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McDonald’s Stores Hit By Multi-Nation “Technology Outage”

A major technology outage forced McDonald’s stores in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom to either shutter operations or suspend online ordering on Friday, CNN reported. “Many stores across the country have temporarily suspended operations,” McDonald’s Japan wrote in an X post, adding, “There is currently a system failure.”  “We are aware of a technology […]

Starbucks & McDonald’s Say Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Hurting Business

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza is hurting McDonald’s and Starbuck’s sales in the Middle East. The company’s fourth-quarter revenues, which were released on Monday, were below market expectations, with the burger […] The post Starbucks & McDonald’s Say Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Hurting Business appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

McDonald’s says Israel boycotts are hurting its business 

McDonald’s on Monday said the ongoing tensions in the Middle East are putting a dent in its business. In its fourth quarter and full-year 2023 report released Monday, the Chicago-based burger chain said sales in its licensed markets business — which includes most of its Middle East locations — increased by only 0.7 percent in… […]

McDonald’s franchise sues Israel boycott movement – The campaign has been accused of harming the brand in Malaysia by means of defamatory social media posts-IN OTHER WORDS, BY TELLING THE TRUTH

If an individual or a company is in bed with a criminally insane demonically possessed mass murderer, be it another individual or a crime cabal masquerading as a country One is guilty of accessory to mass murder. That’s a hanging offense. It has always amazed me the child rapers, the child murderers, the land stealers, […]

San Francisco McDonald’s Shuts Down After 30 Years amid City’s Decline

A McDonald’s in downtown San Francisco, California, has shut down as the city grapples with numerous issues plaguing businesses in the area. Source

McDonald’s records increase in PROFITS – thanks to HIGHER PRICES of menu items

(NaturalNews) Fast-food giant McDonald’s has reported an increase in profits for the latest quarter, which it attributed to “strategic menu price… Source

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Released Mice Inside 3 McDonald’s Restaurants

Several McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. have been filled with dozens of live mice, released by pro-Palestinian activists who have accused the fast-food giant of supporting Israel. The latest incident featured a group of masked men entering a McDonald’s in Birmingham, England shouting “Free Palestine” and throwing a box of mice on the floor near […]

‘Free Palestine’ Protester Throws Box of Live Mice Into McDonald’s

A man wearing a Palestine flag bandana threw a cardboard carton full of apparently spray-painted live mice into a McDonald’s. Source

Wholesome McDonald’s Japan Ad Sends Shockwaves Throughout the Internet

A wholesome McDonald’s Japan ad featuring a family of red heads eating a meal while laughing and playing is breaking the internet. McDonald's Japan made a burger ad that isn't pushing some bizarre, anti-human agenda and people are actually blown away — Stonetoss Comics (@stone_toss) September 22, 2023 Westerners were shocked to see an […]

McDonald’s Found Liable for Hot Chicken McNugget that Burned Girl

McDonald’s was found liable Thursday for a hot Chicken McNugget that fell from a Happy Meal and allegedly burned a four-year-old girl, causing second-degree burns. Now, the company, as well as its franchise owner, Upchurch Foods, is waiting to hear how much it will need to pay the child and her mother. Source

McDonald’s Temporarily Closes U.S. Offices as It Prepares for Layoffs

The fast-food megacorporation McDonald’s has temporarily closed its U.S. offices in preparation for a wave of layoffs as part of the company’s restructuring plan. Source

McDonald’s worker Shot in the Neck over Serving Cold Fries

A 20-year-old man has been arrested for shooting a McDonald’s worker in the neck outside a Brooklyn store, leaving him in critical condition, after they got into an over cold fries. The unidentified worker, 23, is now clinging to life at Brookdale Hospital after being shot about 7pm on Monday. The incident unfolded after the […]

Congressman Larry McDonald on the American Deep State and its quest to enable World Government; circa 1983

At a time when terms like “conspiracy,” “New World Order,” “World Government,” “Illuminati” and “Deep State” raised eyebrows, one American Congressman was actively drawing attention to them. His prescient warnings are as true as they were in 1983. The post Congressman Larry McDonald on the American Deep State and its quest to enable World Government; […]

At Least 8 Shot, 2 Fatally, Outside a McDonald’s in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

At least eight people were shot, two of them fatally, outside a Chicago McDonald’s Thursday night about 10:40 p.m.

McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Starbucks Halt Russian Sales, Russia Set To Be Healthiest Nation On Earth

Family preparing food together Major global corporations including McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Starbucks have recently announced they will be ending their operations in Russia to protest the Ukraine war. The unprecedented move by the consumer giants has left many people wondering if Russians are really being punished — or if the closures of McDonalds, Starbucks, […]

Why McDonald’s Closing All Restaurants In Russia Is ‘Hugely Symbolic’

McDonald’s, an icon of post-Soviet Russia, has said it will temporarily close all its 847 restaurants in the country in a move commentators described as “hugely symbolic.” The fast-food chain, the latest Western company to shutter operations in the country after its troops invaded Ukraine, said it would go on paying salaries to its 62,000 […]

McDonald’s Banned from Building Fast Food Chain at Rome’s Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla were built from 212 to 216 AD during the rule of Emperor Caracalla, formally known as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, who reigned between 198 to 217 AD. This enormous and iconic Roman structure was at one time ablaze with luxury marbles, mosaics, and sculptures, and historians estimate that between 6,000 and 8,000 […]

