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Another Variant, Another Desperate Cry for Masks

For those of us on the side of sanity, reason, and data-driven evidence, the refusal of Covid extremist “experts” to admit mistakes has been a constant, oppressive source of frustration. The names of those involved in creating a false consensus based on inaccurate information have become an infamous reminder of the dangers of excessive reliance […]

CDC Warns CDC’s Own Scientists That Their Finding on Masks “Is Not Scientifically Correct”

In a congressional hearing last November on restoring trust in science, CDC Director Mandy Cohen kept evading questions on whether she would bring back mask mandates for toddlers. Source

COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION during “pandemic,” British government now admits

(NaturalNews) Health officials in the United Kingdom have confessed that the medical-grade masks the government pushed on everyone during COVID are completely… Source

Whole Foods didn’t break the law by banning pins and face masks with BLM slogans, judge rules

(Business Insider) — Whole Foods didn’t break the law when it banned workers from wearing apparel and accessories with Black Lives Matter slogans and in some cases disciplined them for breaking this policy, a federal judge has ruled. From early June 2020, following the killing of George Floyd, some Whole Foods staff starting wearing items including […]

Peer-Reviewed Study Admits People Who Wore Masks Were Most Likely To Catch Covid

Mask mandates during the pandemic caused an increase of Covid infections, according to a groundbreaking new peer-reviewed academic study that has proven the highest cases of Covid were reported among those who wore masks the most often. The study, titled “Association between Face Mask Use and Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection,” examined a cross-section of data […]

WHO Tells China To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Amid Mystery Pneumonia Outbreak

Health experts at the World Health Organization have warned that people in China should wear masks, socially distance and stay home if they feel ill amid an outbreak of a mysterious respiratory illness They say China must be more transparent with the new outbreak than they were with Covid, as cases of ‘undiagnosed pneumonia’ are […]

The Absolute Gnarliest Halloween Masks We Could Find

Tis the season, baby—not just for pumpkin spice lube and awkward conversations about exclusivity, but also about gettin’ SCARYYYYYY! Putting the “Hell” in “hello!” today are these Halloween masks, which are so unhinged—no, really, some of the jaws unhinge—that we’ve completely dissociated our brains from our bodies to bring them to your humble, spooky fall […]

Official German Study Warns Masks Are Causing Mass Infertility

An official German study has revealed that masking during the Covid pandemic caused mass infertility among the general public. A team of scientists, led by an Independent Surgeon in private practice, published a large review […] The post Official German Study Warns Masks Are Causing Mass Infertility appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

UK: GP Practices Start Bringing Back Face Masks Rules

Some GP surgeries have decided to bring back face mask rules for patients as concerns grow about the latest variant. Here we go again…. A practice in Leicester reinstated the guidance last week, telling people to mask […] The post UK: GP Practices Start Bringing Back Face Masks Rules appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

The Dirty Secret About How Masks Really “Work”

It is difficult to believe that Public HealthTM is trying to force America to mask up again, but here we are. The question is, why? The dirty secret is this: Masks don’t work by controlling the virus. Masks work by controlling the people. If we’re talking about stopping the spread of the virus, masks simply […]

Confronted With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work, Fauci Says He Hopes People Will Still Wear Them

Dr Anthony Fauci is still refusing to stop recommending the wearing of face masks despite being presented with a study showing that they have no effect on preventing the spread of covid. Biden’s former covid […] The post Confronted With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work, Fauci Says He Hopes People Will Still Wear Them appeared […]

Outrage As Maryland Elementary School Brings Back Face Masks For Kids

An elementary school in Maryland has sparked outrage after reinstating face mask mandates despite only a handful of school children testing positive for ‘Covid’. In a letter sent to parents on Tuesday, Rebecca Irwin Kennedy, […] The post Outrage As Maryland Elementary School Brings Back Face Masks For Kids appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

CNN once again fearmongering about COVID to scare everyone back into masks – DON’T BE FOOLED

(NaturalNews) Now that public interest in the “vaccines” has pretty much dropped to zero, the fake news media is once again trying to stir up fear about the latest… Source

STUDY: Disposable COVID-19 masks expose wearers to high levels of toxic compounds linked to cancer

(NaturalNews) Experts considered surgical masks as the gold standard when it comes to preventing infections at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19)… Source

Revisiting the Biden Legal Position on Masks

Last year, it seemed that masks were gone for good. US District Judge Kathryn Kimball held that Biden’s national mask mandate on airplanes was “illegal.” Airlines and airports immediately revoked their mask requirements. Flight attendants sang in celebration, passengers cheered, and companies welcomed the change in policy.  While Americans rejoiced, the Biden Administration worked behind […]

CDC Used Outright Lies To Promote Useless As Teats on a Boar Hog Dust Masks To Stop Transmission Of a Non Existant Virus

