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WATCH: Bill Gates Trembles With Fear When Confronted About Deadly mRNA

During a recent interview with CBSN, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates visibly trembled with fear when the host confronted him about the deadly mRNA jabs. Gates’ body language speaks for itself, and his stuttering answer to […] The post WATCH: Bill Gates Trembles With Fear When Confronted About Deadly mRNA appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Watch: Pro-Israel Congressmen Confronted Over Israel’s History Of Propping-Up Hamas

Submitted by Decensored News,  “For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces.” Congressman Dan Crenshaw: “By the very nature of funding and training [Hamas] for decades, [Oct 7] is clearly Iran’s fault.” Me: What about Netanyahu’s decades-long funding of Hamas? Crenshaw: *Slams car door* — Liam Cosgrove (@cosgrove_iv) December […]

Biden Walks Away When Confronted About Hunter’s Business Connections: ‘It’s a Bunch of LIES!’

US President Joe Biden abruptly ended a press conference Wednesday when he was asked uncomfortable questions about his ties to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. A reporter pointed out to Biden that 70% of Americans […] The post Biden Walks Away When Confronted About Hunter’s Business Connections: ‘It’s a Bunch of LIES!’ appeared first on […]

Jewish woman becomes a demon when confronted by a street preacher in Israel.

Jewish woman becomes a demon when confronted by a street preacher in Israel.

Nothing Makes the Crime Syndicate Jews As Mad as the Truth & Being Confronted With It

Comment:  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire….Judaic man completely unhinged.  They weren’t NAZI’s.  Israel committed a big WAR CRIME.  Completely unhinged & needs to be in a MENTAL WARD!  What Netanyahu, Judaic Prime Minister of Israel has actually stated about Americans and America!: Benjamin Netanyahu – “If We Get Caught … 174  2017-08-05 by wildfireonvenus “If we get […]

Confronted With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work, Fauci Says He Hopes People Will Still Wear Them

Dr Anthony Fauci is still refusing to stop recommending the wearing of face masks despite being presented with a study showing that they have no effect on preventing the spread of covid. Biden’s former covid […] The post Confronted With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work, Fauci Says He Hopes People Will Still Wear Them appeared […]


Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-in-Chief of The Economist and Mathias Döpfner Chair and CEO, Axel Springer went on a stroll through the streets of Lisbon while on a break from the 69th annual Bilderberg conference and Dan Dicks was there to catch up with them for some questions regarding Bilderberg’s secrecy and Chatham House Rules. Later […]

Jesse Lee Peterson Causes Two-Car Pileup While Running Away When Confronted About Homosexual Grooming

His behavior since the accusations of his predatory homosexual behavior became public, has only been indicative of the accusations being true. Source

Phreakazoid Pfizer executive goes BERSERK when confronted by Project Veritas over HIS OWN claims of virus mutation research and vaccine profiteering

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In a truly shocking revelation from Project Veritas, a Pfizer executive brags on camera about the company’s “directed evolution” of COVID for profiting from vaccines. He says, “COVID is going to be a cash cow for us” and then brags about hiding this fact from the public while describing, “selective structured mutations […]

Danish Prime Minister Runs Like a Little Bitch When Confronted With Her Mass Murder of Children With Killer Jabs

Any ass hole who pimped for the killer jabs, forced killer jabs on humans, hid the dangers of the killer jabs, forced mandatory useless as teats on a boar hog dust masking, communist penal code lock downs on humans, needs to be hanged. After fair Nuremberg Common Law Trials of course. Fair trials, fair hangings! […]

I Confronted Former CIA Director John Brennan. Here’s Why.

On Wednesday November 9th, the World Affairs Council of Houston held a public conversation with John Brennan, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The conversation was essentially an hour of friendly dialogue between Brennan and Stephen B. Slick, a member of CIA’s clandestine service for 28 years and later as the Director for […]

Cokehead Comedian Zelensky Confronted With Another Shocking Scandal In Italy


Cokehead Comedian Zelensky Confronted With Another Shocking Scandal In Italy


WATCH: When ‘My Son Hunter’ Star Laurence Fox Confronted UK Speech Police Arresting Veteran for a Meme

Laurence Fox, the star of Breitbart’s upcoming film My Son Hunter — which tells the story of Hunter Biden, whose laptop was the subject of perhaps the most significant act of political censorship in the history of the United States — has become a champion of freedom of speech in Britain, personally taking on a police force for […]

UK Health Secretary Confronted By NHS Doctor Over Vaccine Mandates

An intensive care doctor has challenged the UK health secretary Sajid Javid over mandatory covid vaccines. Consultant anaesthetist Steve James confronted Sajid Javid at King’s College Hospital in London on Friday and told him that “the science isn’t strong enough” and denied that the virus was causing “very significant problems” for young people. BYPASS THE […]

Forensic Architecture victory shows that Palestine censorship must be confronted

Last month the investigative group Forensic Architecture pulled a show from the University of Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery after a statement of solidarity with Palestine was removed. “Forensic Architecture stands with Palestine,” read a statement in the group’s Cloud Studies exhibition. “We believe this liberation struggle is inseparable from other global struggles against racism, white supremacy, […]

