Straight Goyim Midwestern & Southern White Boys Wanted For Cannon Fodder In IsraHell Wars

Go to YouTube and watch, then read the comments.

Or Twitter.

Midwest and Southern White boys no longer want to fight and die for people who hate them.

In the American Revolution My 2nd cousin was Commander of American forces.
Under him served two of my 3ed great grandfathers and two of my 4th great grandfathers.
I suspect there were more but I do not have the documentation on them.

In the war of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans, one of my 2nd great-grandfathers fought under my cousin General Jackson.

During the late war of yankee invasion, one great grandfather, and three great-great grandfathers fought under my cousins General Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Seated left, great grandfather Carleton who shot yankee invaders, doctored the wounded and prayed with the dying.
Seated right, my Great Grandmother who’s father fought at the battle of New Orleans.

In WW1 my grandfather was in the fields of Flanders.

Had a brother in the Korean War, a brother in the Viet Nam war, and I was in Desert Shield and Storm.

On my wife’s side, her great grandfather was with the Kentucky Mounted Rifles shooting invaders.
Her father lied about his age and fought the Japanese in the Pacific Islands.
Her brother was the Command Master Chief on an aircraft carrier.

Her great grandfather on her mother’s side was an officer in the Mexican Revolution.
Their family came to Texas after Poncho Vila’s bunch raped, robbed and murdered most of the family.

We have two grandsons.
Their father was a Marine.

They are not old enough to be cannon fodder for Israel yet, but if Israel and Washington DC still exist when they are of age, I will make DAMN sure they do not go to war for either.

Our families have paid their dues many times over.

From now on we are going to let the trannies, militant feminist and recent immigrants do their part.

The Ole Dog!


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