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Authoritarians drunk on power: It’s time to recalibrate the government

(NaturalNews) We have arrived at the dystopian future depicted in the 2005 film V for Vendetta, which is no future at all.(Article by John & Nisha… Source

Momofuku’s Noodle Packs Are My Ultimate Drunk (and Sober) Food

Coming home after an all-nighter can be rough. Nausea on the subway, the impulse to buy a shrimp neck pillow at 3 a.m., the spins when trying to fall asleep—a night out can get us into trouble. Our trusty bodega can usually be counted on to satisfy those late-night cravings, even if it’s just to […]

Latvia Is Shipping Cars Seized From Drunk Drivers To Ukraine

Home » Europe, Social » Latvia Is Shipping Cars Seized From Drunk Drivers To Ukraine     The Latvian government last month approved a plan to donate cars seized from drunk drivers to Ukraine, in what it says is a creative scheme (or else we could say publicity-seeking scheme) to help the war effort there. […]

Latvia confiscated hundreds of cars from drunk drivers: The first are now on their way to Ukraine

Latvian authorities have vowed to hand two dozen confiscated vehicles from drunk drivers every week for delivery to Ukraine. Source

VIDEO: Dad Hit by Drunk Driver Refuses to Let Injuries Hold Him Back From Daddy-Daughter Dance

A man paralyzed in 2006 when his car was hit head-on by a drunk driver has refused to miss a moment with his family. He has even learned daddy-daughter dances from his wheelchair to show his youngest daughter, a budding ballerina, that his love knows no limits. Rhode Islander Charles Potter, 36, lives with his fiancée, […]

Police Body Cam Footage Shows Drunk Paul Pelosi in His Underwear Frolicking With Male Escort

Police body cam video of the Paul Pelosi attack released on Friday morning shows that the incident was not an ‘attack’ but a drunken sexual liaison between two men. San Francisco court officials released both […] The post Police Body Cam Footage Shows Drunk Paul Pelosi in His Underwear Frolicking With Male Escort appeared first […]

“Too Drunk To Walk:” Paul Pelosi DUI Video Released

Paul Pelosi gets 5 days in jail, 3 years of probation in DUI By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ August 23, 2022 1 of 3 FILE – This booking photo provided by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office shows Paul Pelosi on May 29, 2022, following his arrest on suspicion of DUI in Northern California. The husband of […]

Rhodes: Drunk tourists lie in overflowing rubbish bins – See photos

Images of shame were recorded on Monday on the island of Rhodes after excessive consumption of alcohol by tourists who, having lost all control, lay down even in overflowing bins on Orfanidou Street. The spectacle caused the indignation of the inhabitants of the area. Indicative are the images of RealVoice995, in which tourists can be… […]

Police: Illegal Alien Killed 76-Year-old Philanthropist in Drunk Driving Crash

An illegal alien has been arrested for allegedly killing a 76-year-old philanthropist and injuring seven others in a drunk driving crash in Charleston County, South Carolina. Jose Javier Reyes-Escobar, a 21-year-old illegal alien, was arrested and charged by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office on December 18 on three counts of felony drunk driving resulting in […]

Former NY police chief pleads guilty to drunk driving charge

Accused of drunkenly crashing into a guardrail and concocting a false story to cover up the incident, a former New York police chief recently pleaded guilty to charges of driving while ability impaired and leaving the scene of an accident. At 12:55 a.m. on October 21, Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe crashed his Chevy Tahoe […]

REAL Facebook Whistleblower: “Executives Drunk on Power Censoring Conservatives”

A Facebook whistleblower has accused executives of being “drunk on power” while ruthlessly censoring conservative content. The Facebook data scientist made the allegations in internal messages supporting Kenosha patriot Kyle Rittenhouse. Last year, Rittenhouse shot and killed two Black Lives Matter terrorists in self-defence during violent riots following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Pro-Rittenhouse posts were […]

CNN Medical Analyst Says ‘Not Being Vaccinated Is Same As Drunk Driving’

Not being vaccinated against the coronavirus is the same as drunk driving according to CNN medical analyst Dr Leana Wen. During MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Friday she said that it was time to equate not getting jabbed with driving under the influence of too much alcohol Wen, a former planned parenthood president, also believes (or at […]

Authoritarians Drunk on Power: It Is Time to Recalibrate the Government

“The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. The tyranny of the executive power will come in its turn, but […]

Blatantly Drunk Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi Comment: This drunk has a net worth of $100 million for corrupting this country and taking us all down the road to hell on a salary of: Nancy Pelosi Is Getting a Pay Raise as Speaker of the House … › Everyday Money › CongressJan 3, 2019 — House speakers earn an annual salary of $223,500, according to […]

Joe Biden Expected to Roll Back Deportations for Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers, Assailants

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to roll back deportations starting this week for illegal aliens who have been convicted of drunk driving, simple assault, and a number of drug crimes. Internal communications reviewed by the Washington Post, and nearly confirmed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, details how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement […]

