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Normalising Tyranny: From ‘We’re Not Planning Covid Passports’ to ‘They May be Needed Long Term’

by Neil Clark, RT It’s now being suggested that Covid vaccine passports may be needed for the long term in the UK, just three months after the vaccines minister explicitly denied there were any plans to introduce vaccine passports. FILE PHOTO: A sign is seen outside a vaccination centre at Westminster Abbey, amid the outbreak […]

Tyranny: Majority of US Companies Will Require Workers to Provide Proof of Vaccination

It looks like American colleges won’t be alone in making vaccination mandatory for any students who want to return to campus next semester. Despite the White House’s determination that vaccination shouldn’t be mandatory by law, more than 60% of American companies are reportedly leaning toward requiring proof of vaccination from their employees. Image credit: […]

Tyranny: UK Won’t Accelerate Re-Opening Despite COVID Deaths Being Below Road Accident Fatalities

Despite new figures showing the daily number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK dropping below those from road accidents, the government is still refusing to accelerate the lifting of lockdown restrictions. The average number of daily deaths now stands at 25 a day with COVID cases dropping 94 per cent from the peak. On Monday, […]

The COVID Rollout Crashes and Burns – Tyranny Intensifies

Denmark’s top health official faints after taking the vaccine during a press conference – announcing halting of the AstraZeneca vaccine over severe side effects. by Jon Bowne Image Credit: The media is clamped down tight on why Denmark’s top health official Tanja Erichsen suddenly fainted during a press conference halting the use of the […]

The Tyranny of the “Enlightened” Experts, by Gregory Gordon

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC That you may know a great deal about some small subset of the vast compendium of human knowledge in no way qualifies you to run anyone else’s life. From Gregory Gordon at If you were to stroll through any typical upper-middle-income American neighborhood in 2021, the odds are very high that you’d […]


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Irish Farmer Has Had Enough Covid Tyranny

This Irish man is full of righteous anger and lets the Irish Garda at a checkpoint have a piece of his mind. Here is the full altercation. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00 Hits: 1

Tyranny By Propaganda Is Tyranny By Force

For most of recorded history, domination by brute force has been the norm for human civilization. Someone claws their way into a position of power over the other humans, and you obey and respect him or he’ll have his goons attack you. As people became more educated and more aware of what’s going on in […]

“Politicized Science”: Combatting Vaccine Tyranny

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, February 03, 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 27 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). *** America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) are in the vanguard of supporting medicine the way it should be practiced over politicized science. At […]

Medical Tyranny: CDC Announces All Travelers Must Wear Two Masks, Threatens Arrest

By Joseph Jankowski via, The Center for Disease Control has issued a new coronavirus order requiring DOUBLE masks to be worn for all forms of public transportation in the United States From CNN: The CDC announced an order late Friday that will require people to wear a face mask while using any form of public […]

Civil Disobedience Against Tyranny = Stop Wearing a Mask

Political Pistachio (Reporter) Before it’s News .com January 30, 2021 Douglas V. Gibbs Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and other like-minded folks who have been in shock over what has transpired over the last twelve months, or so, have told me they want to fight the good fight, but after the false flag Reichstag move by the Democrats […]

The Rothschild Owned Establishment Leading America Into Tyranny Just As Commie China Was Led

January 25, 2021 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Down the Path Into Tyranny Paul Craig Roberts Presstitute propaganda of a white supremacist insurrection on inauguration day caused 26,000 national guardsmen to be sent by states to D.C. to put down the Trump sedition.  Of course, there was no insurrection.  It was all just another media hoax, and the […]

What to Expect in 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation and More Tyranny

ABOUT JOHN W. WHITEHEAD. Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People  is available at Whitehead can be contacted at By John W. Whitehead January 05, 2021 “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No […]

If Americans Accept Zionist Tyranny Starvation Will Happen in the Richest Country in the World

By infostormer -December 8, 20200 Restaurants are getting decimated across the country. 110,000 of them have already been forced out of business in 2020 thanks to government mandated lockdown orders. It’s been estimated that this represents about 1 of 6 restaurants operating in the country. That is a ton of jobs lost that will not be coming […]

The right wing wet dream, ‘Tyranny of the minority’ exposed, cracking under pressure

Trump Republicans ambush democracy, elections and unworthy voters Did mayhem from idiotic tweets somehow banish the sovereignty of majority rule? Is the potent notion of one person, one vote so hard to understand, let alone accept? I get why under-educated millions spurn germ theory, a scientific toughie that posits tiny, airborne microbes spread disease and […]

Exposing CovID and the Tools Used to Achieve Global Tyranny – (Dr Reiner Fuellmich)

In order to understand fully the events that are being played out globally, one must understand who the global players are; this is a deep subject. The presenter of the video herein is Dr Fuellmich; his statement is very accurate and extremely well researched. READ THE ARTICLE PLUS VIDEOS AT THE LINK Share this: Like […]

