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John MacArthur walks back comments stating that ‘it’s not sinful for a cakemaker to make a cake for a gay wedding’

[embedded content] John MacArthur, a prominent evangelical pastor and author, recently came under scrutiny for his comments regarding the morality of making a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding, prompting a response from his ministry to clarify his beliefs on the subject. During a 2017 conference, MacArthur stated that it is “not sinful” for a […]

Biden Walks Away When Confronted About Hunter’s Business Connections: ‘It’s a Bunch of LIES!’

US President Joe Biden abruptly ended a press conference Wednesday when he was asked uncomfortable questions about his ties to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. A reporter pointed out to Biden that 70% of Americans […] The post Biden Walks Away When Confronted About Hunter’s Business Connections: ‘It’s a Bunch of LIES!’ appeared first on […]

Evil Walks Among Us: Monsters with Human Faces Wreak Havoc on Our Freedoms

Enough already. Enough with the distractions. Enough with the partisan jousting. Enough with the sniping and name-calling and mud-slinging that do nothing to make this country safer or freer or more just. We have let the government’s evil-doing, its abuses, power grabs, brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny go on for too […]

White House Walks Back Biden’s Claim Of Seeing Pictures Of Children Being Beheaded By Hamas

The Biden White House has had to walk back Biden’s inflammatory claims that he had seen“confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children“ A White House speokesperson was forced to admit to the media that “US officials […] The post White House Walks Back Biden’s Claim Of Seeing Pictures Of Children Being Beheaded By Hamas appeared first […]

Biden White House Walks Back Claim He Saw Pictures of ‘Terrorists Beheading Children,’ Admits He Has ‘Not Seen Pictures or Confirmed Such Reports’

Ben David’s tweet was ‘liked’ on Twitter by Israel’s-then Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a move which prompted 22 legal scholars to call on the Attorney General to open an investigation into the official for “inducing war crimes.” When Smotrich later echoed Ben David, calling to “wipe out” Huwara the following month, the US Department of […]

‘Non- Binary’ Pedophile, Who Repeatedly Raped Child, Walks Free From Court

A serial child rapist, who claims to be “non-binary”, has walked free from court after being convicted by a jury for repeatedly raping a young boy. Oliver James Bond, a 32-year-old man from the town of Cardenden, Scotland, was given a slap on the wrist by the liberal Scottish judge during sentencing. Bond, who had […]

Democratic party fissures on display as Jayapal walks back Israel criticism

Israeli President Isaac Herzog upcoming trip to Washington is highlighting the growing rift within the Democratic party over Israel, and the fissures were on display this past weekend after Rep. Pramila Jayapal walked back comments referring to Israel as a racist country. Source

‘People Didn’t Get the Humor’: Phil Jackson Walks Back Claims that NBA Has Become ‘Too Political’

NBA Hall of Fame head coach Phil Jackson is trying to carefully walk back his recent claim that the NBA has gotten too political. Source

Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America

It takes a special kind of evil to prostitute and traffick a child for sex, and yet this evil walks among us every minute of every day. Consider this: every two minutes, a child is bought and sold for sex. Source

Wizards of the Coast Walks Back Leaked OGL 2.0 Draft

In a statement released earlier today, Wizards of the Coast announced that it would be further revising its updated licensing agreement for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, OGL 2.0. This announcement followed almost a week of public backlash in response to a leaked draft of OGL 2.0 and the announcement of the Open RPG Creative […]

WHO Director walks back his statement that some countries are using COVID-19 vaccine boosters to “kill children”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian microbiologist and director of the World Health Organization, (WHO) was recently captured on video saying that some countries are using COVID-19 boosters “to kill children.†This is the most honest thing that has ever come out of Tedros’s mouth. World leaders repeatedly refuse to … [Read More…] […]

Hero Nurse who Swapped out 8,600 Clot Shots with Saltwater Walks Free from Court in Germany

I am happy this courageous woman will not be doing any jail time, although it is unfortunate that she lost her license. Source

Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar…

 NOVEMBER 10, 2022 PEPE ESCOBAR  The announcement of the Kherson Retreat may have signaled one of the gloomiest days of the Russian Federation since 1991. Leaving the right bank of the Dnieper to set up a defense line on the left bank may spell out total military sense. General Armageddon himself, since his first day […]

U.S. government walks back call for investigation of 7-year-old Palestinian’s death

Last week the U.S. State Department called for an investigation into the death of a 7-year-old Palestinian boy after an Israeli raid in his village. This week State walked the demand back, in its effort to demand zero accountability from Israel for the deaths of dozens of Palestinian children in the occupied territories this year. […]

Ted Cruz walks back Jan. 6 ‘terrorist’ remark in heated exchange with Tucker Carlson

