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World War II Was a Psy Op to Kill Goyim

Martin Bormann, who signed Hitler’s paycheck and knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy.  The book “Op JB” (1996) by John Ainsworth-Davis describes how he and Ian Fleming rescued Bormann from the ruins of Berlin in 1945. James Bond was modeled on Ainsworth-Davis who was an Illuminati sex slave and mass murderer.  He may have […]

Goyim Conceded Defeat in 1882

(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician,  and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to  roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 “Anti-Jewish Conference.”)  Is this why Dresden was so maliciously destroyed Feb. 14, 1945?          […]

Depopulation – Satanists Contrive World Wars to Kill Goyim

Left. “Testament of Youth,” poignantly dramatizes how the First Judeo Masonic World War destroyed young lives. Satanists on both sides start wars to kill Patriots and Christians Western Civilization Died on the Somme a Century Ago On July 1,1916, General Douglas Haig, a Freemason, began the Battle of the Somme which by November resulted in the death of one […]

Why Do the Goyim Allow Jews to Control Everything?

America Is a Gentile Nation So why do we allow a fifth-column faction of elite Jews to control us? The author doesn’t mention we gave our national credit cards to people  who want to destroy us. These devils sign our pay checks. We are their bitches. As the plandemic showed, people will do anything for […]

Mike Stone – Jewish COVIDscam Still Hasn’t Registered on Dumb Goyim

(The agenda of Organized Jewry, i.e. the WEF) Now here we are four years later  and people are so fundamentally stupid  and asleep at the wheel  that they still don’t understand what really happened.  Americans are set to re-elect vaccine murderer Donald Trump. by Mike Stone ( We’re nearing the four year anniversary of the great […]

Do the Jews Believe that the Goyim Are Equal?

  Notice that the Jews don’t use the name of Yahweh.  They say “HaShem”, “The Name.”  So what name do they prefer?   Interesting, indeed!  The interviewer actually invokes Gen. 3:15! Notice that the rabbi at the ten-minute mark says “You have to read between the lines.”  He’s a Talmudist. We present. You decide. The […]

Freemasonry Ensures Goyim Serve Jewish Supremacy

Fat smug stupid goyim betray society for personal gain. Most of our political leaders are Freemasons and serve the satanic (Communist) globalist agenda. From this satanic focus extends a ubiquitous web of deceptive control over life on earth.  Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, in 1897 in Switzerland, said: “Masonic lodges established all over the world […]

Straight Goyim Midwestern & Southern White Boys Wanted For Cannon Fodder In IsraHell Wars

Go to YouTube and watch, then read the comments. Or Twitter. Together, we can take on any challenge. Jump into the unlimited #ArmyPossibilities to #BeAllYouCanBe at #MondayMotivation — U.S. Army (@USArmy) November 6, 2023 Midwest and Southern White boys no longer want to fight and die for people who hate them. In the […]

The “COVID-19” Scamdemic Was a Jew Cult Member Scam To Mass Holocaust the Goyim With Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Killer Jab

Holy Crap-balls Someone please explain this to me like I’m 5…? — Concerned Citizen (@BGatesIsaPyscho) October 29, 2023 Source

Oct 27 – Feckless Goyim Enlist for Third Masonic World War

This cartoon is being shadowbanned. I found it on Yandex. Please send links and comments to [email protected] US bombs Syria in an effort to provoke Iran into World War III “Things are escalating much faster than we anticipated. The U.S. has just bombed multiple targets in Syria, clearly in an effort to provoke Iran […]

Fooling the Goyim again…

To quote some interesting commentary by Miles Mathis, You do realize this makes absolutely no sense, right? A dozen bozos hang-glided over the border intoa kibbutz peace party and kidnapped 40 of the most beautiful women in Israel? So how did Hamas get those girls out of there and back across the border? The border […]

Is the Purpose of the Ukraine War to Kill Goyim? (Encore)

Latest! –-354,000 Russian and Ukraine casualties  Soon the Ukraine will be goyim-free! 1994 article by Chabad leader Mendel Schneerson: “Slav, Russian, can be destroyed but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.” “The Ukrainians would think that they are fighting against the […]

“Why do We Need So Many Goyim?” The Mentality Behind “Vaccine” Genocide

WEF mouthpiece Yuval Harari says artificial intelligence will make people redundant but he really means the goyim.  Jewish jokes suggest many of the “Chosen” have always regarded the goyim as squatters. (Most Jews are assimilated and don’t hold these views.) The goyim have gladly volunteered to collaborate in their own extinction. (Freemasonry, Communism, Feminism, diversity, […]

