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How to encourage children to be more sustainable?

Photo by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash Your kids belong to a new eco-conscious generation. But it doesn’t mean that your kids will learn everything about sustainability on their own. Being a parent, you should guide your children and explain the difference between eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly choices.  In this article, you will find a few tips […]

Cybersecurity Experts Encourage System of Reporting Workers to Employers for “Online Abuse”

After a controversy surrounding racist messages sent to black England footballers led to calls for people to be forced to provide identity documents to create a social media account, some pointed to evidence suggesting the vast majority of the messages were posted by users from South Asia and the Middle East. Italy beat England on […]

How Uncle Sam can encourage corporations to be more patriotic

Image Credit: Glen Lowry Since the struggle for American independence, times of national crisis have called for shared sacrifice. In World War II, for example, a number of top business executives became “dollar-a-year men” who donated their know-how to the war effort for a token sum. To those on the front lines, that sort of […]

Beto O’Rourke, Jaime Harrison encourage Manchin voting rights compromise

O’Rourke clarified his stance on Manchin’s proposal Sunday in an interview with POLITICO, calling it a “good start” but arguing that it doesn’t go far enough. “I’m hopeful that as he continues to talk with and listen to, both his colleagues in the Senate and his constituents in West Virginia, where the provisions in the […]

PA: Anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression

The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced on Friday that anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression and racism against Palestinians and encourages it to violate international law, Wafa news agency reported. In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the PA expressed its concerns that some countries deal with the occupied Palestinians in the same […]

‘Joints for Jabs’: Washington States Bribes Residents With Free Marijuana To Encourage Innoculation

‘Joints for Jabs’: Washington States Bribes Residents With Free Marijuana To Encourage InnoculationDate: June 10, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source: NworeportIn yet another desperate move by the government to encourage more vaccination, Washington State has introduced a new program called “Joints for Jabs.”The state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board announced this week that it grant state-licensed cannabis […]

Catholic group will hold processions across America to encourage Heroic Fatherhood

Home » North America, Religion » Catholic group will hold processions across America to encourage Heroic Fatherhood     Catholic Father’s Day, an apostolate dedicated to Catholic fatherhood, has announced Eucharistic processions across the U.S. for the Year of St. Joseph, and is calling on lay members to help plan more. An apostolate devoted to […]

Ohio Lottery to Give 5 People $1 Million Each to Encourage Vaccination

Ohio Lottery to Give 5 People $1 Million Each to Encourage VaccinationMay 13, 2021 by 1EarthUnited LMAO, the human depopulation agenda is strong in Ohio! What good is a million $ if ur dead?To bolster slumping demand for the vaccine, the state will use federal coronavirus relief funds to pay for a weekly lottery beginning May […]

YIKES! McYuk’s & Uber Going To Help White House Encourage Vaccine- Hesitant Americans

McDonald’s & Uber Going To Help White House Encourage Vaccine- Hesitant AmericansDate: May 12, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: The Guardian McDonald’s and Uber are helping to encourage ‘vaccine-hesitant’ Americans with messages on coffee cups and free rides to ‘vaccine’ centers.The burger chain has announced that it is partnering with the White House to promote vaccination information […]

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Encourage Vaccine Equity: ‘Can’t Leave Anybody Behind’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a new mission: vaccine equity.  Global Citizen, an international advocacy group, announced on Tuesday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Tuesday are the Campaign Chairs for the upcoming event: “Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.” The concert, which will take place on May 8, “calls for […]

Health Experts Encourage CDC to Implement Permanent Mask Mandates

Health experts are insisting that the CDC should implement permanent mask mandates even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Despite many areas of the U.S. beginning to open up again and anecdotal evidence suggesting a significant drop in the number of people routinely wearing masks, some are loathe to go back to normal. “We have seen […]

New US guidelines encourage more interaction with Taiwan amid tensions with China

The US State Department has issued new guidelines making it easier for American diplomats to meet with officials from Taiwan. The move may seriously clash with Beijing’s “One-China” policy of sovereignty over the island territory. Released on Friday, the guidelines “liberalize guidance on contacts with Taiwan, consistent with our unofficial relations,” the State Department said. […]

Iran Says US Air Strikes in Syria Encourage Terrorism in the Region

A closer view of an Iraq-Syria border crossing and buildings before airstrikes, seen in this February 3, 2021 handout satellite image provided by Maxar. Photo: Satellite image (copyright) 2021 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS Friday’s US air strikes against Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria encourage terrorism in the region, Iran’s top security official, Ali Shamkhani, said […]

Tony Perkins and Michael Farris Encourage New Voting Restrictions, Warn of Christian Persecution

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and Alliance Defending Freedom President Michael Farris encouraged religious-right activists to support new state-level voting restrictions at a Feb. 10 town hall meeting at Cornerstone Chapel, Farris’s home church in Leesburg, Virginia. The event was part of FRC’s “Pray Vote Stand” project. The program was hosted by Cornerstone Pastor […]

