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Future in question for Chicago Loop Synagogue and stained-glass window

CHICAGO  — Just three stories high and hemmed into a small 5,000-square-foot lot, the building at 16 S. Clark St. is a small jewel box situated amid this city’s dense urban fabric. Exuding an aura of cool simplicity, the structure’s facade is composed of glass, metal and concrete planes. Its name is etched in delicate […]

Eight-Year-Old Tosses Mattress from Burning Chicago Home’s Window, Leaps to Safety

An eight-year-old girl in Chicago whose mom was at work tossed a mattress from her third-story window when a fire broke out and jumped on it to escape, a fire official stated Thursday. “Firefighters who arrived at the burning apartment on the city’s South Side just before midnight Wednesday found the girl safe outside,” the […]

How coronavirus opened a window of opportunity for the UAE

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Open the window of rapprochement cautiously

TEHRAN- The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made an agreement on Feb. 21 on Iran’s parliamentary law in regard to suspending the implementation of the Additional Protocol to the NPT.  Called “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interest of Iranian Nation”, the law obligates the […]

Iranian FM warns Biden the ‘window for cooperation is closing rapidly,’ as Tehran threatens to deviate further from nuclear pact

Iran’s foreign minister has warned that Tehran is willing to take further action and reduce cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors if the US and European powers fail to comply with the nuclear pact. “With the new government in Washington, there is an opportunity to try a new approach, but the current window is […]

11-Year-Old Survives Fire, Jumps from Second-Floor Window to Save Family

An 11-year-old boy survived a blaze and a jump from a second-floor window to save his family from an apartment fire. Antonio Brown, 11, said he awoke to the smell of smoke. So Brown immediately tried to hatch an escape plan to save his ten-year-old brother. “I just woke him up, and I unlocked the […]

German synagogue’s window shattered in alleged antisemitic attack

A large concrete block shattered the windows of a synagogue in Essen, Germany, in what is being investigated as an antisemitic attack, the Hebrew website N12 reported. A suspect was caught over the weekend on security footage throwing the block at the synagogue after being seen by Jewish community members wandering the area. The block landed in […]

England planning Christmas ‘travel window’ allowing students to return home in December

The UK government has said university students will be able to travel home to spend Christmas with their families during a “travel window” after national lockdown restrictions are set to end on December 2. “We know this Christmas will feel different, and following this incredibly difficult year, we are delivering on our commitment to getting students back to their loved ones as safely as possible […]

National Socialist English King Throws Fag Jew out of Window – Rescues Monarchy from Homophile Hebrew Subversion

Not My Gentle Son [embedded content] Jews are behind the pedo fag homo agenda. Jews want your son to be a cocksucking fag. 00

Time Capsule of the House of the Tesserae Opens Window into the Past

In 2017 archaeologists in Jordan unearthed a time capsule dating back over a thousand years. The House of the Tesserae was fortuitously preserved after an earthquake struck the Jordanian city of Jerash in the 8 th century AD. The early Islamic building is particularly significant due to the surprising discovery of a mosaic studio found […]

Runestone Discovered in Sweden Provides Window Into Viking Past

While plowing a field on his family farm in Småland, southern Sweden, Lennart Larsson came across a large stone. Larsson put the stone, which is 6 feet high (2 m) and 3 feet wide (1 m), to one side and planned to use it as a stepping stone for a new staircase in his home. […]

WATCH: L.A. Rioters Drive Car Through Store Window After Officer-Involved Shooting

A group of rioters got behind the wheel of a car and smashed it through a store window in Los Angeles on Monday night, in the wake of an officer-involved shooting of a black man. The incident occurred shortly after 9 PST, as the car smashed what appears to be a parking meter and was […]

Trump Administration Rejects New DACA Applications, Shortens Renewal Window Despite Supreme Court Betrayal


“I have a dream… that I’ll never have to go live in that shithole Mexico with other Mexican shitholers. I have a dream… that I’ll be able to live around white people forever.” Remember a few days ago when people were all flipping out saying President Trump was going to legalize the […]

Pedophile-chasing cop jumps from 13th FLOOR WINDOW to nab suspect in Kazakhstan

Police Major Bakytzhan Bakirov was taking part in an operation to apprehend a man, who had earlier broken into an apartment in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, stealing a large sum of money and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. Bonny & Clyde, who? WATCH 10yo carjacker FLEE Russian cops with 4yo toddler as ‘accomplice’ Bakirov had […]

DIY daredevil: Man clings to 12th story balcony while fixing window (VIDEO)

The bizarre DIY attempt was filmed by a curious neighbor in the Siberian city of Tyumen, after they spotted a man fitting a window on the 12th floor of a residential building without any safety harness. In the short video, the workman can be seen standing precariously on a brickwork ledge while holding what appears […]

