London: Monkeys Rallying in Support Killing Humans in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2016


Blacks in London are rallying in support of Black-on-White terrorism in America.

Because of course.

Daily Mail:

Black Lives Matter activists forced the closure of Oxford Street as they protested against the killing of African Americans by U.S police.

Hundreds of marchers gathered on the busiest shopping street in Britain at 10am this morning in the wake of the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

Both men died when they were shot by police officers despite appearing to pose no threat.


They appeared to the cops to pose a threat.

Maybe it was because they had guns? And because Blacks tend to use guns?

Today’s protest drew hundreds of placard waving campaigners marching to show their solidarity with the dozens of black Americans who have died at the hands of police officers in recent years.

The gathered group chanted ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ and ‘No racist police’ as they moved along Oxford Street to the U.S. Embassy on Grosvenor Square.


I can’t believe they’re still doing “hands up, don’t shoot”!

Michael Brown’s hands weren’t up, you stupid monkeys! They were flying downward at the face of the much smaller White cop!


Reality exists, whether Black choose to believe in it or not!

With signs labelling American officers Nazis and others asking ‘How many more?’, the protestors then headed back to the world famous road before sitting on its tarmac surface.

Those leading the march then climbed on top of a bus stop to lead chants and make impassioned speeches against the killings.

Today’s action followed protests in south London where scenes turned ugly when scuffles broke out among demonstrators.

Brixton was brought to a standstill as crowds packed into Windrush Square.

A fight broke out after campaigners said a bus passenger made a derogatory remark towards them.

He was punched by one protester after being ushered away by six or seven police officers. One officer told the Press Association he believed the driver had been arrested.

Can you imagine if Whites in America had rallied in support of Brexit, saying “we support our British brothers”?

Then started attacking anyone who opposed them?

What this shows is that whatever the filthy Jews claim, no, the social construct of the nation-state does not somehow dissolve the biological construct of race.

At least not for the Blacks it doesn’t.

I am happy to report, however, that judging by the available pictures and video, there are a whole lot fewer Whites than when the British held a solidarity rally during the Ferguson chimpfest.

All I see are a couple of the standard Aryan Princesses (who I’m sure just showed up because they have such big, big hearts and not because they were trying to help out Tyrone with muh dik).

And there aren’t even very many of them.

It seems the tides are turning rapidly now, brothers.

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