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Gaza Day 207: Martyrs and Wounded in Ongoing Israeli Aggression in Rafah and Nuseirat

April 30, 2024 Live News – Middle East – News – Palestine – Story of the day – Top The war on Gaza has escalated as the Israeli aggression against the region continues for the 207th day in a row. Citizens in Rafah and the Central Governorate are particularly targeted, with homes being the focus of the occupation forces’ attacks. Yesterday, three citizens were martyred […]

End Israel’s Genocide – Escalate Pressure to End EU Complicity in the Ongoing Nakba

End Israel’s Genocide – Escalate Pressure to End EU Complicity in the Ongoing Nakba Action Alert Join us in Brussels on May 19th for a mass mobilization commemorating the 76 years of the ongoing Nakba and demanding an end to Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and its underlying regime of settler-colonial apartheid. April 29, […]

The Ongoing Fight For Medical Truth & Transparency

April 2nd 2024 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a job, etc., […]

The Ongoing DDT Cover-Up

Mar 26 2024 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a […]

Resistance informs Al Mayadeen of its non-negotiables in ongoing talks

29 Feb 2024 23:31 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Al Mayadeen English Senior Sources in the Palestinian Resistance informed Al Mayadeen that Hamas leadership confirmed that there would be no negotiations under the threat of starvation. Senior Sources in the Palestinian Resistance informed Al Mayadeen that relief for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is one […]

Jimmy Dore Interview – The Inevitably Chaotic 2024 Election & The Ongoing Zionist Genocide

Joining me once again today is Jimmy Dore, here to discuss the already tumultuous political landscape of the upcoming 2024 presidential election, and the many different ways this race has been marked for chaos. We review some of the most prominent left/right candidates in the race, as well as the supposedly “independent” candidates, and we […]

IT’S OFFICIAL: The US Government is a key accomplice in the ongoing Palestinian genocide and devastation of Gaza.


Airlines Cancel Flights To Israel Amid Ongoing Hamas Attack

The conflict’s death toll has already ticked into the hundreds. Source

Caging terror: The ongoing saga of ISIS prison breaks

SEP 22, 2023 ISIS orchestrates ‘prison breaks’ in order to provide manpower for the group’s resurgence. In the last decade, mass escapes have taken place under the watch of Americans, Kurds, and some Iraqis, whose dedication to containing and punishing the thousands of incarcerated terrorists in their custody must seriously be questioned. Ahmed al-Rubaie In […]

DeSantis doubles down on support for Tuberville amid ongoing military holds  

Florida governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis reiterated his support for Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Alabama) hold on military promotions Saturday. “What the defense department is doing is outside the law,” DeSantis said while speaking at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Town Hall. “They are breaking, violating the law by funding abortion tourism… […]

Shelby Thomson Interview – Ongoing Cover Up In #MauiFires With Thousands Of Children Missing

Joining me once again today is Shelby Thomson, co-founder of Unjected, here to discuss updates from the ground regarding the Maui fires and some even more compelling evidence that foul play was involved. We discuss numerous data points that clearly suggest a cover up; but the question remains: what exactly is being covered up? Was […]

The Depopulation Agenda is Ongoing in Ireland as Dairy Cows are Being Murdered to Create Food Shortages of Milk, Cheese, Butter & Even Irish Cream Liquors

Fighting Monarch A Resistance Site For Survivors of CIA, NSA, Tavistock, and Illuminati Mind Control Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram ABOUT RESOURCES TESTIMONIALS CONTACT INDEX INSANITY IN IRELAND – WAR ON FARMERS July 1, 2023fightingmonarch It takes some strange doings for the news to say there’s insanity in Ireland, but now the day has finally come.   […]

The Continuing EPA Cover Up In East Palestine & Ongoing mRNA Madness

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/31/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Dozens killed, hundreds injured in ongoing armed confrontations: Sudan

April 16, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen Net + Agencies The Sudan Armed Forces say clashes are ongoing, but the situation is heading toward stability. By Al Mayadeen English  The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors announced that the death toll from the armed clashes in the country has risen so far to 56 and the injuries to […]

Dr. Bhakdi Interview – Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha & The Ongoing Cover Up Of The Deadly COVID Jabs

Joining me today is Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, here to discuss the recent collapse and subsequent coma of Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha, following her 3rd COVID-19 injection. We will also discuss the early assessments made by Dr. Bhakdi regarding the injections and how they have all now been proven to be correct, and yet the government […]


My new book, The Great Racket: the ongoing development of the criminal global system, is a compilation of the more significant essays that I posted online during 2022, following the publication of my short philosophical book The Withway. Source