Eduard von Grützner’s Paintings of Fat, Drunk Monks

From ArtNet: Eduard von Grützner (1846 – 1925) was a German painter best known for his genre scenes of the theater and of monks consuming beer in rowdy groups. I don’t like the subject matter, but appreciate the skill and how we can get a picture of these “holy” drunkards. Not all of these images […]

Indonesia Bans Bali Locals from ‘Getting Drunk’ on Christmas, New Year

The government of Bali, Indonesia, announced on Tuesday that “celebrations, fireworks, as well as getting drunk for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday will be prohibited” on the island to accommodate an expected domestic tourism boom in the coming weeks, Coconuts Jakarta reported. Bali government officials issued an official notice on Tuesday explaining that “any […]

Squiffy squirrel: Rodent gets drunk on fermented pears in viral video

Alcohol is an intoxicating drink, not a delicious snack for squirrels – as one of the bushy-tailed tree-scramblers recently found out the hard way. The thrilling episode unfolded in a beautiful tree-filled garden in Inver Grove Heights, a city on the outskirts of Minneapolis in Minnesota, after a woman apparently fed the squirrel some fermented […]

Drunk & Depressed German Degenerate Loves Merkel & Jews

The absolute state the modern German cuck. English Bitchute Spanish Bitchute English Telegram Spanish Telegram World Truth Videos Gab

Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk In Vegas and Tells The Truth

After getting crunk in Las Vegas, a retired Area 51 employee makes some startling admissions. How long do you think it’ll be until he ‘mysteriously’ disappears? If you needed any further proof about the shady practices at the world’s most infamous facility where alien technology is developed and tested, you’ve got it. Just listen to […]

The top 10 Jewish stories on ‘Drunk History’

This article originally appeared on Alma. Drunk History, the beloved Comedy Central show where comedians get drunk and tell a story from history, was just canceled after six seasons. In honor of the show’s fantastic run, we decided to highlight 10 of our favorite Jewish histories to grace the screen. 1. Rachel Bloom on the […]

Drunk driver jailed after dashcam captures him crashing into house (VIDEO)

Michael Mills, 29, was sentenced to 12 months in prison in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday for a number of offences related to the crash, including his blood-alcohol level which was four times over the legal limit. READ MORE: Teetotaller wrongfully charged with drinking and driving wins $1mn NYC lawsuit The damning footage showed Mills […]

According To A Recent Study, Your Drunk Self May Actually Be The Real You

“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.” – Charlie Chaplin Known as ‘liquid courage,’ alcohol is often credited for bringing out a different side of ourselves, a hidden ‘drunk self.’ This version of yourself may be louder, wilder, more outgoing or more emotional. If you have ever found yourself the next day looking […]

Drunk man goes on stabbing spree in Paris, 5 injured

The incident unfolded at 11pm local time on Tuesday, when the man pulled out a knife and began randomly stabbing passersby, according to French media reports. Paris cop goes on shooting rampage after break-up with girlfriend, kills 3 before committing suicide He tried to stab six people, five of whom had to be taken to […]

Twice Deported Illegal Drunk Driver Kills NFL Player On Super Bowl Sunday

Twice Deported Illegal Drunk Driver Kills NFL Player On Super Bowl Sunday Media ignores Super Bowl slaughter of NFL linebacker by illegal immigrant Kelen McBreenPrison Feb. 5, 2018 A drunk-driving illegal immigrant from guatemala hit and killed two men Sunday night, one of whom was identified as Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson. Manuel Orrego-Savala, […]

The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool Aid

  February 3, 2018 Source Article from

Go home Hillary, you’re DRUNK: Hillary Clinton trashes Trump on Haiti, gets RIPPED by Conservatives

Go home Hillary, you’re DRUNK: Hillary Clinton trashes Trump on Haiti, gets RIPPED by Conservatives Twitchy January 13, 2018 Hillary Clinton tweeting about Haiti and trying to shame Trump for calling the country a sh*thole may be the most out of touch and ridiculous thing weve seen on Twitter, and weve seen a LOT of […]

The Washington Post makes excuses for drunk drivers… but only if they’re illegal aliens

(Natural News) Once again the so-called “mainstream” media is showing its true colors by lining up with lawbreakers and hooligans over the law-abiding citizenry. This time it’s a regular offender, The Washington Post, which has decided that drunk driving is fine and dandy so long as it’s an illegal alien who’s doing the drinking and […]

Drunk Dallas Cop Left Walmart With $830 in Unpaid Groceries

A cop in Dallas who reeked of alcohol “strolled” out of a Walmart one day ahead of Thanksgiving with more than $800 of unpaid groceries, police said. Officer Christopher Hankins, while wearing a Dallas Police Department windbreaker, spent nearly three hours inside a Denton County Walmart before officers from the Northeast Police Department responded to […]

US Marine kills elderly civilian in drunk-driving accident in Okinawa, Japan

READ MORE: Japan may deploy new Marines force alongside Americans amid islands face-off with China On Sunday morning, the driver of a US military truck reportedly violated traffic regulations, running a red light and crashing into a light vehicle at an intersection in Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, according to NHK. The Japanese driver, 61, […]

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