Gay Jewish “Classic” Taught Goyim to be Prostitutes

Dog’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s  With a Danish and coffee in hand, Holly taught modern women to chase moneyand eat on the run. “Heterosexuals are portrayed as prostitutes who must sell their souls in order to survive. ” Dog’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s  from June 8, 2013 by Henry Makow PhDIn retrospect, the movie “classic” “Breakfast at […]

“Oppenheimer” – Movie Teaches Goyim to Love Commie Traitor

(Robert Oppenheimer, 1904-1967) It’s clear from the trailer that this movie is a dud, although they’re calling it a “masterpiece.”  It’s a tired Hollywood cliche: assembling a team for a critical mission. The hydrogen bomb would guarantee world peace for all time.    Oppenheimer was a Communist Jew who gave atomic secrets to the Soviets (see below) but […]

Sociopathic jewish Scam: Christianity for the Unwitting ‘Goyim’

“It is unbelievable, but you christians do not seem to know where your religion came from, nor how, nor why. We have done our work too thoroughly; you believe our propaganda too implicitly.” Source

6 Billion Goyim Deserve to Die Because They Are Not Jewish

  This rabbi reveals the true attitude of the jooz towards the goyim:   Rabbi Yosef MIzrachi: 6 Billion People Don’t Deserve To Live (   Kill de Goyim!!   The Ultra Zionists – Banned by the BBC after Receiving Pressure from the ADL (   Please, Yahweh, fulfill the curse upon the Edomites NOW! […]

Shortages of food means more fear and panic for the goyim

Shortages of food means more fear and panic for the goyim

Goading the Goyim

Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman are goading the goyim, just like many of their tribesmen are doing. I think it’s great and I really hope they keep it up. Link Share now! Source

Rabbis: “Don’t Show Off In Front of the Goyim”

jews are not supposed to flaunt their wealth in front of the “goyim,” but instead hide it behind closed doors so that the jews can continue to pretend being poor and persecuted. WorldTruth link Share now! Source

‘Dead goyim leg’: NBC’s ‘antisemitic’ TV clip is more accurate than we’d like to admit

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

ZIONIST Jewish Gates Fearmongering Again to Us Goyim! (Jewish Derogatory Slang For Non Jews-They Hate Us Folks!)

By infostormer -February 14, 20213 Bill Gates the evil sadistic asshole who has tortured us with shitty computer operating systems like Windows Millennium Edition, is telling people that bioterrorism and climate change are what people need to be afraid of moving forward. The Hill: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates famously predicted an infectious virus was likely to kill […]

Evil Jew Faggot Admits Schemes Against the Goyim

Demonic jew admits schemes against the goyim. SUPPORT MP

Goyim R U Ready for Biden’s DARK WINTER?

You better be, since its coming. Too many of you have strayed away from our trusted MSM outlets, like the NYT, CNN & MSNBC.  As such, you’re getting too damn uppity by reading stories about nations like India opting for a sensible approach to a seasonal FLU BUG. You’re going to have to be taught […]

Top 5 Ways to Fool the Goyim

Have you ever wanted to be part of a giant scheme to take over control of the entire world so as to mass murder and enslave its inhabitants? Well, then you need to know how best to fool the goyim so that you do not face much resistance! These are time-tested techniques that will bring […]

Zionist Transdemocracy: Killing the Heterosexuals & Goyim

By infostormer -November 19, 20203 Pennsylvania has issued more lunatic coronavirus orders. One of the crazier ones they’ve issued is an order that requires everyone to wear a mask inside their homes. These orders appear to largely be the idea of the freakish Jewish tranny Rachel Levine pictured above who runs the Pennsylvania state health department. Despite […]

Merry Christmas, Goyim!

We have been hearing for a while now that we are not allowed to have a normal Christmas this year. By the way, Jake Tapper is a jew. It’s pretty telling how no one is talking about cancelling Hanukkah (or Chanukah) this year. And since we are hearing all about how COVID is devastating “minorities,” […]

Anti-Semitic Scene in Italian Movie Encourages “Goyim” to Fight ZOG & Stop Wasting Time Watching Sports

Excerpt from A Bronx Tale – Why Not to Watch Sports [embedded content] The Jew is the Disease National Socialism is the Cure

Jew Threatens Goyim: “Jewish Revenge is Coming!”

Judaic theatrics is almost as entertaining as negroid theatrics. This is how most jews think about the goyim. They lust for our blood day and night, and plot against us even while they sleep. The jewish mission in the world is to exterminate the goyim races and or enslave them on jewish plantations. They sometimes […]

Rabbi Lusts for Lots of ‘Goyim’ Blood to be Spilled – “Revenge is Coming”

This is from Rabbi Mordechai Fritzis of Thessalonika  currently in Israel according to someone), who confirms what non-jews have said about jewish Supremacy for some 2000 years, which is that they view themselves of having infinite higher value in God’s eyes than the non-jew and “view all the other nations with the hatred of enemies”- […]

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