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ADL Ran An ‘Extensive, Multi-Dimensional Counterintelligence Operation’ to Destroy The John Birch Society

The Anti-Defamation League ran an “extensive, multi-dimensional counterintelligence operation” complete with “undercover agents with code names” to destroy the influential anti-communist John Birch Society, internal ADL documents reveal. George Washington University professor Matthew Dallek was given access to “some” of the ADL’s records on the spying operation from their historical archive for his new book, […]

How The ADL Used ‘Under-Handed’ Methods To Spy On, Infiltrate, and Subvert The John Birch Society

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Jewish historian, Matthew Dallek — while researching his new book on the John Birch Society — came across archival documents which showed how the ADL illegally spied on, infiltrated and subverted the JBS — nefarious actions which Dallek claims were justified and praiseworthy because of the threat the JBS posed to Jewish […]

Birch Bark Letters Found in Russia are an Ancient Time Capsule

Researchers excavating an estate dating back to the 12th and 15th century, have discovered a complete birch bark letter in the historic city center of Vekliky Novgorod in north-western Russia. The letter was well-preserved thanks to the waterlogged clay soil in which it lay since the 12th century and adds to previous knowledge garnered from […]

American Rider Birch Swapping Velodrome for Outer Space

Eleven-time American national champion Christina Birch is swapping the cycling velodrome to start a journey she hopes will take her all the way to the moon. Birch’s drastic change of direction comes after being selected for the NASA Astronaut Class of 2021, which will see her embark on a two-year training course for the Artemis […]

‘King’ Chaga: The Birch Tree Fungus That Boosts Your Immune System

By GreenMedInfo Research Group These bitter mushrooms act as parasites on birch trees, but they’re revered for their medicinal properties, including immunomodulatory, antiviral and antidiabetes effects Chaga mushrooms aren’t the most attractive fungi on the block, and they’re not the tastiest either, but when it comes to medicinal value, chaga mushrooms are king. Typically consumed […]

Michael Collins Piper Exposes the John Birch Society

This audio is from The Piper Report (06-30-2010). The John Birch Society is a controlled opposition outlet dedicated to taking people away from ever pointing the finger at jews as being behind “globalism”. Piper shows how they got a good deal of their funding. Source Article from

Journalists filming conditions at Calais Jungle are robbed at knife-point by the migrants they were trying to help: Zio-Watch, January 20, 2016

A new report has cataloged around 574 instances of attacks against reporters by Israeli forces during the course of the last year. The number was featured in the Annual Report by the Palestine Office of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union. According to the report, two of the incidents were fatal, causing the deaths of […]

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