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Debt From Above: The Carbon Credit Coup

Sweeping across the shores of Latin America comes a scheme from some of the most predatory figures in the venture capital ecosystem of the United States. It is a brazen attempt to assert foreign influence across Latin America and threatens to reshape the very fabric of the region and the day to day lives of […]

Crossing the threshold: The world’s first 12-Month period above 1.5°C

“Rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are the only way to stop global temperatures increasing.” Source

Clarence Thomas cannot be allowed to decide if Trump is above the law

Trust is the currency our justice system trades in, and Thomas already has very little in the bank. Source

Futures Slide As Dollar Surges, 10Y Yields Rise Above 4%

US equity futures fell for a second day as the dollar rose to a one-month high and as 10Y yield pushed back over 4.00% after various central banks pushed back against bets on aggressive interest rate cuts. As of 7:30am, S&P futures were down 0.4%, well off session lows, while Nasdaq futures lost about 0.5%. […]


___ Source

The Confusion Of Nicodemus: Born Again Or Born From Above?

There is a long-standing disagreement about the meaning of the phrase “born again” among many Christian theologians, scholars, and Bible commenters which has arisen out of its use in the Gospel of John, specifically when Christ uses it speaking to the Israelite Pharisee, Nicodemus, in John 3:3. The most common English translation reads, “Jesus answered […]

US Debt Rises Above $33 Trillion For The First Time, Soars By $1 Trillion In 3 Months

(ZH) On Sept 6, when looking at the latest daily debt numbers, we predicted that total US debt Source

French regulators halt all sales of Apple iPhone 12 due to “above-threshold radiation levels”

(NaturalNews) A popular smartphone from Apple is now banned in France after regulators there determined that it emits “above-threshold radiation levels.”The… Source

Russia Intercepts Multiple Drones Above Crimea (British Monarchy & Empire vs Russia)

14 Sep, 2023 04:12 HomeRussia & FSU Multiple drones intercepted above Crimea – MOD Russian defenses have engaged at least 16 hostile targets, according to the Defense Ministry FILE PHOTO ©  Ignacio Marin / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The Russian military has repelled a fresh Ukrainian drone attack against the Crimean Peninsula, with at least 11 UAVs […]

8 People Rescued In Pakistan After Getting Stuck 900 Feet Above Ground In Cable Car

Military members completed the harrowing task more than 15 hours after a cable car suddenly stopped mid-journey. Source

Above All Else, It was a Spectacle

Over the last few weeks I’ve been chewing on The Spectacle of Covid. The more I think about it, the weirder it gets. What’s striking about the iconic images from the pandemic is how contrived and artificial they now appear. These photos were presented as “breaking news” but now it seems that nearly all of […]

Pence on Trump indictment: ‘I’m deeply troubled,’ but ‘no one is above the law’

Former Vice President Mike Pence offered a noncommittal response Friday in regard to the news of Donald Trump’s second indictment. “I’m deeply troubled to see this indictment move forward,” Pence said in an interview to conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. “Yesterday on the road in Iowa, I had said I had hoped that the […]

Veteran Makes History As First Double Above-Knee Amputee To Summit Mount Everest

Hari Budha Magar, a Nepal-born veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan, became the first double above-the-knee amputee to summit Mount Everest. The historic feat Friday came 13 years to the day since he stepped on an improvised explosive device as a Gurkha soldier. Advertisement Magar had spent 18 days at base camp before scaling […]

FBI Has Evolved Into Organized Crime Outfit that Operates Above the Law

The FBI in Los Angeles is the same as the FBI in Washington and in New York and in Peoria and everywhere else. They’re liars. They’re deceivers. They’re criminals. Nothing has changed since the days of COINTELPRO. Whether you’re a Proud Boy or the passive renter of a safety deposit box, you have to worry […]

Clean Monday: Athenians colour the sky above Filopappou Hill with kites

The Municipality of Athens invited people to celebrate Clean Monday and the beginning of Lent together, and as traditional, young and old are already gathered early on Filopappou Hill to fly kites with fun and music. Lenten dishes, lagana, warm bean salad and halva will await those who climb Filopappou Hill, where colourful kites are… […]

Oil prices to rise above $100 a barrel this year due to lack of investment in energy production capacity

(Natural News) The price of oil will rise back above $100 a barrel this year, and will continue rising in 2024 due to serious supply problems as spare production capacity runs out. This dire warning comes from senior Goldman Sachs analyst Jeff Currie, who spoke at an event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “The commodity super… […]