‘Montana Man’ Who Confronted Tucker Carlson Worked For CIA-Founded Front Group

Dan Bailey, the “Montana man” who confronted Tucker Carlson in a fly fishing shop in Livingston, formerly worked at an organization that was founded as a front group for the CIA. Tucker Carlson tells a man who confronts him in a fly fishing shop to “settle down, son.” — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 24, 2021 […]

Canadian Minister Confronted For Pushing Revisionist History Of Anti-Indigenous Schools

Mere minutes after being sworn in on Thursday, the new minister of Indigenous reconciliation in Manitoba, Canada, found himself in hot soup for defending the country’s so-called “residential schools,” where thousands of Indigenous children were held after being forcibly taken from their families. Alan Lagimodiere, the minister, was answering a question about the schools at […]

WATCH: Belize Men’s Soccer Team Confronted By Armed Insurgents in Haiti

The Belize men’s national soccer team was shockingly waylaid by heavily armed insurgents as they drove from an airport in Haiti to their hotel, according to reports. The team released a statement saying that right after they drove away from the airport after arriving in Haiti for the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Matches, their motorcade […]

Confronted with antisemitism by Jewish host, actress quits BBC show

Host of the BBC Women’s Hour program Emma Barnet allegedly exposed her plan to ask Nigerian-born UK actress Kelechi Okafor about her supposed antisemitism while unwittingly speaking near an open mike, BBC reported on Thursday. Ofafor chose to drop out of Women’s Hour rather than confront the Jewish presenter.   While Barnet argued Okafor was fully […]

Covid-19 lockdown: Confronted with hardships, 15-year-old Sania chose to rap

Written by Arun Kumar & Jonita Colaco   ‘Will there be singing in the times of darkness Yes there will be singing about the darkness’                                            — Bertolt Brecht Par kabhi socha haiJo Govandi mein rehete hain Unka kya hota hai Vote dene wala Har ghareeb rota hai, kyun? This is an excerpt from 15-year-old […]

Jewish Man Confronted With Hitler Salutes While Walking in Australian City of Melbourne

(Illustrative) A Nazi flag discovered flying on a light tower in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, Feb. 17, 2020. Photo: Anti-Defamation Commission. A Jewish man in the Australian city of Melbourne was reported to be in shock on Friday night after he was showered with antisemitic abuse by a couple he encountered in the […]

When Confronted By Hungry Bellies, Us Imperialists Reach For Their Guns

Above photo: Judy Seidman, Imperialism Stops Here, 2020. In 1965, Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah published a bold book, Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism. In this book, Nkrumah documented in great detail the way in which European and North American multinational firms – in close collaboration with their governments – continued to smother the aspirations of […]

“F**k White People” BLM Agitators Who Confronted Elderly Couple Charged in Pittsburgh

The English Department at the University of Chicago has said that it will only enroll students who want to undertake ‘Black studies’ this college year, reasoning that it is a move in solidarity with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Campus Reform points to the University’s admissions webpage, which contains the disturbing announcement. “For the 2020-2021 […]

‘You’re not even an animal’: Christchurch mosque killer confronted by survivors

Survivors and family members confronted on Wednesday Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a white supremacist who killed 51 worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand in March 2019. They spoke on the third day of a four-day sentencing hearing, after the 29-year-old Australian pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder, and terrorism. Many of them have asked the […]

VIDEO: Elderly Woman Assaulted, Doused in Paint Then Confronted by Portland Rioters

A sickening video is currently circulating social media showing an elderly woman be doused in paint as she reportedly attempted to dissuade protesters from damaging property. In the video, the woman is covered in white paint as one protester appears to cover her in police tape before giving her the finger. The protester then squares […]

Jessica Simpson: I Confronted The Woman Who Sexually Abused Me As a Child

Jessica Simpson has opened up about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of a family friend, and revealed that she has confronted the woman responsible. Simpson, 40, mentioned the childhood sexual abuse in her memoir Open Book, released earlier this year, and she revealed even more about her experience Katherine […]

Video: Israeli who oversaw Lebanon slaughter confronted in Morocco

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 10 October 2017 This video circulated widely on social media shows Amir Peretz, Israel’s former defense minister, being protested in the Moroccan parliament on Sunday during a visit to his country of birth. In the video, Peretz can be seen standing as a man wearing a scarf with Palestinian colors around […]

Russian Senator: Moscow to give decisive response to Washington if confronted in Syria

FNA- Russian Senator and intelligence veteran Igor Morozov said the US and Russia are likely to engage in direct military confrontation following Washington’s increased threats against Syria after its allegations that Damascus seeks to use chemical weapons. Morozov stressed that the US allegations against Damascus are not based on evidence of proof, adding that the […]

Survey: Half of Europeans Fear and Loath Islamic Migrants

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 12, 2016 Same old Europe. With racists, nothing ever changes. White people are hopelessly racist. Even after all the facts are in, and we know that refugees are innocent victims seeking a better life pose zero threat whatsoever to Europe, and will in fact help the economy by filling important positions […]

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