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WATCH: Police Raid Laurence Fox’s London Home following Comments About Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ Spy Cameras

London police raided the home of Laurence Fox in the wake of comments about the destruction Mayor Sadiq Khan’s green agenda spy cameras. Source

Andrew Tate Talks To Laurence Fox

I came across this accidently. It seems to be live as I publish. This is the BBC’s nightmare. Tate talking to Fox uncensored. Try 2 hour 16 mins in… Added extra Tates Innocent, Not guilty Source

Laurence Fox Defends Burning ‘Child Mutilation’ LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag

Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox defended burning several ‘Progress Pride’ flags, saying that the flag represents “child mutilation”. Source

‘My Son Hunter’ Star Laurence Fox on Bannon’s ‘War Room’: The Bidens Are ‘Getting Off Scot-Free’ While Left ‘Spent 4 Years Trying to Impeach a Legitimately Elected President’

My Son Hunter star Laurence Fox slammed the Biden family in a recent interview on Steve Bannon’s popular “War Room” podcast, saying officials have so far failed to hold the first family accountable over Hunter Biden’s foreign influence peddling, which includes deals involving the Chinese Communist Party. Fox, who plays Hunter Biden in the recently […]

Laurence Fox Tells Tucker Carlson He’s ‘Grateful’ He Hasn’t Been Epsteined over ‘My Son Hunter’

Actor Laurence Fox appeared Wednesday on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight during which he spoke about his starring role in My Son Hunter, the new movie from Breitbart News that dramatizes the debauched personal life and shady business dealings of Hunter Biden.

Laurence Fox: Great Britain Is ‘Infected’ with ‘Woke Ideologies’ Exported from America

Actor Laurence Fox, who portrayed Hunter Biden in film My Son Hunter, said on Tuesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast that Great Britain is “infected” with “woke ideologies” — including “critical race theory” and “gender ideology” — that amount to cultural exports originating in America. Fox described “critical race theory,” “gender ideology,” and […]

‘My Son Hunter’ Star Laurence Fox Flabbergasted By Joe Biden’s ‘Dangerous and Divisive Rhetoric’

Actor Laurence Fox, who plays Hunter Biden in the upcoming movie “My Son Hunter,” said he was stunned by President Joe Biden’s now-infamous speech last week in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, saying the president’s rhetoric was both “dangerous and divisive.”

Laurence Fox, Counterculture Icon: When ‘My Son Hunter’ Star Called Woke BBC Audience Member Racist for Insisting He Has ‘White Privilege’

Laurence Fox, star of Breitbart’s first foray into the world of scripted movies, ‘My Son Hunter’, was a darling of the entertainment industry in Britain until he spoke out against the woke mob and called a BBC audience member “racist” for branding him a “white privileged male”.

WATCH: When ‘My Son Hunter’ Star Laurence Fox Confronted UK Speech Police Arresting Veteran for a Meme

Laurence Fox, the star of Breitbart’s upcoming film My Son Hunter — which tells the story of Hunter Biden, whose laptop was the subject of perhaps the most significant act of political censorship in the history of the United States — has become a champion of freedom of speech in Britain, personally taking on a police force for […]

Delingpole: Actor/Free Speech Campaigner Laurence Fox – ‘I’m Unashamedly Pro-Trump’

Actor turned politician Laurence Fox has spoken of his fervent desire that Donald Trump should win the presidential election – and of his fear that it might be sabotaged by Big Tech. Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News about the launch of his new political party — Reclaim — and about his hopes and fears for […]

Israel, Manson, and Vampirism: The Freaky Life of Laurence Merrick

One of the many unusual figures whose life trajectory intersects with the Manson Family saga is Laurence Merrick, an Israeli Defense Forces veteran who, as critic Bryan Thomas relates at Night Flight, was sent to the U.S. in 1960 “to speak in support of Zionism, and while he was fundraising in New York City, he […]

Meet the Military-Funded AI that Learns as Fast as a Human

A computer program, funded in large part by the U.S. military, has displayed the ability to learn and generate new ideas as quickly and accurately as can a human. While the scope of the research was limited to understanding handwritten characters, the breakthrough could have big consequences for military’s ability to collect, analyze and act on […]

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