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Two Florida women caught dressing as seniors to receive priority Covid vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine is so coveted that two women in Florida went to extremes Wednesday to get inoculated: They dressed as if they were elderly, health officials said. The women, both younger than 45, wore bonnets, gloves and glasses to disguise themselves as older than 65, the age cut-off to be prioritised to get the […]

Group of Young Chinese Computer Programmers Are Cross-Dressing Faggots

So a bunch of geeky gooks have taken up the reprobate practice of cross-dressing. SCMP: A small and growing community of Chinese programmers is pushing boundaries by coding while cross-dressing and cosplaying as female characters, wearing schoolgirl uniforms and lacy Lolita dresses. While the Japanese-influenced trend is not new, it has been attracting wider attention […]

Nine reasons to eat an orange (plus a recipe for orange salad dressing)

(Natural News) A versatile fruit, the orange offers other benefits aside from abundant levels of vitamin C. Various scientific studies have determined that oranges have a lot of medicinal properties. Oranges contain a lot of compounds that are good for your health. Below are nine of its “well-established therapeutic applications” which are detailed in […]

Cross-Dressing Pedophile Who Raped Girl Moved To Female Prison

A cross-dressing pedophile who raped a 15-year-old girl could be moved to a female prison due to a ridiculous new law. David Ayrton says he identifies as a girl, and despite his brutal rape of a girl in Portsmouth in 2004, the UK government looks set to fulfil his wishes and incarcerate him in a […]

Why Palestinian Davids will defeat the Zionist Goliath – Veterans Today

Max Blumenthal isn’t the only one noticing which side is the bully and which is the underdog. In this case, bet on the underdog. By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor I was recently interviewed by the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network about the new intifada in Occupied Palestine. Below is a link and transcript. […]

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