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‘Absolute Light’: Trans Rights Advocate Henry Berg-Brousseau Dead at 24

Transgender rights activist Henry Berg-Brousseau has died at 24, leaving behind a powerful legacy that inspired many to fight for trans justice. Berg-Brousseau was serving as the deputy press secretary for politics for Human Rights Campaign, a major advocacy group for LGBTQ+ rights in the U.S. His mother, Kentucky State Sen. Karen Berg, confirmed this […]

Steve Bannon on ‘War Room’: ‘My Son Hunter’ Is ‘Absolute Brilliant Film, Everybody’s Got to Watch This’

Steve Bannon, former Trump White House chief strategist and host of the popular “War Room” podcast, has seen My Son Hunter and his verdict is an unqualified rave, calling it an “absolute brilliant film” that “everybody’s got to watch.” “Absolutely brilliant film. Everybody’s got to watch this,” Bannon said during an interview Friday on his “War Room” podcast […]

Red Pill: Absolute Power (Not Money) Is the Corporate State’s Passion

Power begets power. It is the Freudian id‘s Holy Grail. Once they’ve gotten a taste, people tend to crave more power. Given the opportunity, they’ll go to great, and often immoral, lengths to acquire and stockpile it.

Joe Biden on Memorial Day: ‘The Constitution, the Second Amendment Was Never Absolute’

President Joe Biden pushed for more gun control on Monday, even though it was Memorial Day, a national patriotic holiday.

The Absolute HORRORS of the Social Credit System That is Coming to the Western World

A few years ago, in a book called The Game’s Afoot (published in 2018), I wrote that the Chinese Government was giving people marks according to behaviour. It was I wrote, called social engineering, and citizens were being ranked and rated according to their behaviour. By Dr Vernon Coleman ‘The Government,’ I said, ‘will measure […]

‘Absolute Chaos’ in Ukraine, Says Franklin Graham — ‘I Want the People of Ukraine to Know that God Hasn’t Forgotten Them’

Monday, Samaritan’s Purse head Franklin Graham discussed his organization’s efforts to set up a field hospital in Ukraine and its challenges in delivering supplies to those in need in the wake of the Russian invasion during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.” Graham emphasized that his organization’s mission was conducted in Jesus’ name. “Well, […]

Top university scientists respond to ‘absolute lies’ from Fauci, mainstream media

Dr. Fauci had previously publicly discredited the scientists who authored the Great Barrington Declaration, in an attempt to undermine their warnings against COVID restrictions. Drs. Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya YouTube screenshot Dr.JosephMercola Mon Feb 14, 2022 STORY AT-A-GLANCE October 4, 2020, three public health scientists launched The Great Barrington Declaration — a public health […]

‘Wow, What A Terrible Year!’ Say People Living At The Absolute Peak Of Human Civilization

‘Wow, What A Terrible Year!’ Say People Living At The Absolute Peak Of Human Civilization U.S.—According to sources, thousands of Americans living in the most prosperous, luxurious, plentiful period in the history of the human race think this was a really terrible year.  “2021 was just the worst,” said Marley Buchanan while sipping on organic […]

Absolute Visual Proof How The BioWeapon

December 26, 2021 Destroys The Blood And Circulation – Photos   Jeff Rense and Erica Khan12-23-21 The following images are from a female medical doctor. The images and video you will see are of blood drawn from her 17 year old son and 26 year old daughter.  Despite continual warnings and full documentation from his […]

Verdict Is In: Jury Finds Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Based’ And ‘An Absolute Chad’

MADISON, WI—After minutes of deliberation, the jury in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has rendered the verdict that the defendant is in fact “Based” and “An Absolute Chad.” The decision was read aloud by the foreman of the jury, despite the jury on Twitter already handing down their decision of Guilty on all charges […]

Absolute Psycho Chooses Sausage Over Bacon For His Breakfast Platter

SHREVEPORT, LA—According to sources, local diner and deranged psycho Sam Fullerton has chosen sausage over bacon to go with his breakfast platter. “Yeah, I don’t really like the sizzling, crispy goodness of bacon,” said the utterly sick lunatic—who is probably a liberal—as he sat down to eat his gross breakfast food. “I much prefer a slimy log of […]

Michele Bachmann Says We Are Living in ‘The Absolute Worst Times’ in American History

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann was among those who spoke during the first session of the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand” conference Wednesday night. Following her remarks, Bachmann was interviewed backstage on Facebook Live by FRC’s Marjorie Jackson, who asked Bachmann what sort of battles she foresees for the nation in the years ahead. Bachmann, […]

Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed

As anyone who’s been paying attention will know, Imperial College London played a key role in providing the justification for the scamdemic hysteria and Oxford University played a key role in providing the “solution” to that problem. Specifically, as you’ll recall from Who Is Bill Gates?, it was the Imperial College COVID-19 Research Team that […]

Angelina Jolie SCOLDS Biden on Afghanistan: “You Absolute Sicko”

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie ripped Joe Biden a new one over the weekend, blasting his Afghanistan withdrawal as “sickening” and “a betrayal and a failure impossible to fully understand.” “Whatever your views on the war in Afghanistan, we probably agree on one thing: it should not have ended this way,” Angelina Jolie wrote in an op-ed she wrote […]

