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U.S. Treasury intercepts payment for “Police State” documentary ad campaign

U.S. Treasury intercepts payment for “Police State” documentary ad campaign In an ironic twist, the United States Treasury has intercepted a bank transaction by the producers of “Police State,” the new Dinesh D’Souza documentary film that addresses the emerging authoritarian police state in America. Doing exactly what the film itself warns is becoming normalized, the […]

Report: U.S.S. Carney Intercepts Missiles Fired by Iran-backed Houthis near Yemen

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles Wednesday at the U.S.S. Carney off the coast of Yemen, according to news reports. Source

Tunisia intercepts 426 illegal migration attempts in 13 days

Tunisian authorities announced on Friday the blocking of 426 illegal migration attempts through maritime and ground terminals in 13 days, Anadolu Agency reported. On Facebook, the Administration of the National Guard Units posted a statement that the operations took place between 15 and 28 September. “Some 7,756 people were detained after crossing the borders, including […]

Russia Intercepts Multiple Drones Above Crimea (British Monarchy & Empire vs Russia)

14 Sep, 2023 04:12 HomeRussia & FSU Multiple drones intercepted above Crimea – MOD Russian defenses have engaged at least 16 hostile targets, according to the Defense Ministry FILE PHOTO ©  Ignacio Marin / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The Russian military has repelled a fresh Ukrainian drone attack against the Crimean Peninsula, with at least 11 UAVs […]

WATCH: Iron Dome intercepts massive missile salvos from Gaza as sirens blare in Tel Aviv

Rocket sirens and heavy blasts sounded over Tel Aviv, as well as central and southern Israel, shortly after midnight, as Hamas militants launched several salvos from Gaza – with most missiles intercepted by the Iron Dome. At least three rounds of rockets were fired from Gaza in the direction of Tel Aviv and other parts of […]

ANOTHER Gaza tower reportedly goes down, Israeli Iron Dome intercepts dozens of missiles in night of tit-for-tat strikes (VIDEOS)

An Israeli airstrike has reportedly leveled another major high-rise in Gaza – the second in the span of 24 hours – as a barrage of Palestinian rocket fire continues to rain down on Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. Footage from the embattled Palestinian enclave purported to show Al-Jawhara Tower as it took a direct […]

IDF: Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Rocket Fired Into Israel’s South

An Iron Dome battery fires an interceptor missile as rockets are launched from Gaza toward Israel near the southern city of Sderot, Aug. 9, 2018. Photo: Reuters / Amir Cohen. i24 News — Red alert sirens went off in the vicinity of the city of Ashkelon in Israel’s south late on Sunday. Initial reports suggested […]

The Making of the Auschwitz Myth: British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and Postwar Testimonies

HOLOCAUST HANDBOOKS, Volume 41:Carlo Mattogno:The Making of the Auschwitz Myth:Auschwitz in British Intercepts, Polish Underground Reports and PostwarTestimonies (1941-1947). On the Genesis and Development of the Gas Chamber Lore.Translated from the Italian by Carlos W. Porter and Germar Rudolf The latest installment in the Holocaust Handbook series was just recently published, authored by the exceptional […]

Saudi-led coalition intercepts two explosive-laden boats in southern Red Sea

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Israel strikes Gaza after Iron Dome intercepts rocket for second time this week

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Secret Service Intercepts Package Addressed To President Trump Containing Deadly Ricin

Prostaguard Limited Advanced Release 29.95 19.95 Powerful Blend of Antioxidants & Plant Based Nutrients. All Hand Selected! Support Your Body Naturally With ProstaGuard* Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine Spray 29.95 14.95 It’s Finally Here: Introducing The First Ever Nascent Iodine Survival Shield X2 Spray. Ultimate Fish Oil 44.95 29.65 […]

Syria Intercepts Israeli Missiles in Damascus’ Keswah

May 9, 2018 Zionist entity launched a new aggression against Syria on Tuesday night, with the Syrian defense system repelling the attack in al-Keswah area in Damascus Countryside. SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying that the Syrian air defenses Tuesday night intercepted two Israeli missiles and destroyed them in al-Keswah area The […]

Russian jet intercepts American Navy surveillance plane over the Baltic Sea

     A Russian SU-27 jet flew close – reportedly within 20 feet – to a U.S. Navy plane over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday. While the maneuver was deemed safe, it was criticized as “unprofessional” by two defense officials who spoke with CNN. What’s the background? The Russian SU-27 is a one-man fighter plane. It […]

FBI intercepts six suspicious packages containing explosive components and disturbing messages sent to military sites around DC

Six suspicious packages were intercepted at various military intelligence sites in the DC area Monday. The FBI seized the packages that were stuffed with explosive components such as black powder, fuses, and circuit boards. The first package raised alarm at The National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington DC around […]

Russian MoD takes drama out of US Air Force’s video report on ‘intercepts’ near Baltics

In a statement released on Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that NATO F-15 jets had “approached” Su-30 fighter jets in two separate incidents – on November 23 and December 13 – near the Baltics, but said “the route of Russian fighter jets was agreed with the air logistics control units and was carried […]

US Intercepts Missile During Test Amid NKorea Standoff

US Intercepts Missile During Test Amid NKorea Standoff Drill suggests US can intercept NKorea missile Kit DanielsPrison August 30, 2017 The US Navy successfully intercepted a ballistic missile during a drill only days after North Korea fired a missile over Japan. The USS John Paul Jones, which is based in Hawaii, tracked the projectile […]

Russian fighter jet intercepts 2 US bombers over Baltic Sea (PHOTOS)

According to Pentagon officials, the Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker military refueling aircraft accompanied by two B-1 bombers and one B-52 during the BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) annual training exercise, which started on Saturday. Pictures released by the US Department of Defense show the jet flying alongside the American warplanes. Officials said the […]

Russian Su-27 intercepts US B-52 bomber over Baltic – Moscow

Russia’s air defense detected the aircraft on Tuesday morning at around 7:00 GMT, the statement said. The Su-27 of the Russian Baltic Fleet was deployed in response and shadowed the American aircraft after identifying it, as the bomber was flying in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea along the border, the ministry said. NATO kicks […]

French Assembly adopts resolution calling to end anti-Russian sanctions imposed by EU

Fifty-five members of the French National Assembly have supported the resolution calling on the government not to extend the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU. Forty-four voted against and two abstained. Of the 577 deputies in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, 101 took part in the vote. […]

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer In The Flesh’

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has called Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz “Lucifer In The Flesh.” “I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” Boehner said about Cruz in a talk at Stanford University’s CEMEX Auditorium on Wednesday. Salon […]

Black Students Advocate White Genocide at Harvard University Debate

By All Lives Matter This debate about whether white people should be exterminated was held at Harvard University in 2012. The pro-genocide activists, Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, are from the University of West Georgia. The topic of the debate was supposed to be renewable energy — not race. The subject was: “Resolved: The United […]

45 Years After COINTELPRO, FBI Still Thinks ‘Dissent is the Enemy’

Forty-five years ago on Tuesday, peace activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and unearthed documents exposing the government’s expansive COINTELPRO operations, which aimed to surveil, disrupt, and “neutralize” lawful activist groups, including war protesters, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the American Indian Movement, and the National Lawyers Guild. Though the […]

Navy intercepts asylum seeker boat

AAP The Australian Navy has intercepted another suspected asylum seeker boat north of Christmas Island. Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said the patrol boat HMAS Albany, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted the vessel on Wednesday morning. “Initial indications suggest there are 75 passengers and two crew on board,” Mr O’Connor said […]

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