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Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke Says Muslims and ‘Godless’ People Unfit to Hold Public Office

In November, the National Association of Christian Lawmakers announced that Republican state Rep. E. Werner Reschke had been named the organization’s “state chair” in Oregon. The National Association of Christian Lawmakers is a collection of right-wing state and federal legislators and religious-right activists dedicated to electing “godly leaders in our nation at every level” for […]

‘Christocrat’ Rick Scarborough Aims to Take Over Texas School Boards From the ‘Godless Educrats’

In 2021, Rick Scarborough, a self-described “Christocrat,” strident anti-LGBTQ activist, and longtime critic of public education, set his sites on taking over school boards in three Houston-area school districts. Scarborough was optimistic about his chances of having conservative Christians take over the school board because, he said, “most people don’t vote.” “We’re gonna win this Houston school board if the […]

Godless Britain: Christian Factory Worker Fired for Wearing Cross Necklace

A Christian factory worker in the UK has won £22,000 in compensation after being fired for wearing a cross necklace at work.

Will ‘Godless liberalism’ Force Russia to Close Its ‘Window on the West’?

December 31, 2021 By Robert Bridge Source The problem is finding a way to shield the vulnerable, particularly the youth, from adverse influences without restricting personal freedoms. For centuries, Russia has been open to adopting popular Western traditions, but as the invasive cultural weed known as progressive liberalism enters the scene, Moscow is now forced […]

Greg Locke Rants That Freemasonry Is ‘An Illuminati, Godless, Wicked Organization’

Radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke dedicated nearly 10 minutes of the Wednesday night sermon he delivered at his Global Vision Bible Church to ranting about the Freemasons. After initially declaring that he just wanted to have a nice worship service with his congregation, Locke eventually worked himself up into fury as he screamed that the […]

Video: ‘You are godless atheists’ –Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten

We received the following two videos and report from Human Rights Defenders and Badia Dwaik yesterday –Editor. On Saturday morning [February 10], a group of settlers led by the notorious Anat Cohen gathered by the door to the kindergarten of a Palestinian school in Hebron and attempted to break into the building. The school is […]

Putin’s Team is United: Talk of a Purge is Wrong

by Alexander Mercouris for the Duran As the Russian government weathers a period of unpopularity caused by the recession, there is talk that Putin is about to purge his cabinet, but this is almost certainly wrong. An article has recently appeared in The Huffington Post which discusses rumours of an imminent purge of liberals from […]

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