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McDonald’s franchise sues Israel boycott movement – The campaign has been accused of harming the brand in Malaysia by means of defamatory social media posts-IN OTHER WORDS, BY TELLING THE TRUTH

If an individual or a company is in bed with a criminally insane demonically possessed mass murderer, be it another individual or a crime cabal masquerading as a country One is guilty of accessory to mass murder. That’s a hanging offense. It has always amazed me the child rapers, the child murderers, the land stealers, […]

Nolte: Vanity Fair Confirms Death of ‘Star Wars’ Film Franchise

Vanity Fair published a 90 gazillion word boot-lick to Disney’s Star Wars franchise that eventually sputters to a close with the only information that matters… As a film franchise, “Star Wars” is dead:

The Plot To Franchise The White Helmets Worldwide

I sat down with my coffee this beautiful Australian morning to watch two of my favorite independent media figures jam together in a Corbett Report interview of renowned independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley. About two-thirds of the way through, I nearly fell out of my chair. At 24:30 of the clip, the following bone-chilling conversation takes place about […]

Syrians Protest against Israeli Occupation and Planned Annexation of the Golan Heights

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Syrians in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights rallied in protest against the Israeli occupation, illegal oppression of Syrian culture and identity, outspoken plans to permanently annex the Syrian territory and Israel’s use of the Golan for military action against Syria and the support of Al-Qaeda and ISIL linked insurgents in […]

Former U.S. Air Force Officer Warns of Atmospheric Spraying (Geoengineering) and the Coming Collapse

5th May 2016 By Dane Wigington and Col. Randall Smith Ph.D Guest writers for Wake Up World The great unraveling is gaining momentum by the day, and even now, the majority of the masses are fast asleep at the wheel. Our skies look like something from an apocalyptic future, our trees are dying, our oceans are dying, our planet is […]

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