Here It Comes: Democratic Victories Encourage Republican Attacks on Voting

Republican officials in Pennsylvania and Georgia are responding to Democratic victories in 2020 with new efforts to make voting more difficult, and they’re being cheered on by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, who called it “some of the best news” of the year so far in his “Washington Watch” newsletter Friday. Voting by mail […]

“As jews We Have A Responsibility” (To Encourage Illegal Invasion)

These jews are only a small part of the massive network of world jewry that is dedicated to flooding all White areas with non-Whites. WorldTruth link 00

Encourage and Increase Procurement of Millets, Pulses and Oilseeds at Fair Price

One of the several important aspects of debate on farm and food sector is that there should be more encouragement to increasing production of pulses, oilseeds and millets. This will be very good for nutrition and health of people, good for farm ecology and good for the self-reliance ( atma-nirbharta)  of the country as well […]

Netanyahu rival Sa’ar’s party aims to encourage West Bank settlement, defend ‘Jewish nation-state’

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00

Slaoui urges Trump to encourage supporters to get vaccine

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Tuesday that the president “has great confidence in” the new vaccines, but declined to say whether he would do so in public. “He will receive the vaccine if the medical team determines that it’s best,” McEnany told reporters at a press briefing. She also insisted the president is […]

Trump Asks UAE to Encourage Others to Build Ties with Israel

(MEMO) US President Donald Trump asked UAE Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Zayed to encourage other countries in the region to build ties with Israel, Arab48 reported yesterday. In a statement issued on Sunday, Arab48 reported White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere saying that Trump and Bin Zayed discussed the latest updates about the Middle East on the […]

With Gyms Closed Apparently Forever, UK to Encourage Biking to Fight Obesity During Eternal Virus Hoax

The gyms are closed, probably forever. But hey – at least you can ride around on a bicycle like an asshole. The Guardian: GPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight, as part of a new government strategy to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis to […]

The Referral Program: Encourage Others to Start a Website

All of us know interesting people with unique talents. Some have business ideas. Others write beautiful poetry. Some are inspired to make the world a better place.  If they’re not online, they should be. If you’ve ever encouraged a friend or family member to create a blog, launch a podcast, or sell what they make […]

Strategies To Encourage Locally-Owned, Independent Businesses

Strategies To Encourage Locally-Owned, Independent Businesses Above Photo: From In many U.S. cities, finding and keeping an affordable location has become a major challenge for independent businesses. Two years ago, we took an in-depth look at the issue in our report, Affordable Space: How Rising Commercial Rents Are Threatening Independent Businesses, and What Cities Are […]

Police encourage right-wing plans to seize Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 19 February 2018 Jerusalem district police commander Yoram Halevy, seen in uniform at center, poses with Temple activists in front of the Dome of the Rock. (Screenshot) President Donald Trump’s declaration that the US would move its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was met with global condemnation […]

Alabama Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money

By Michael Maharrey Earlier today, the Alabama Senate unanimously passed a bill that would exempt the sale of gold and silver bullion from state sales and use tax, encouraging its use and taking the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. Sen. Tim Melson (R-Florence) introduced Senate Bill 156 (SB156) on […]

Alabama Committee Passes Bill to Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money

By Michael Maharrey An Alabama House committee has passed a bill that would exempt the sale of gold and silver bullion from state sales and use tax, encouraging its use and taking the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. Rep. Ronald Johnson (R-Sylacauga) introduced House Bill 19 (HB19) earlier this […]

Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Treatment May Encourage Aggressive Tumors and Spread Cancer

September 13th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World In my early thirties, I lost my mother to a rare, but deadly, form of cancer that was growing around her bile duct. Sixteen years later, my father also died from cancer. As horrific as the disease can be, I remember thinking during my mother’s […]

Feminist Geographers Encourage Colleagues not to cite Research of White Men

Two feminist geographers are encouraging their colleagues to be more mindful about citing the research of White males because doing so contributes to “the reproduction of White heteromasculinity of geographical thought and scholarship.” Writing in “Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography,” Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne argue that considering an author’s gender, race or sexuality prior […]

Listen: MLA anti-boycott vote could encourage repression

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada Podcast 4 July 2017 Dozens of scholars have condemned a recent vote by members of the Modern Language Association (MLA) to “refrain from endorsing” the academic boycott of Israeli institutions complicit in violations of Palestinian rights. The adoption of an explicitly anti-boycott measure by the MLA, the main academic association […]

Invader Sex Attacks Spur “Rape Protector”

The ongoing mass sex attacks on white women by the hordes of criminal nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe has spurred the invention of a modern steel belt “rape protector.” The device—an inconspicuous steel cable belt sealed by a special locking system—prevents a victim’s pants being pulled down. Invented by two Austrians, the “Rapeprotector” as […]

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