“You told that lie on purpose, and I’m wondering why you did,” Carlson said. Cruz, a potential 2024 candidate who has argued he is well-positioned for the Republican presidential nomination after finishing second behind Donald Trump in 2016, further attempted to defend himself. “What I was referring to are the limited number of people who […]

The Devil Walks Among Us: The Legend of The Jersey Devil

Inhabiting the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States, is a creature known as the Jersey Devil. This legendary being has been described as a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, horse, or dog – depending on the source. It also has bat wings, horns, cloven hooves, claws, and a forked tail. […]

Sorry Excuse For Apostle Only Walks On Water For Ten Feet Before Sinking

GALILEE—According to local sources, one of Jesus’ disciples attempted to step out of his fishing boat and walk to Jesus during last Tuesday’s storm, but he only made it ten feet before sinking into the waves. What an idiot! Witnesses say Jesus was out for an evening stroll on the sea of Galilee when he […]

GOP Congressman Walks Off House Floor Wearing ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Mask

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) walked off the U.S. House floor on Monday wearing a face mask that read “Let’s go, Brandon,” referencing the phrase that’s become a popular outcry for critics of the Biden Administration. Jake Sherman tweeted about the Congressman’s mask Monday night, to which Rep. Duncan responded with an emoji wearing a mask. […]

Fan unrest as Hungary draws at England; Poland walks off

Crowd trouble marred World Cup qualifiers as Hungary fans clashed with police during a 1-1 draw against England at Wembley Stadium and Poland’s players walked off in Albania after bottles were hurled in another Group I match on Tuesday. Karol Świderski had just scored for Poland in the 77th minute when he was struck by […]

China’s Xi Walks Political Tightrope as Evergrande, Property Market Totters

Commentary Some clarity emerged from the China Evergrande saga as the embattled real estate developer triaged its finances by electing to forego paying offshore bondholders in favor of conserving cash to pay Chinese customers and stakeholders. After weeks of customer protests, credit downgrades, and rumors of default, Evergrande elected to pay onshore bondholders and was […]

Pedophile Dr Who Groomed ’13 Yr Old Girl’ Walks Free After Lawyer Blamed His Actions On Working Long Hours

A 28 year old pedophile doctor who groomed a ’13-year-old girl’ on Kik using the username ‘olderc**k’ has been spared prison after his lawyer blamed his actions on working long hours during the covid pandemic. Junior doctor James Peter Farthing, who worked for the NHS In Stockport, spoke to the ‘teenager’ using the messaging service […]

Homeland Security Walks Back Secretary’s Claim US Taking ‘Close Look’ at Vaccine Passports

The Biden administration has previously said multiple times that it will not require vaccine passports, or proof of vaccination, on the federal level. A variety of groups have raised concerns about vaccine passports, arguing it would be an overreach of government authority to require vaccination proof. A number of states have banned requiring of passports, […]

Homeland Security Walks Back Director’s Claim US Taking ‘Close Look’ at Vaccine Passports

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday walked back comments made by the agency’s chief, who suggested earlier in the day that the federal government was “taking a very close look” at the idea of requiring vaccine passports to enter or leave the United States. “Looking ahead to summer, Europe and other countries are going […]

Saints Walks: The Scores


Famed young adult author walks hours across London to surprise bar mitzvah boy

London 8th grader Mossy Simonson recently got a surprise bar mitzvah gift he’ll never forget. On January 17, famed American author Kwame Alexander unexpectedly showed up at his door to personally wish him “mazel tov.” It was a happy, socially-distance ambush planned by Alexander in response to a tweet by Mossy’s father Raymond Simonson about […]

Florida governor walks back claim over 1 millionth shot

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a made-for-TV moment: A 100-year-old World War II veteran getting a vaccine against the coronavirus. “An American hero,” the governor proclaimed Friday, would be the 1 millionth senior in his state to get a lifesaving shot in the arm. As it turned out, the assertion was premature, and the Republican […]

Puppy Love: Faithful Dog Walks to Hospital Every Day to Wait for Owner

A dog in Trabzon, Turkey, has diligently visited the hospital every day since her elderly owner’s admittance, patiently awaiting his return. Last week, Cemal Senturk was admitted to a medical facility in Trabzon. The elderly man’s condition was not specified, but his dog Boncuk could not have cared less. Boncuk left home the next day. After […]

Top Biden aide walks back expletive description of Republicans

“In the primary, people would mock him, like, ‘You think you can work with Republicans?’” O’Malley Dillon told Glamour. “I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of f—ers. Mitch McConnell is terrible. But this sense that you couldn’t wish for that, you couldn’t wish for this bipartisan ideal? He rejected that.” Addressing the controversy Thursday, […]

Coronavirus Israel live: Israel walks back Hanukkah restrictions, promises ‘tightened restraint’

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Coronavirus Israel live: Cabinet walks back on proposed Hanukkah restrictions

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