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On Technocracy: Why We Are Sleepwalking Into Tyranny

POSTED BY: BRYCE BUCHANAN VIA AMERICAN THINKER NOVEMBER 21, 2023 Please Share This Story! Download this post… As reality slips away, you see can the simulacrum forming and sucking millions of people into the vortex. The progress of a simulacrum is that it starts with a reflection of a profound reality, then masks it, and then unties […]


January 28th, 2023 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step february 12th. One step at a time, hand in […]

Biden ‘sleepwalking into disaster’: Experts

January 21, 2023  Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  US President Joe Biden could go down in history for allowing his failed policies to trigger a world war, experts say. US President Joe Biden’s policies toward Russia, China, and Iran, among other countries, have the US on the verge of disaster as he begins the second […]

Does Britain’s sleepwalking into a racist two-tier citizenship system serve the UK’s interest?

The UK is sleepwalking into a racist two-tier system of citizenship following the revelation that Home Secretary, Priti Patel, had quietly introduced a highly controversial plan last week to strip people of citizenship without giving them notice to appeal. The question is, is this really about combatting Daesh terrorists or does Patel have a new […]

Australians Sleepwalking Into a Financial Disaster: Expert

A survey commissioned by the Financial Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) revealed that three-quarters of Australians believe that a one percentage point rise in interest rates would put pressure on their financial situation. “Many Australians are clearly on the brink and are sleepwalking into disaster, living in the false hope that rates will stay this […]

NHS is ‘sleepwalking into cancer disaster’ with tens of thousands missing a diagnosis due to pandemic disruption, experts warn

A coalition of charities, MPs and Royal Colleges are demanding funding increase They say government investment is needed to tackle backlog of cancer patients 370,000 fewer people saw a specialist since the pandemic than the year before  By ELEANOR HAYWARD HEALTH CORRESPONDENT FOR THE DAILY MAIL The NHS is ‘sleepwalking into a cancer crisis’ that is setting survival […]

Sleepwalking to disaster, Mexico Congress approves police powers for military in spite of outcry from human rights groups

     The army was has been made to do the job of local forces since 2006 when it was realised that cartels were far too strong. But since then, accusations of executions and torture have surfaced Mexico’s Congress has handed the military a legal framework that allows them to act as police, despite unanimous objections […]

Clinton’s USA today: Lock people up to make a quick buck

US Study Finds Immigrants Imprisoned to Boost Prison-Corporation Profits Eric Zuesse 93% of the people who are locked up in the U.S. in order to meet the minimum legal requirements for the number of people who must be locked up on possible violations of U.S. immigration laws, are locked in for-profit prisons, which are owned […]

BBC’s Coverage Of The Queens Birthday Is ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’

The BBC’s coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday is “out of touch with reality,” according to the anti-monarchy group Republic. The group accuses the publicly funded broadcaster of ignoring corruption in its ‘gushing’ celebration of the royal family and failure to meet its own objectivity standards, which require “fair, balanced and proportionate” coverage. RT […]

Deputy Arrested After Assaulting Handcuffed Inmate

A Pasco County detention deputy herself was arrested Tuesday, one day after being caught on surveillance video slapping an inmate.  The sheriff’s office says Cpl. Leann Hindman, 47, was charged with battery after the incident, which happened Monday.  According to the arrest report, Hindman handcuffed an inmate who had thrown water on her, then forced […]

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