Greg Locke Rants That Freemasonry Is ‘An Illuminati, Godless, Wicked Organization’

Radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke dedicated nearly 10 minutes of the Wednesday night sermon he delivered at his Global Vision Bible Church to ranting about the Freemasons.

After initially declaring that he just wanted to have a nice worship service with his congregation, Locke eventually worked himself up into fury as he screamed that the Freemasons are an “Illuminati, godless, wicked organization” and told those in attendance that if they have a Masonic Bible in their home, they must burn it because “that thing’s got demonic spirits attached to it.”

“If you have any affiliation with a Masonic Lodge whatsoever, you better break that wicked, demonic nonsense out of your life,” Locke said. “I’m telling you the Masonic Lodge is an Illuminati, godless, wicked organization that has nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.”

“I don’t care what your granddaddy told you,” he continued to rant. “I’m telling you this Satanism. … Some of you need to go home, and I don’t care if your granddaddy’s great-granddaddy’s great-granddaddy’s great-great-great granddaddy was on the ark with Noah, you need to get rid of that Masonic Bible that you got in your living room because that thing’s got demonic spirits attached to it, and you ought to get rid of it and burn it in the name of God.”

“It’s a sexually perverted, explicit, vile cult is exactly what the Masonic lodge is,” Locke declared. “It’s straight up witchcraft. … It’s evil as Hell. It’s wicked as the devil. It’s nothing but full-blown Satanism.”

“Did you know you can’t name a president except Trump who ain’t been a Mason?” Locke added, claiming that Masons place special symbols on their cars so that they won’t get ticketed by the police. “They do that to keep from getting a ticket because, guess what? If a cop is a Mason and he pulls over Mason, he’s got an obligation not to give a Mason a ticket. You ever wonder why murderers and rapists and pedophiles and junkies get off so easily? Because if a judge is a Mason, he can’t condemn and judge another Mason.”


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