The Criminal Devision of Child Murders (CDC) agency promoted the “effectiveness” of useless as teats on a boar hog dust masks to “stop transmission” of a non existent virus the CDC has never had an Identified Isolated Purified Reproducible sample of the mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus’. Written Proof: CDC Has NO ISOLATED, PURIFIED, Sample of Sars-CoV-2 […]

Experts Urge Brits To Wear Masks On Public Transport Amid Fears Of New Covid Wave

‘Experts’ are urging Brits to start wearing face masks on public transport again because they fear that a super-infectious Covid variant could be about to sweep the country.  The latest varient Arcturus is, apparently, responsible […] The post Experts Urge Brits To Wear Masks On Public Transport Amid Fears Of New Covid Wave appeared first […]

Explosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline IN KIDS

A new study by by German researchers has concluded that face masks can cause carbon dioxide poisoning when worn even for short periods and may have contributed significantly to stillbirths when worn by pregnant women, as well as testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children, among other destructive health issues. Source

Why Masks Depicting England’s Guy Fawkes Were Banned in Saudi Arabia

With its highly-stylized moustache, the so-called Anonymous mask has featured in multiple protests across the globe. Described by the Fair Observer as “a staple of anti-authoritarian activist iconography,” the mask has been present at events in Moscow, London and Egypt’s Tahrir Square.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

WTF?? ‘Smart’ Masks for Cows? Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Data-Collecting Faceware for Livestock

03/20/23 ‘Smart’ Masks for Cows? Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Data-Collecting Faceware for Livestock The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to ZELP, which claims its artificial intelligence mask technology for livestock will reduce methane emissions and curb climate change. By    Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.   Miss a day, […]


28 feb 2023 “Ukraine: The masks of the revolution” broadcast on the French TV channel Canal +. Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked for this documentary to be taken off air. What were the Ukrainian authorities so afraid of? Maybe the truth? Until now Europe does not know all of what actually happened and continues to […]

CDC’s New Quarantine Authority Does Not Require An Emergency, Nord Stream False Flag & Masks, Again

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/10/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Unattractive More Likely To Keep Wearing Masks, Study Says

1st: No one anywhere in this world, no “government”, no “scientist”, can or has produced an Identified isolated Purified Reproducible sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus”. It is a scam. 2nd: IF, and I repeat, IF it were real, a dust or “surgical mask would not stop a virus transmission. The weave of all dust and […]

Steve Poikonen Interview – A Review Of 78 RCT On Masks Finds No Reduction Of Infection

Joining me today on Moving Target is Steve Poikonen, here to discuss the absurd nature of the current propaganda, in essentially every category, as well as the collapse of the COVID narrative in particular.  ( (Click Here For The Rokfin Exclusive Livestream Starting @1:05pm CDT)   Bitcoin Donations Are Appreciated: (3FSozj9gQ1UniHvEiRmkPnXzHSVMc68U9f) The post Steve […]

In 2003 Australians Were Threatened With Prosecution For Claiming Face Masks Worked Against Viruses

Twenty years ago Australians who tried to sell surgical face masks on the back of claims that they worked against viruses, were threatened with prosecution and massive fines by the government. An article published by […] The post In 2003 Australians Were Threatened With Prosecution For Claiming Face Masks Worked Against Viruses appeared first on […]

The masks are falling on Netanyahu’s cabinet of criminals

The longest serving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a rush to name his new government before January 2 and first order of business will be an override bill that allows the parliament to set aside Supreme Court overturnings of laws as mere “recommendation.” That’s one way Netanyahu plans to sidestep his corruption trial. […]

16 Creepy Masks Made from Real Human Skulls

How would you feel placing a mask on your face that was made from a real human skull? Would you feel differently if it were the skull of a family member, or perhaps an enemy? For many ancient people and for tribes today across Oceania and the Near East, wearing or displaying skull masks was […]

Clinical Studies: N95 Masks Never Worked To Stop COVID Virus

The reason lockdowns didn’t work in the United States or the United Kingdom is because they weren’t strict enough, according to many in the expert community. Of course, their excuses have been conveniently ignored as China’s repressive zero COVID lockdowns have continued, with horrific consequences. Source

History’s REAL Faces: 15 Death Masks of Famous and Infamous Figures

The closed eyes and uncannily peaceful expressions of death masks are frozen in time, and show us a side of royalty, of military and political masters, of profound thinkers and artists, and of the everyday public that are long past and largely unknowable. Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

16 Bizarre, Impressive and Hilarious Funerary Masks of the Ancient World

Throughout history, many cultures and civilizations created funerary masks as part of their burial customs. The masks were used to represent a deceased individual, to honor them, and to cover their faces at the time of burial. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Read Later  Source

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