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Ex-Tunisia president calls for civil resistance to stop country’s slide into abyss

Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki called on the Tunisian people to engage in “civil resistance” to put an end to the “absurdity” engulfing the country and the “accelerating slide towards the abyss”. In a post on Facebook, Marzouki said a black decade in Tunisia’s history began in July 2021 and not in 2011 as the […]

Sterling, Euro Slide as Dollar Marches Higher

SINGAPORE/TOKYO—The dollar gained ground against the euro and sterling on Thursday after earlier hitting a 24-year peak against the Japanese yen, as investors positioned for higher U.S. interest rates and remained concerned about the health of European economies. The euro slid 0.37 percent to just hold above parity against the dollar at $1.10016, while the […]

Stocks Slide, Dollar Spikes as September Starts With a Bump

LONDON—September got off to a bumpy start as persistent worries about rising global interest rates and recessions hounded stock and bond markets on Thursday and drove the safe-haven U.S. dollar to a 24-year high against the yen. Near 1 percent falls in London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Milan pushed the STOXX 600 to its lowest since […]

Dems hope abortion ruling stops their slide in blue states

President Joe Biden carried Colorado by 14 points in 2020. He blew now-former President Donald Trump out of the water in Washington, winning by nearly 20 points. And after early-cycle chatter about New Mexico being a sleeper swing state, it wasn’t close: Biden 54, Trump 44. Yet in a political environment as brutal as this […]

Futures Slide 1 Percent Over Inflation Concerns

U.S. stock index futures fell about 1 percent in early New York hours on Wednesday as soaring oil prices fed into fears of higher inflation, while a stalemate continued in the U.S. Congress over the government debt ceiling. Asian and European stocks fell earlier in the day as oil hit a multi-year high above $83 […]

Satanism Powerpoint Slide Presented to US Army: ‘How Many Children Have Been Sacrificed to Satan for the Vaccine?’

Host Tucker Carlson revealed a bizarre powerpoint slide Monday that was presented to U.S. Army service members in an effort to get them on board with mandatory COVID vaccinations. The slide sardonically asks “how many children have been sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?” before claiming only three people have died from side effects, and […]

Ditlieb Felderer’s Revisionist Slide Show (1982)

Before any Revisionists took video cameras to the sites of former German concentration camps in Poland, Ditlieb Felderer spent years inviestigating them. Ernst Zundel presents the slide show which Ditlieb developed from those visits. WorldTruth link Share now! Source

Ten years from uprising, Yemen lies fractured and hungry: A timeline of its slide into conflict

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The ‘thin blue line’ and the slide into authoritarianism

Since it first popularized in 2019, especially in the months leading up to the 2020 elections, another flag has joined and, in some cases, become more prominent than the stars and stripes, the Gadsden (‘Don’t Tread on Me’) flag and even MAGA standards at Trump rallies and other right wing events in the United States. […]

How you can stop America’s slide toward tyranny

[embedded content] Without a shred of evidence, Trump claims that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud. Rubbish. Mail-in ballots, also called absentee ballots, have been used for years across America. They have proven safe and secure.  Even the right-wing Heritage Foundation, after examining 36 years of mail-in ballots, found only 1,285 cases of voter fraud out […]

The Denial Of The Right To An Opinion – Britain’s Inexorable Slide Into Fascism

March 20, 2018 By Julian Rose In Britain, during this last week, something very nasty made its presence known to the nation. And it was not Putin or Russia. It was a coldly executed , psychologically loaded attempt to silence those who wished to express an opinion, other than the one […]

The Denial of the Right to an Opinion – Our Inexorable Slide into Fascism

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times In Britain, during this last week, something very nasty made its presence known to the nation. And it was not Putin or Russia. It was a coldly executed , psychologically loaded attempt to silence those who wished to express an opinion, other than the one held by the government. […]

Skid row! Cars slide down slippery slope, slamming into others after heavy snowfall (VIDEO)

A narrow one-way road down a hill has become a nightmare for drivers. Stunning footage released by RT’s Ruptly video news agency shows some drivers tried to simply slide down the road, but failed and ended up slamming into parked cars. Slow driving didn’t help much either, as others simply smashed into moving traffic. More […]

Former Advisor To Tony Blair Pushes For A ‘Second Referendum’

The establishment is now pushing for a “second referendum” in an attempt to sabotage Brexit & annul the democratic decision made by the British people. Jonathan Powell, the former chief of staff to Tony Blair, told the BBC tonight program that there should be another referendum before Britain is allowed to leave the EU, in […]

Civil Rights and “Terrorism” in Australia

“Where people are a danger to society after they have served their time for conviction, as we do with sex and as we do with violent offenders… then they should be put into preventive detention.” -Dan Tehan, Intelligence and Security Committee, Australian Parliament, Dec 12, 2015 The change in Australian leadership, initiated by the prime minister’s […]

Stock indexes slide into red at midday

  UPI October 7, 2011 U.S. stock indexes slipped in midday trading Friday after a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank official offered cautious comments on the financial system. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 19.60 points, or 0.18 percent, to 11,103.73 at midday. The Nasdaq composite tumbled 33.78 points, or 1.35 percent, to 2,473.04. The Standard […]

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