Above occupation, beyond survival

“Light in Gaza: Writings out of Fire” is a hopeful gift from Gaza, reminding us that all of Israel’s power has not, and will not, defeat the Palestinian will to rise and the determination to create a new society where all can thrive.   Source

Fears grow as more suspicious drones appear above Norway’s offshore facilities

News of unidentified drones buzzing in the skies above the North Sea in recent days has made Oslo increasingly concerned that the Kremlin might target its offshore facilities in a bid to intimidate its competition. With Norway replacing Russia as Europe’s main source of natural gas, military experts suspect the unmanned aircraft are Moscow’s doings.  […]

10-year Treasury Yield Above 3.5%, as Markets Brace for Another Fed Hike

The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield hit above 3.5 percent for the first time in over a decade, as markets prepare for another interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve this week. The last time the 10-year yield, which is the most significant global interest rate benchmark, rose to that level was back in April 2011. […]

This Man Has Just Reported That Something Massive Just Opened Up Above Missouri

This man has just reported that something massive just opened up above Missouri. Today, we take a look at what opened up above Missouri. Someone just reported that they noticed something strange in the sky, saying this happened above Ohio, and that a huge hole opened up. Mrs Wright posted the photograph to social media, […]

Cousin George Washington’s Command Flag Flies Above Limey St. George’s Flag Catching the Evil Spirit Of Pedo Fake queenie

When great grandfather type Edward the 1st died, he gave Europe the finger.The flag of the Royal line was transferred to America. If not before, the 2nd string line left in Merry ole was bastardized with the births of Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed. Every English or British “royal” from them on have […]

Goldman Sachs warns UK inflation could peak above 22% if energy prices remain high

(Natural News) Goldman Sachs has warned that inflation in the U.K. could soar above 22 percent next year should energy prices continue at current high levels. According to a research note released by the investment bank, headline inflation could peak at 22.4 percent and the gross domestic product could drop by 3.4 percent if wholesale gas […]

Goldman Sachs warns UK inflation could peak above 22% if energy prices remain high

(Natural News) Goldman Sachs has warned that inflation in the U.K. could soar above 22 percent next year should energy prices continue at current high levels. According to a research note released by the investment bank, headline inflation could peak at 22.4 percent and the gross domestic product could drop by 3.4 percent if wholesale gas […]

Rarely Seen ‘Red Sprites’ Have Been Glimpsed in The Sky Above Chile

Rarely Seen ‘Red Sprites’ Have Been Glimpsed in The Sky Above Chile Space24 August 2022 By Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today This picture, taken from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile, shows bright red streaks known as red sprites. (Zdenek Bardon/ESO) This new image, taken of the skies above Chile’s Atacama Desert near the European Southern […]

WNBA Players’ Rescue Mission Foiled As Key To Griner’s Cell Hanging Ten Feet Above Ground

MOSCOW — A daring attempt by a group of WNBA players to rescue Brittney Griner was foiled when the keys to her prison cell were found to be hanging from a hook ten feet off the ground. Source

EPA finds 23 commercial sterilizer facilities across the country above agency’s cancer-risk rate

Ethylene oxide is known to cause cancer when people within close proximity to sterilizer facilities breathe the gas in over the course of many years. Source

‘An axe above our heads’ — Palestinian Six fight Israeli smear

The European Commission has restored funding to the Palestinian human rights groups Al-Haq despite an Israeli attack on it and five other Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations as having supposed terrorist links. “They can do anything they want. They can confiscate [our laptops and files]; they can close the office; they can arrest […]

J.P. Morgan Predicts ‘Cruel Summer’ of Gas Prices Above $6

The U.S. national average for regular gas could top $6.00 per gallon in the coming months, J.P. Morgan predicted this week in a report titled “Cruel Summer.”

Video: Fauci Decrees That CDC Should Be Above Authority Of Courts

Anthony Fauci emerged from under his bridge Thursday in an appearance no one saw on the hilariously soon to be trashed CNN+ to declare that the CDC and scientific ‘experts’ like himself should be above the jusrisdiction of courts.

UK Police Apply For ‘No-Fly’ Zone Above Windsor Castle

LONDON (AP) — British police have applied for a “no-fly” zone over Windsor Castle as it reviews security arrangements at the landmark where Queen Elizabeth II has spent much of the pandemic. If granted, a restricted airspace order would prevent aircraft from flying up to 2,500 feet (762 meters) above and 1.5 nautical miles (around […]

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