‘Absolute Garbage’: Education Minister on Academic’s Call to Rename English

Australian Education Minister Alan Tudge has called an academic’s proposal to rename English to “Language Arts” absolute nonsense. University of Melbourne senior lecturer Melitta Hogarth told a conference for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English that she believed using the name English was an “act of assimilation,” reported The Courier-Mail. Hogarth, an Indigenous […]

Absolute must watch – Israeli MD who treated Trump speaking out on the VX Chembuster 28159 subscribers EVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED================================================================================ENGLISHDr. Zelenko 90% Will Die! Dr. Tom Cowan: The PCR Tests Are Being Replaced With Something Even Worse! RELATED: A warning from Israel about V passports Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Chief Talks ‘Absolute Control’ of Money

by Clint Siegner The General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements – the central bank of central bankers – is planning for “absolute control” of the money we all spend. Augustin Carstens recently gave a talk entitled “Cross Border Payment: A Vision for the Future” in which he outlined the problem as central planners […]

Virus Probe Necessary to Avoid Repeating ‘Absolute Carnage’ of COVID-19 Pandemic: Australian PM

A thorough probe into the origins of the coronavirus is necessary to avoid a repeat in future, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says. Morrison joined G7 leaders to discuss health issues on Saturday in the UK coastal resort of Carbis Bay, with talks focused on the recovery from the pandemic and how the world can be […]

UK’s Union of Jewish Students Denounces ‘Absolute Failure’ by Bristol University Over Antisemitic Professor

The University of Bristol campus. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The UK’s Union of Jewish Students (UJS) accused the University of Bristol of “neutrality and silence” over the conduct of Professor David Miller, who they have accused of repeatedly promoting antisemitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories. “UJS and [Bristol Jewish Society] representatives met with senior management of the […]

Absolute Proof | Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic | Documentary

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Releases Long Promised Documentary Of 2020 Voter Fraud February 5, 2021 Mike Lindell of the MyPillow company has released his long-awaited video documenting the voter fraud of the 2020 election. The only question now is, when are the People going to enforce justice against the criminals and traitors in government today?

Absolute Proof? Mike Lindell Releases Voter Fraud ‘Documentary’

Since November, religious-right activist and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has been on a crusade to prove that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide but had the White House stolen from him due to massive voter fraud. Lindell has spent millions of dollars pressing his bogus claim without achieving anything other than getting threatened […]

An Absolute MUST WATCH: Unpacking the Covid ‘Vaccine’

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‘Absolute silence’: Journalists asked to sign confidentiality agreement over report into child abuse by German Catholic Church

Journalists in the German city of Cologne have walked out of a press conference after Catholic Church officials asked them to sign a confidentiality agreement pledging their silence over an unpublished report into child abuse. The Archdiocese of Cologne organized the event to discuss the methodology of the report, which Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki said […]

YCP – Predestination: Absolute or Conditional?

YCP – Predestination: Absolute or Conditional?YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor James analyzes the doctrine of predestination Share this:

Absolute WORST foods that clog your blood and lead to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and strokes

(Natural News) Quick! Check every single food item in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer for the following ingredients and toss them in the trash can before you can’t remember what you just read: High fat meats, canola oil, margarine, ice cream, whole milk and vegetable shortening. Don’t stop to Google for research […]

‘No Amendment Is Absolute’: D.C. Student School Walkout Organizer Says We Must ‘Regulate the Second Amendment’

‘No Amendment Is Absolute’: D.C. Student School Walkout Organizer Says We Must ‘Regulate the Second Amendment’ Breitbart April 21, 2018 A small group of mostly high school students gathered in front of the White House on Friday as part of the National School Walkout, an anti-gun protest launched by a Connecticut teen following the shooting […]

Attributing the sentence that “Even Imam Mahdi (PBUH) can be criticised” to President is an absolute lie The Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran made an announcement in a reaction to untrue words about President’s speech at the meeting of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and his deputies, stressing that attributing the sentence that “Even Imam Mahdi (PBUH) can be criticised” to President is an […]

Absolute Proof That Our Elections Are Bought

November 5, 2017 By Truthstream Media Just how fake are United States elections? We know that the propaganda surrounding the four-year election cycle just gets worse every time. But the revelations of corruption coming from the DNC show next-level orchestration and rigging. The truth is that both sides are bought and paid for. […]

Absolute Proof that the Most virulent Racist Supremacism on Earth is Zionism – Why Exposing it is the most powerful Weapon we have!

Absolute Proof that the Most virulent Racist Supremacism on Earth is Zionism – Why Exposing it is the most powerful Weapon we have! Download Today Dr. Duke addressed the issue of how best to connect with people in order to grow our movement and save our people and really the whole world. While running for […]

US Ambassador blames Obama for ‘absolute betrayal’ of Israel, and Palestinians for killing the peace process

It’s not a big surprise, but Donald Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, turns out to be the latest American lawyer for Israel. Friedman gave an interview to the Jerusalem Post and a two-word quote has become the headline round the world. Friedman, who has supported one of these illegal settlements himself, referred to the […]

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