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The children who died … heartbreaking stories of just three

From Story at-a-glance “Shot Dead The Movie,” tells the heartbreaking stories of children who died after receiving COVID-19 shots. Their parents are left behind to pick up the pieces, wondering how and why a shot they were assured was safe took the lives of their children, ranging in age from newborn to 18. While […]

5 Heartbreaking Roman Myths That’ll Captivate You

Roman myths are an integral part of the ancient Roman civilization, and their significance extends far beyond their religious context. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe Read Later  Source

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma eyes exponential growth in multi-million market for autism drugs

(Natural News) The global Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) treatment market is projected to reach $11.42 billion by 2028, growing from $9.01 billion in 2021, according to a market research report by 360 Research Reports and announced in a press release on Monday. (Article by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. republished from It’s the latest in a series of reports published over the last 12 months predicting […]

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs

‘Heartbreaking’: Pharma Eyes Exponential Growth in Multi-Billion Market for Autism Drugs The global Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment market is projected to reach $11.42 billion by 2028, according to a new report by 360 Research Reports. Critics called the report “heartbreaking” and called for more focus on prevention by keeping “toxicants out of kids’ bodies.” By  […]

Russian Conscript Who Committed Suicide Leaves Heartbreaking Letter Addressed To His Wife

The conditions that ethnic Russians are forced to endure can only be compared to Red Army policy under Joseph Stalin. Source

Detransitioner Gives Heartbreaking Testimony: ‘There’s No Fixing It’

A woman who previously attempted to transition to become a man and is now detransitioning opened up about her heartbreaking story and the consequences of transitioning. 

Remains of more than 200 children found at site of Canadian indigenous school in ‘heartbreaking’ tragedy

The remains of 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, have been found buried on a site that was once Canada’s largest indigenous residential school, in what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described as a reminder of a “shameful chapter” in the country’s history. More than 150,000 First Nations children were required to attend […]

Queen Elizabeth Sits Alone At Prince Philip’s Funeral In Heartbreaking Image

Queen Elizabeth said her final goodbyes to her beloved husband of over 70 years, Prince Philip, at a funeral service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday. She arrived at the chapel in a state Bentley alongside her lady in waiting, Lady Susan Hussey, before taking her seat. An image of the grieving queen, […]

Heartbreaking Video Shows Cops Kill Mentally Ill Mom as Her Two Toddlers Scream in Horror

Alta Sierra, CA — Video and audio was released this week illustrating the horrifying effects of sending untrained armed militants to deal with the mentally ill instead of professionals. On February 4, 33-year-old Sage Crawford’s two children watched from just a few feet away as Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies killed their mom who was in […]

Heartbreaking: A Year Later, Goose Still Waits for Spouse who was Killed

Oregon Live reports the workers enjoyed the beautiful sight and were friendly to the geese, who in turn felt at ease near the workers. But then, a truck driver accidentally hit one of the geese. The driver decided to bring the goose inside the building that contained health clinics. However, the poor goose didn’t survive […]

BANA: The Heartbreaking Story of Child Exploitation, Propaganda and Media Falsehood

IMAGE: JK Rowling author of Harry Potter has been instrumental in propagating the Bana myth on social media. By Tim Hayward “This is child exploitation to create the propaganda that promoted the terrorists in East Aleppo and was being used to destroy Syria” ~ Khaled Iskef Bana is safe now in Turkey, and my dearest wish […]


A mysterious phenomenon has been affecting the waters of the Jordan River in Eastern Israel, near its junction with the Yarmouk River. Thousands of dead fish and aquatic animals have accumulated on the shores of the river over the last hours, as the color of the water has turned to an eerie blood red and began […]

Robot Escapes Lab And Makes A Break For Freedom In Russia

A crafty robot was able to escape the clutches of scientific research and make a dash for freedom outside a research lab in Perm, Russia on Tuesday. The robot, named Promobot, was being taught to move around on its own when a worker reportedly left a gate open. Promobot traveled about 164 feet, stopping in […]

The rise of citizen science: Mike Adams reveals why private citizens produce more honest science than governments or corporations

(NaturalNews) You don’t have to be an academic to be a scientist. Citizen science is growing globally. Communities with an amateur interest in science have helped classify galaxies, detect signs of disease, and unearth toxic metals in our food. But why is citizen science on the rise? To answer that question, no single […]

US airstrikes vaporize more than $500 million in ISIS cash reserves

     The U.S. believes that airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have destroyed more than $500 million in cash that ISIS used to pay its fighters and fund its terror and military operations. That is probably a low estimate, as one U.S. official told ABC News that the figure is in “the high hundreds of millions […]

Little shop of horrors: MI couple arrested for black market body-selling ring

     Anything involving over 1,000 body parts is going to be gruesome. Arthur and Elizabeth Rathburn of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, were arrested over their alleged involvement in a black market body-selling ring that exposed others to diseased parts. Arthur Rathburn, 62, was once a respected University of Michigan morgue attendant who held patents related […]

Iraqi forces wipe-out 80 ISIL terrorists in Mosul and Beiji

     The Iraqi army and Popular Forces killed tens of ISIL terrorists in the cities of Mosul and Beiji. The Iraqi forces killed 20 ISIL militants in the Western parts of Mosul and 60 others in the Western parts of Beiji, some 250 kilometers North of Baghdad, an Iraqi security source said. The casualties were […]

Refugees refusing to leave bus in ‘too cold’ Swedish village to be removed

From: Swedish authorities were called on Wednesday to remove a group of refugees who have refused to get off a bus after being taken to a village three days ago, saying it was “too cold” and isolated. “There are 14 people inside and around the buses who don’t want to […]

Russia will develop technology to counter US anti-missile system in Europe

     Chief designer of the Russian “Radio-Electronic Technology Concern” Yuri Majevski said that the enterprise is working on measures which would counter the deployment of the US anti-missile defense system in Europe. The need for a corresponding response to the deployment of the US missile defense system near Russian borders was previously announced by former […]

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