‘Everyone will die’: Window issue sparks fears of jetliner disaster (VIDEO)

The incident took place on a budget flight in Chile earlier this week. The passenger filmed the issue of concern and the video quickly went viral after being posted to Imgur with the caption “should I be concerned or…?” So what was the problem? The window frame was coming loose thousands of feet in the […]

Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor

@Phil Yep. You have a New York Jew that genuinely hates the Gazans. From the sounds of it he’s never met a Gazan so this is all a product of poisonous actions and rhetoric. There is a solution to that. The sort of shared humanity reconciliation type approach that peace activists used in the 1980s-1990s. […]

A Window Into The Horrors Of Our History

Above Photo: A sign held at a protest this week over the “Silent Sam” Confederate monument on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill quotes the racist speech given at its dedication by local industrialist and philanthropist Julian Carr. (Photo by Rodney Dunning via Flickr.) I am a child of the South. I was born in North Carolina, grew […]

Is This What You Want Outside Your Bedroom Window?

By Catherine J. Frompovich 5G is creating an environmental nightmare in more ways than technology addicts even can imagine! Since 5G waves don’t travel very far, innovative ‘cell towers’ of all shapes, types and sizes—including that of a refrigerator size—most likely will be ‘planted’ on a pole of some sort outside most buildings, […]

Face Mapping — The Window To Your Health and Wellbeing

August 18th, 2017 By Isabelle Clover Guest writer for Wake Up World Next time you look in the mirror, you may see yourself very differently… “Face mapping,” a practice that began over 5,000 years ago in China, is now becoming more and more popular among health practitioners to help diagnose, prevent, and cure disease. It […]

The Man in the Window Hoax of the Grenfell Fire Catastrophe Scam


Trooper Arrested After Smashing 19 Year Olds Head Through Car Window

A Louisiana State Police trooper was arrested and charged with simple battery in New Orleans Thursday (June 15) after being accused of kicking a handcuffed man and smashing that man’s head through the rear window of a patrol unit, the State Police announced. Trooper John Neal, 55, was on […]

Your Mouth Is A Window Into Your Health: Dental Industry Scams & How To Detox Your Mouth

So many of us who are interested in health completely disregard our teeth and our mouths. We forget that our bodies are a holistic and interconnected system, one that can only function optimally if everything is running smoothly. If your liver wasn’t working properly, it would affect your entire body. Well, the same could be said about […]

Video: Detroit Cop Rips Out Window then Attacks Man in Violent Arrest

The American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Taylor Police Department to open an investigation in response to dashcam video of a 2016 arrest it calls “terrifying” and “violent.” The ACLU sent a letter dated May 23 asking the downriver Detroit suburb’s police department to review the stop, retrain […]

Cops Now Checking Bicycle Speed with Radar and Ticketing “Fast Bikers”

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project San Francisco, CA — As if threatening government force to extort money from drivers who exceed an arbitrary limit of speed on the highway is not bad enough, police in California will begin issuing tickets to speeding bicyclists as well. Earlier this […]

UN investigates new sexual abuse complaints in Central African Republic

The new allegations received by the UN Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) refer to incidents which occurred in 2014 and 2015 in the Kemo prefecture, according to UN spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric. One of the accusations involves a minor and members of the Burundian military contingent. “The allegations are in connection with the alleged […]

*BREAKING NEWS!* Black Lives Matter, Muslims, Illegal Aliens TRASH Trump Rally- Here’s What We Know [VIDEOS]


Cop Spots Something Familiar About Homeless Man, What He Has Made Him Drop To His Knees…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Here we have another wonderful story about the kindness and generosity of a police officer who went beyond the call of duty. This story is out of Pheonix, Arizona and the video captures a heartwarming moment between a homeless man and police officer. Phoenix Police Officer Marc Valenzuela responded to a call […]

Ankara decision to down Russian Su-24 bomber wrong – pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party leader

“We criticized the government’s actions when the Russian plane was taken down,” Selahattin Demirtas said at the joint meeting adding there can be problems between states, but there should always be open doors for political and diplomatic settlements. He also said: “A solution that won’t harm our two nations should be found.” Tensions between Russia […]

Book Review: “Crooked Brooklyn” Tells Tales Of Criminal Cops

Crooked Brooklyn is a sort of memoir by former District Attorney Michael Vecchione, and is replete with behind-the-scenes stories from the perspective of a dedicated prosecutor. Vecchione’s career involved prosecution of plenty of mobsters, gang members, and vicious criminals of the traditional sort, to be sure, but the book also details some fairly heinous corruption and crime […]

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