – They Are A Great Medicine For A Number Of Diseases

Barriers of walnut shells have unique properties, a large amount of iodine required for the normal functioning of the human body. Iodine deficiency can lead to the development of many diseases, including thyroid disorder, diseases of the breasts, uterus, prostate adenoma, diabetes. Very often the lack of iodine results in general weakness, trembling hands, sweating, […]

FBI Admits Media Attacks on Police Causing Massive Rise in Black Violence

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 24, 2015 James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, has solved a great mystery. Wow, the FBI finally actually investigated something and came up with an answer that actually makes sense. Kudos. New York Times: The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said on Friday that the additional scrutiny and criticism of police […]

Monks set fire to themselves in Tibetan town

  Tania Branigan Guardian September 27, 2011 Two monks set fire to themselves in a Tibetan town in western China on Monday, months after the brother of one of the men died in a self-immolation, according to the Free Tibet campaign. The campaign group said Lobsang Kalsang and Lobsang Konchok, both aged 18 or 19 and from […]

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