Apple App Store Analysis: McDonald’s Passes DoorDash, Walmart, and Disney

McDonald’s Corp.’s stock has been trending higher during the month of November and the company’s app is moving up with it. The fast-food app began the month ranked 45th, but has since seen download volume and usage surge. The McDonald’s app is ranked 18th in the “Top Free Apps” category in Apple Inc’s app store as […]

McDonald’s Introduces Limited Run Of Finely Aged 1992 Vintage McRibs

CHICAGO IL—It’s been a rough year, but Americans have completely forgotten their troubles with the glorious and completely unexpected return of the McRib. To mark the momentous occasion, McDonald’s is introducing a very limited run of their finest 28-year-aged barbeque pork sandwich, called the McRib Vintage.  “We are proud to offer this very rare culinary […]

Man Killed In ‘Freak Accident’ At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window

A fast food customer was killed in what police called a “freak accident” at the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s in Vancouver, Canada.  Vancouver police said the man opened his door to get something he dropped from his window while paying, setting off last week’s tragedy. As he opened the door and leaned out, the car […]

McDonald’s Employees Walk Out

Above Photo: The Bradford Franchise Of McDonald’s Has Brought In Staff From Nearby New York Area Franchises To Remain In Operation While They Recover From A Mass Employee Walk Out Over The Weekend. Daniella Griesbaum. Bradford, Pennsylvania – Citing unresolved complaints, disparities in wages with other businesses, staffing shortages and issues with building maintenance, the […]

UK McDonald’s Runs Out of Milkshakes Amid Supply Chain Chaos

Home » Economy, Europe, Social » UK McDonald’s Runs Out of Milkshakes Amid Supply Chain Chaos     Supply chain disruptions continue to pile up for McDonald’s with milkshakes and bottled drinks pulled from its menu at 1,250 British restaurants, according to Bloomberg. “Like most retailers, we are currently experiencing some supply chain issues, impacting […]

How Ben & Jerry’s got on Israel’s ‘terrorism’ radar, and McDonald’s didn’t

The constantly rolling news item is Ben & Jerry’s decision not to sell its ice cream in Occupied Palestinian Territory in the West Bank – not least because of the vociferous Israeli response, with its whopping support of the illegal settlements. This response includes a concerted long-term campaign from the top of the government to […]

Massive internet outage: FedEx, Delta and McDonald’s go down

The outages coincided with reports of system disruptions from Akamai and Oracle – two key providers of internet infrastructure services.It is unclear whether the Akamai and Oracle issues are related to the website disruptions, however. Oracle said Thursday afternoon that its outage was the result of Akamai’s service disruption. “We are monitoring a global issue […]

McDonald’s Employee Who Said ‘My Pleasure’ Under Fire For Appropriating Chick-Fil-A Culture

McDonald’s Employee Who Said ‘My Pleasure’ Under Fire For Appropriating Chick-Fil-A Culture FRANKLIN, TN—”OK, that’ll be two Big Mac meals supersized with sweet teas? No problem, that’ll be $22.37 at the first window,” said McDonald’s employee Bridget Etherton just before her shift ended on Friday. If she’d just stopped talking, her life would have continued […]

McDonald’s Drive Thru Backs Up For Miles As Dr. Fauci Keeps Changing His Mind

McDonald’s Drive Thru Backs Up For Miles As Dr. Fauci Keeps Changing His Mind WASHINGTON, D.C.—A beltway McDonald’s caused a major traffic jam yesterday, as the drive-thru backed up for miles while Dr. Fauci spent several hours trying to decide the right order. “Ooo now does the Big Mac come with nuggets? No? Let’s do […]

McDonald’s SPIES on its employees seeking minimum wage of $15 per hour – media

Fast food giant McDonald’s has reportedly set up a team of ‘intelligence analysts’ to monitor and gather data on employees suspected of being members of the ‘Fight For $15’ movement, which seeks a minimum wage hike. The damning revelation on the alleged in-house espionage practiced by McDonald’s was published by Vice’s Motherboard on Wednesday. The […]

90-Day Protest Begins At McDonald’s Headquarters

Above photo: McDonald’s franchise owner/operator James Byrd speaks at a news conference outside the restaurant chain’s global headquarters in the West Loop. Byrd, his brother and other activists urged McDonald’s to end what they say is systemic racism that has denied Black franchisees equal opportunities. Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times. Black franchise owners allege discrimination. James Byrd argued McDonald’s […]

McDonald’s to Add Self-Order Kiosks to 1,000 Stores Each Quarter

McDonald’s to Add Self-Order Kiosks to 1,000 Stores Each Quarter June 4th, 2018 Via: CNBC: As McDonald’s seeks to modernize its business, the company is placing a big bet on mobile and other tech platforms. McDonald’s has been systematically adding self-service ordering kiosks and […]

Trump Convinces North Korea To Open Their First McDonald’s

President Donald Trump has convinced Kim Jong-un to open McDonald’s restaurants in Pyongyang – a sign that North Korea is willing to embrace Western culture and capitalism.  As a show of goodwill, the North Korean leader says he wants the “Western hamburger franchise” to flourish in the country, as tensions between the two countries ease. reports: “This […]

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