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World Economic Forum Hints at Global Cyber ‘Pandemic’ this Summer to Facilitate ‘Great Reset’

by Ethan Huff In 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) conducted a simulation called “Cyber Polygon 2020” that predicted a coming global catastrophe caused by a worldwide “cyber pandemic.” Much like how billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates’ “Event 201” predicted the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) before it happened, Cyber Polygon 2020 predictively programmed a coming supply-chain cyberattack […]

World Economic Forum Wants You to Wear a Microchip-Powered Smart Mask That Tells You When You’re Allowed to Have Fresh Air

by Geoffrey Grider They are calling it the ‘mask of the future’, and that future is clearly laid out in the book of Daniel and Revelation, that’s what’s happening right now. Smart Mask. Here in the free state of Florida, we do not have a mask mandate, yet everywhere I go I see the majority […]

The World Economic Forum Is Promoting The ‘Smart Mask’ Of The Future

The World Economic Forum Is promoting the ‘mask of the future,’ a ‘smart mask that can track your breathing and let you know if you are wearing it wrong or even if you forget to wear it at all. And no, this is not satire unfortunately. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree […]

World Economic Forum Promotes ‘Smart Mask’ That Alerts You if You Forget to Wear It

The government has been accused of deliberately creating confusion after it was revealed that vaccine passports COULD be required to enter shops despite initial assurances that this wouldn’t be the case. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others within the government claimed that COVID passports are only being considered for mass gathering events like football matches […]

Germany’s motive for having Bill Gates and World Economic Forum’s Event 201 players stage COVID-19

A number of news articles since October 2019 provided the World with Germany’s motive for paying Bill Gates and World Economic Forum’s Event 201 players 600 million Euros during the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland to stage COVID-19. The official stated purpose for staging COVID-19 plandemic was provided when German Chancellor Angela Merkel […]

Eat The Bugs: World Economic Forum Claims Bugs Are Our Future In Another Great Reset PSA

Nwo Report Globalists trying to shift food consumption away from beef and pork as part of plot to deindustrialize and collapse the First World Source: The World Economic Forum released another Great Reset public service announcement over the weekend reminding the masses that they will soon eat bugs in the name of saving the […]

Russian police detain dozens of opposition deputies at forum in Moscow

Russian police arrested around 200 opposition politicians and municipal deputies at a Moscow conference as authorities tighten the screws on Kremlin critics ahead of parliamentary elections. The mass arrest of municipal deputies was unprecedented. Police showed up at the gathering in Moscow shortly after it opened, saying that all those present will be detained for […]

Police detain participants in Russian opposition forum

Russian police on Saturday detained more than 170 participants of a forum of independent members of municipal councils, an action that comes amid the authorities’ multi-pronged crackdown on dissent. Police showed up at the gathering in Moscow shortly after it opened, saying that all those present will be detained for taking part in an event […]

Northeastern University forum on COVID trauma draws on Israeli soldiers’ combat experience — ‘our kids’

Northeastern University gave a panel on the psychological trauma that featured an Israeli discussing the trauma of Israeli combat soldiers, “our kids,” as a model for Americans coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel had nothing to say about Palestinians who suffer from Israeli soldiers’ activity. The discussion took place on Northeastern’s Jewish Studies […]

EU-Iran business forum collapsing amid withdrawals from Europeans

The EU-Iran Business Forum slated to start on Monday is again marred by outrage over promoting commerce with a regime in Tehran that has carried out violations of the nuclear deal and widespread repression of Iranians, including a regime shooting spree of protestors in the Sistan and Baluchestan province. Reports emerged on Sunday that EU […]

World Economic Forum Tweets Then Deletes Post Stating Lockdowns Are “Improving Cities” | WE F, the hidden enemy of the people, worldwide. The unelected force that look to dominate our lives by influen cing Governments all over the globe. It needs shutting down

World Economic Forum Tweets Then Deletes Post Stating Lockdowns Are “Improving Cities” We Are Change » Feed / John Titor If there was any doubt that economic lockdowns supposedly inspired by the Covid pandemic are the peak in globalist propaganda, it disappeared not so “quietly” once and for all at 5:48am ET on Saturday, when […]

World Economic Forum Tweets ‘Lockdowns Improving Cities’

 The serious nutjobs at the World Economic Forum just overplayed their hand with this insane tweet: Not surprisingly, after universal Twitter outrage, the WEF has deleted the tweet.  But don’t for a minute think this isn’t what the globalists really think. Sky News host Cory Bernardi put it perfectly. The World Economic Forum, he said […]

Lockdowns are NOT ‘quietly improving cities,’ World Economic Forum concedes, deleting its much-ridiculed tweet

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken down its tweet that claimed lockdowns have been “quietly improving cities,” and admitted that is not the case. But the backdown didn’t spare the globalist titan from a new wave of mockery. The WEF’s controversial message turned out to be quite short-lived, surviving less than a day on […]

World Economic Forum Claimed Covid Lockdowns Are ‘Improving Cities All Over The World’

The World Economic Forum has been slammed online following a tweet in which they claim Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the world”. A video accompanied a Friday tweet by the WEF (which has since been removed) showed images of deserted streets, grounded airliners and idle factories, noted a record declines in air pollution […]

World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’

The World Economic Forum, globalist champion of the Great Reset, has ruffled feathers online with an “out-of-touch” tweet how Covid-19 lockdowns are “quietly improving cities” across the globe. A video accompanying the Friday tweet by the WEF shows images of deserted streets, grounded airliners and idle factories, then notes record declines in air pollution and […]