U.S. Defense Contractors Sponsor D.C. Party for Ukrainian Forces Amid Ongoing War

U.S. defense contractors sponsored a glitzy celebration in Washington, D.C., for the 31st anniversary of the Ukrainian armed forces. Source

“We Will Take the Law into our Own Hands”: Ongoing Rioting Following Shooting of Unarmed Teen by Greek Police

Rioting, fires and arson have been reported in Roma communities near Athens in the wake of a police shooting of an 16 year old unarmed Roma teen in the back of the head on Monday resulting in the camps being raided by Greek riot police and anti-terror units. The victim was shot in the back […]

Houston lifts boil water notice, but ongoing water and power problems in Texas likely to persist

(Natural News) Millions of Houston residents were subjected to a boil water notice for more than 24 hours following a power outage at a water treatment plant in the latest example of the problems caused by the state’s aging infrastructure. It all started at 10:30am on Sunday, when two transformers at a water treatment plant… […]

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Law Firm Drops Him As A Client Amid Ongoing Bankruptcy Revelations

With post-mortem after post-mortem after FTX port-mortem piling up, even as the questions surrounding the world’s biggest crypto fraud and bankruptcy pile up at an even faster pace amid a breathless demand for answers – like where did all that $8 billion really go – on Saturday we learned that as part of the firm’s shambolic bankruptcy process, FTX won’t even disclose its […]

Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Refers to Ongoing War in Iraq Because ‘That’s Where My Son Died’

“I’m thinking of Iraq because that’s where my son died,” he added, as an excuse for the verbal slip. Source

Four youth killed in the last 24 hours amidst ongoing Israeli wave of extra-judicial assassinations

Israel has revived its decades-old policy of “liquidation” in an attempt to quell the rising tide of armed Palestinian resistance, adopting extra-judicial assassination. Source

Community groups and activists pivot to mutual aid amid ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

After major flooding last week and years of infrastructural neglect, 150,000 residents of Jackson, Mississippi have been left without safe drinking water, leaving community groups scrambling to address the crisis. “We’re always on alert, and we’re always in the community,” said Efren Nuñez, an organizer with the Jackson-based Immigrant Alliance for Justice & Equality, while distributing […]

Sex and Violence in the South Korean Army – Investigations are Ongoing

It often happens that, after describing a loud scandal when it only flares up, the author abandons the topic, and the audience never finds out how it ended. Avoiding this, the author tries from time to time to look at the development of the sad stories he wrote about earlier – for example, about the […]

Israeli Circles: Indirect Maritime Talks with Lebanon Ongoing under Pressure of Time Set by Hezbollah

August 3, 2022 Source: Al-Manar English Website The Zionist circles indicated that the indirect talks to demarcate the maritime borders with Lebanon are ongoing under the pressure of the time set by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah. Sayyed Nasrallah had set September as a deadline for either an agreement that gives Lebanon all its offshore […]

Derrick Broze Interview – Ongoing Multi-State Investigation Of ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’ In Utah

Joining me today is Derrick Broze, here to discuss his ongoing investigation into the Utah County Sheriff’s Office allegations of ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’, as well as the history of these types of cases in Utah and the Mormon Church specifically.  ( (   Video Source Links (In Chronological Order): Links Coming Shortly…   Bitcoin […]

Global Food Crisis: Ukrainian Farmers Fearing ‘Hell’ Harvest Amid Ongoing Invasion

Ukrainian farmers are reportedly preparing for a “hell” harvest season, with physical and financial dangers looking to prevent them from reaping, transporting and selling their crops.

Why the Nakba is an ongoing process

Last month marked 74 years since the foundation of the state of Israel on the rubble of Palestine. This is known to the Palestinians as Al Nakba, The Catastrophe. Some 800,000 Palestinians were driven out of Palestine by Zionist militias at the barrel of a gun. Yet Palestine lives on — in the everyday reality […]

AP Admits Silent Genocide Ongoing, While Ex-Pfizer VP Says There’s Evidence of a Vaccine Killing Machine

Above image: Chart showing pattern of differences in death reports associated with vaccine batches, For the first time, major media has acknowledged that a quiet genocide has been taking place since the beginning of 2021, the year of the COVID vaccines rollout, in the form of a 40% increase in mortality, mostly among young adults, […]

GMO food labeling regulations go into effect Jan. 1, but face ongoing litigation by the Center for Food Safety

While a new federal law that requires the labeling of genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms goes into effect today, the Center for Food Safety’s ongoing litigation against the final labeling regulations claims deception. The final GMO food labeling regulations, which were issued by the Trump administration’s USDA, “leave the majority of GMO-derived foods unlabeled; […]

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