Corbyn and the Tyranny of Correctness

OCTOBER 30, 2020 BY GILAD ATZMON By Gilad Atzmon Liberal film maker Michael Moore, who in 2016 predicted Donald Trump’s electoral victory, is again interfering with the premature celebration over Biden’s victory.  Yesterday, just  five days before the election, Moore sounded the alarm, strongly suggesting that the polls showing Biden with a comfortable lead over Trump […]

This Week in Tyranny, CBDC, Music Rant II – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: it’s This Week in Tyranny with Irish lockdowns, Australian digital entry certificates and Canadian digital ID; the central banks work on their digital currencies behind the scenes; […]

Second Wave Tyranny has Begun: Europe to force Everyone to Wear Rags on their Mouths and Curfews After 21:00

    Well they have been planning and telling us all the way since January 2020, at the very beginning of the so called pandemic, that there will be a “second wave”. Well this is it, the so-called second wave has begun. For a moment there we thought they were gonna abandon the plans as […]

Jewish Occupation Tyranny Intensifies – National Socialist Leader Kotleba Jailed for Helping Poor Slovaks

Jews are in panic. So-called “goyyim” all around the World are being brutally punished for resisting the ruthless oppression of Zion. At the event, Kotleba handed out a couple of big checks, made out to the sum of 1,488 euros … to families with handicapped children. After the event, Kotleba and his LSNS colleagues, basking […]

Covid and the Escalation of Medical Tyranny, from The Mises Institute

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC By all means, let’s socialize medicine and give government complete control over our health and well being. From the Mises Institute at The coronavirus crisis has served as a powerful tool in highlighting many of the faults that previously existed in society. It exposed which politicians have an inherent need to […]

How you can stop America’s slide toward tyranny

[embedded content] Without a shred of evidence, Trump claims that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud. Rubbish. Mail-in ballots, also called absentee ballots, have been used for years across America. They have proven safe and secure.  Even the right-wing Heritage Foundation, after examining 36 years of mail-in ballots, found only 1,285 cases of voter fraud out […]

Blackbird9 – (220) Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny Blood Libel

Blackbird9 – (220) Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny Blood LibelBLACKBIRD9 EFR simulcasts Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Live on Weds 8pm-10pm US est. Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast,  Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny.  Tonight we examined the Game Theory and Philosophy of Modern Color Revolutions. In the First Hour  we cover the chaotic events brought on by […]

Chris Hedges: How Corporate Tyranny Works

Above photo: A citizen of Guanta, Ecuador, shows a butterfly killed by oil pollution, in 2003. AP/Dolores Ochoa. Those, like environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who fight the corporate control of our society on behalf of the vulnerable find the institutions of power unite to crucify them. The persecution of the attorney Steven Donziger is a grim […]

Halting our descent into tyranny: Defeating the global elite’s Covid-19 coup

As many authors have documented, the global elite is conducting a coup to take complete control of our lives. It is doing this by using a non-existent ‘virus’ to terrorize the human population into believing that we will ‘catch’ Covid-19 if we do not submit to draconian restrictions on our rights and freedoms. And while […]

The Tyranny Of Kamala Harris

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids The Tyranny Of Kamala Harris August 18 2020 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________+Brother Nathanael’s Amazing Videos! So You’re Not Into Politics? Here The Insulted Majority Here The 2020 Political Freak Show Here What A Ruthless Leader Can Do Here Secesssion Now! Here +BN Classics On BitChute! Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A […]

Europeans Are Waking Up to Government Covid Tyranny. Why Are We Still Asleep?

Iowa Climate Science Education “Europeans are realizing that their government-mandated lockdowns did little or nothing to protect them from the virus, while causing economic catastrophe and untold human suffering.”– Ron Paul ______________ Europeans Are Waking Up to Government Covid Tyranny. Why Are We Still Asleep? Ron Paul – 4 Aug 2020 Tens of thousands of […]

Tax Tyranny In America — The Duran

When Donald Trump and others claim America is the greatest country in the world, they do so without caveats. Sadly, there are many. Probably the biggest is the tyranny of state agents, be they police officers or anything else. 224 more words via Tax Tyranny In America — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… […]

Tyranny of Masks: “These Are REALLY Sinister People We’re Dealing With…”

I do not know much about John Waters other than that he is an Irish writer and politician, but what he says here about masks is spot on. Bitchute link Youtube version: Source Article from 00 Hits: 28

RH – Resistance to COVID-19 Tyranny

RH – Resistance to COVID-19 TyrannyRESTORATION HOUR Tony from Chicago and Darrell from Missouri discuss how COVID-19 is in fact a tyrannical political movement in the guise of a health crisis. 00 Hits: 0

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