Klaus Schwab “The World Economic Forum are working with the Biden Administration to ensure that MOST people will survive the coming food shortages. Citizens that have up-to-date vaccination documents will receive regular packages of plant-based protein products“

Dylan Eleven | This is a screen shot of a Twitter post by Klaus Schwab that was posted and then removed. He probably realized he is being too truthful and let the cat out of the bag. Firstly, dr evil look-alike Mr Schweppes, sorry Schwab; there is no need for food shortages. We have […]

After “Event 201” Coronavirus Simulation in 2019, World Economic Forum Now Plans “Cyber Pandemic” Simulation for July 2021

More in store from the psychopaths By Johnny bVedmore and Whitney On Wednesday, the World Economic Forum (WEF), along with Russia’s Sberbank and its cybersecurity subsidiary BI.ZONE announced that a new global cyberattack simulation would take place this coming July to instruct participants in “developing secure ecosystems” by simulating a supply-chain cyberattack similar to the recent SolarWinds hack that would […]

Black Citizenship Forum: Black Citizenship And The Problem Of ‘Coloniality’

Black Citizenship Forum: Black Citizenship And The Problem Of ‘Coloniality’ Blacks subject as a stateless and rightless provider of cheap labor in a globalized and racial capitalist economy. “Decolonization struggles – and later postcolonial nation-building and state-making – were constantly undercut by ethnic fractures and tribalism.” For this edition of The Black Agenda Review’s Black Citizenship […]

Fauci to Join Forum with Chinese Doctor Who Claimed Coronavirus Had ‘Multiple Birthplaces’

Public health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci will appear in a discussion alongside Chinese scientist Zhong Nanshan — who claimed last year that the Chinese coronavirus originated not in Wuhan, China, but in “multiple birthplaces around the globe” at an online public health forum for the University of Edinburgh in March, Chinese media outlets reported this week. […]

Billionaires of World Economic Forum Tells You To Eat Worms & Insects

By infostormer -January 22, 20210 The World Economic Forum has posted a tweet telling people how great eating worms and insects are. These people are sick and diseased for even suggesting this. They literally want to use this global virus hoax as an excuse to make people live in pods and eat bugs. They’re pushing this propaganda […]

Forum: Change and Suppression Practices in the Jewish Community

Browse > Home / Have You Heard? / Forum: Change and Suppression Practices in the Jewish Community January 17, 2021 by A J-Wire community service announcement Read on for article Jewish Care invites you to a unique community forum to discuss LGBTQA+ conversion practices (sometimes called ‘conversion therapy’) and the current Victorian Change and Suppression (Conversion) […]

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the “Jobs Reset Summit”- A New Outrage in Disguise

Counter Information By Peter Koenig Global Research, January 12, 2021 The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Jobs Reset Summit report (October 2020) starts out with some flowery wording. You have to give it to them. They have a way with meaningless niceties, hardly anybody beats them. Here we go for the beginning: “After years of growing income […]

Meet the ‘Abraham Accords Youth Forum’, peacemakers of the future

Tevel, StandWithUs’s Israeli high school leadership program, held the first meeting of the “Abraham Accords Youth Forum” on Tuesday. The forum involves  a series of virtual meetings in which Israeli youth meet with their counterparts from countries that Israel has signed peace agreements in the past year, such as the UAE, and soon, other Gulf […]

If only they’d listened to Greta: World Economic Forum mocked for comparing CLIMATE CHANGE ON VENUS with that on Earth

When it comes to the fight against climate change, the boffins at the World Economic Forum think we can learn from the planet Venus, which had its oceans and milder climate wrecked. All that, and nobody on Venus ever drove a car. “We can learn a lot about climate change from Venus, our sister planet,” […]

World Economic Forum Encourages Plebs to Eat Weeds & Drink Sewage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has labeled discussion of “The Great Reset” as a “conspiracy theory” despite the fact that he advocated it two months ago. “The Great Reset” began trending on Twitter on Monday after a United Nations conference call Trudeau participated in back in September received fresh attention. During his presentation, Trudeau said […]

Iran, Kazakhstan stress expansion of transport ties in online forum

TEHRAN – Iran and Kazakhstan have held their second webinar on maritime, port, and road transport cooperation, following the launch of a Ro-Ro vessel line between Iran’s Amirabad Port and Kazakhstan’s Kuryk Port. In this online event, which was attended by two countries’ shipping, port, and transport officials, the two sides stressed the need to […]

The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy

The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy / pcr3 The Insane Tyrant Who Head Up the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” Says It Means the End of Human Autonomy We will be merged with machines. The “fusion of our physical, digital […]

World Economic Forum Calls For Death of ‘Old’ Capitalism and ‘Great Reset’ of Global Societies

The coronavirus crisis presents an opportunity for a “new kind of capitalism” based on “social justice” and a “great reset” of global economics, politics, and societies, according to World Economic Forum (WEF) executive chairman Klaus Schwab. In an article published Monday by the WEF, Schwab claims traditional capitalism is dead and neoliberalism is on the way out. In their […]

Israel, PA join newly-established East Mediterranean gas forum

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World Economic Forum’s Techno-Totalitarian Roadmap

Global elite Technocrats cannot fathom how there could be any blowback against their techno-totalitarian dreams of Utopia. Those who do resist are viewed as an expendable nuisance and too ignorant to know what is good for themselves. The Corona crisis is the trigger for a global coup d’état of monumental dimensions. It is the beginning […]

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